Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe

All of you can tell I am wound a little tight right now and there are many reasons for that. I live in SC, my woman lives in WV, and Lauren (my right hand) has carpel tunnel. Also, we have fans that hate and cannot congratulate.  It’s frustrating to deal with.

The list is not that long but there is some venom…

The BCA is a bunch of BS. They gave us a F for our coaching search because we did not interview a black candidate. We hired a coach after a huge victory, deal with it. I have a problem with their objective grading scale that judges a subjective decision. An african american coach would’ve been at the top of our list had he not joined Fraud’s staff and lied about racist comments. CALVIN MCGEE IS A LIAR. I won’t say anymore.

I do not mind criticism but blind animosity just makes you look silly. Blind animosity is when all you do is complain and never mention something positive despite some success.

After our offense looked good in two straight games I asked for apologies from those saying HCBS could do no right and all I got was silence. To me your opinion has no merit if you can’t listen to and find merit in the other sides argument. Especially, when my side of the argument is right.

Can people stop saying “we” while they talk to me about the Steelers or Panthers. There is no “we.” I hate the Steelers and hope Gentle Ben’s arm falls off this weekend. Panthers fans better hope Steve “Ali” Smith behaves himself.

Finally, can we please paint the walls of the stadium or get some signs to hang over the side to make it look presentable. Battleship grey looks terrible and low class.


36 Responses

  1. Other than Wednesday’s, 5th Year’s posts make me want to throw my shoe! Where is Charley West?

  2. I’m with you I hate the Steelers…..and every fan of theirs starts their comments with “we”.

  3. “We” Steelers fans (mostly those that hail from western PA, northern WV and eastern OH) are very proud of the tradition and success of the organization. Also, maybe they are season ticket holders, have family that are or simply buy much merchandise from the organization.

    This also goes for “We” Penguins fans and even “We” Pirates fans………one day they’ll sniff .500…one day.

    Damn Francisco Cabrera for all eternity.

  4. Someone take his keys…

  5. I’ll second that comment on Francisco Cabrera…….

  6. you just drove me to google Francisco Cabrera.

    There are many reasons to give our coaching hire an F, the BCA just found another one.

    As for the eternal critics, there are those people you meet in life and when you give them free pizza: they don’t like pepperoni, when you give them free cheeseburgers: they don’t like the fact they’re still bloody and could die of food poisoning.

    Can you say ‘we’ if your talking about WVU? do you have to graduate from something to call it a we? is there a minimum payment? should at least be a minimum # of years rooting for a team to call them we.

    Stadium, I love the bricked stadiums. I was at FSU a few weeks ago and while the who town smelled a bit like hepatitis, but their stadium looks incredible with the whole thing bricked and a bronze Seminole out front with a spear on fire.

    Mountaineer Field with a brick job is about as likely as us putting a bronze couch out front of the stadium on fire.

  7. Those pictured shoes, in particular, I feel would lend themselves well to throwing. Looks like you could get some wicked wrist action working.

  8. Eric I’m sorry I don’t talk about the pits of doom and all the sadness resonating in this cruel cruel world.

  9. The people that refer to the Steelers as “we” need to take into consideration the many Pitt recruiting visits where the kids “just happen” to run into Steeler players. Because the Steelers help pitt recruit, supporting the steelers is supporting pitt.

  10. Bud Foster is interviewing with Clemson. I’m thinking that we coulda had him first. Oh wait, what the fuck was I thinking…we only hire West fucking Virginians.

    Go Stew!

  11. Dont blame fancisco cabrera, try jose lind booting a sure double play ball.

  12. ahole, your name and your post are redundant.

  13. I can’t take credit for compiling these stats but go ahead and tell me that anyone could win 6 games with this guy, our conference is easy, blah blah blah

    1. Johnson- Georgia Tech (7-3)
    2. Niumatalolo- Navy (6-3)
    2. Stewart- West Virginia (6-3)
    4. Pelini-Nebraska (6-4)
    5. Sumlin- Houston (5-4)
    5. Nutt- Mississippi (5-4)
    7. McMackin- Hawaii (5-5)
    7. Kill- Norther Illinois (5-5)
    9. Cutliffe-Duke (4-5)
    10. Arkansas- Petrino (4-6)
    10. Fairchild- Colorado St. (4-6)
    10. Fedora- Southern Miss (4-6)
    10. Sherman- Texas A&M (4-6)
    14. Neuheisel- UCLA (3-6)
    15. Briles-Baylor (3-7)
    15. Rodriguez- Michigan (3-7)
    17. Jones- SMU (1-9)
    17. Wulff- Washington State (1-9)

  14. First year head coaches

  15. I hate Pittsburgh and all of their sports. FYI for anyone who cares!

    Three worst cites and sport teams,

    1. Detroit
    2. Cleveland
    3. Shitzburgh

    4. Nasty Cincinnati! Where God has sent me for all of my sins. Atleast it isn;t any of three above.

  16. The Steelers also hosted a preseason game at Mountaineer Field about 10 years ago (against the Falcons) because Mr. Rooney acknowledges the fan following of native Morgantowners and northern West Virginians in general.

