It’s Louisville Week

After the longest bye week ever, WVU straps it up this Saturday to face the Fightin’ Krags.  And by Fightin’, I mean they lost to Syracuse.

Louisville has quickly become a good rival of the Mountaineers.  Our hatred of Bobby Petrino still burns bright, while thinking of Steve Kragthorpe just merely burns.  Though, in his defense, Kragthorpe gave us a helluva game last year and quite of bit of comedic material (why a grown man still keeps a diary, I will never know).

So get ready, boys and girls, because it’s Louisville week.  They might not be Alabama, but they sure as hell ain’t Syracuse (because Syracuse is better).


3 Responses

  1. Do we get another peek at excerpts from said diaries this week?

  2. Remember when we used to hear about how Hunter Cantwell was the “best backup QB in the nation,” and was a sure-fire first-round draft pick?

  3. We have no chance……we play this week at noon 🙂

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