Marco Fell In The Mud

West Virginia Junior College felt it was time to beef up its mascot, Marco. In doing so the school paid over $9,000 for two new uniforms. To put it bluntly, they should get their money back, it looks like someone dropped the damn head in the mud.

Also, look at those fucking 1990’s windbreaker pants. What did they do, go Goodwill and let a blind guy pick them out? Good lord, can this school do anything right?

First, they break some poor kids leg and now they are breaking the spirits of a fanbase that eats to make themselves feel better (Huntington is not a healthy place). I can’t wait to see the other cheap ass outfit. I actually feel sorry for them, and I doubt Randy Moss would be happy.

2 Responses

  1. Marco used to be cool, remember back in the 90’s when he came out riding a motocycle, dressed like the terminator? Now he looks like a retard.

  2. get that dude some parachute pants and have him run out to “Eye of the Tiger”

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