    Chico Lind-Nice call I forgot about that play. I can still remember crying as a youngster whenever Bonds throw was a second late to Spanky Lavalliere.

    The Curse of Francisco Cabrera could last for another 20 years. (The ownership by the Nuttings, natives of Wheeling, is god awful, but they are making sooooo much money)

  17. Attached below is an article on Geno Smith and he’s take on the WVU program and Coach Stew. It’s a good read for all of us Stewart bashers.

  18. his take not he’s


  20. an aptly named column you posted there, wvusc. a little faith and hope go a long way. forward!

  21. WVUSC – i dont like the USC part but here ya go –
    In some ways I hope so , but i hope he is a better passer. Our offense now atleast schematically is very different from Rod’s. This is a guy i think these guys want. The more I’ve thoguht about it, the more I’m sure that they are going to give Stewart some time to build his,mullens and hollidays team around there own players. Jeff mUllens is going to have to improve significantly for us to be effective. Winning the last three would really help. PItt will beat Cincy. WE shouldve, I watched them at Louisville last night and they werent at all impressive

  22. WVUSC, Don’t try to kiss me.

  23. What sucks worse? Losing to Cincy or having to root for sPitt?!

  24. WVUSC I only say “we” while I talk to other WVU fans. You can say “we” if you are fan at any time you you are talking about your team to other fans. Steelers fans assume that EVERYONE else is a Steelers fan. HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!


  25. I think his name might read WVU SC.

  26. Wait, so I’m a bad guy?
    I grew up in Wheeling, raised to follow WVU, Steelers, Pirates, and the Penguins. So that makes me, what, 75% scum because I like Pittsburgh teams?

    Wait, doesn’t Tomlin talk about WVU highly because his career started under HCBS? Doesn’t the Steelers have a history of signing more WVU players than Pitt players?

    Save your hate for teams that deserve it. Pitt, Notre Dame, Penn State, Duke in basketball, UNC in basketball….
    (notice I didn’t mention any pro teams… last i checked, none of them played against wvu or other colleges (exhibition baseball doesn’t count))

  27. When I started at WVU my dad said you will either grow to love or hate all Pittsburgh teams. I grew to hate them because they kept my Cowboys off the TV all the time because of the contracts.

    I hate the Steelers and hope they go down every week. I broke a chair in my room when Roethlesburger (sp) tackled that Colt in the Playoffs. I can’t totally explain my hate but it is there.

  28. Maybe it’s becasue Pittsbugh wasted Dallas so many times?

  29. The only time they met in the Super Bowl since I was born the Cowboys won. Thanks to Cowboys MVP Neil O’Donnell

  30. ugghhh…..

  31. jb, you are correct about the WVUSC should be WVU-SC not WV-USC.

    ahole, no worry about me kissing you, I”m a front door man.

    I am / was as anti Stewart as anyone when he was hired. However we’re stuck with him, so it’s going to be hell for those of us that can’t find anything positive out of this coaching staff. The fact is all of the negative I’ve seen is coming from the fans and Tahj Boyd, I haven’t seen any negative coming from the players or other new recruits which is something of a testimony to the coaching staff. This team is used to winning, and for them to stay together and focused during a disappointing season is a testament to the coaching staff.

    However, I’m with 5th year, Mullen is a mistake and needs to go or be demoted.

  32. I don’t have a problem with Stew being head coach. already this year, he’s learned how to challenge a call and I bet by the end of the year he’ll have mastered his headphones.

    My problem with Stewart is that he can’t coach special teams. So maybe the answer is make Mullen the special teams coach. Bring in a new OC. Let Stew call timeouts and motivate the team with his folksy sports cliches – which he does very well.

  33. “Special teams” isn’t a problem as a whole. The only problem we have is kick return coverage.

  34. I am not a Steelers fan, but I am a WVU fan in Pittsburgh and I enjoy it when they win.

    Why? Because for every butt in a seat at Heinz or a TV tuned in to watch the black and gold play, that’s one less for Pitt U. Pittsburgh is a Pro Sports Town, and thanks to the Steelers (and to a lesser degree the Pens) nobody gives a proverbial sh-t about Pitt.

  35. I love it when announcers refer to Steelers Nation invasions in visiting stadiums as “they travel well”. They ACTUALLY think that all of those people live in Pittsburgh. Due to the migration of steelworkers, et.c in the 70s/80s, many natives wound up flocking to other parts of the East (and West) to find work. Those Steeler fans grew up in Pittsburgh during the 70s and 80s and continue to have a bond that is matched by no other pro sports team. For many, it is the sole connection to the city that they may not have necessarily wanted to leave.

    By the way, was at the game yesterday at Heinz Field and there is no better experience than watching the Steelers in cold weather downing a few Penn Pilsners or your beer o’ choice.

  36. The officials final screw up cost me

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