Heastie: Let’s Do This Thing

Heastie = solid verbal (again). Me = hard (again).

Oh, yeah.


12 Responses

  1. Fucking beat pitt!!!!

  2. Dude, enough with the “Beat Pitt” comment. We get it.

  3. I remember people at last year’s Uconn game kept trying to get an “Eat Shit Pitt” chant started near me. It was retarded, especially at the Uconn game. Rich, was that you?

  4. Thumbs up….Lest do this

  5. man charlie, you were up early this morning

  6. No, that wasn’t me….well strike that…could have been. I think last year’s Uconn game was the most wasted I’ve been at a WVU game.

    And I’ve had the Pitt game circled on my calendar since Dec. 1, 2007. It would be a nice “totally worth it” moment to the clusterfuck that has been this season to ruin Pitt’s BCS chances.

  7. But cause the future AD says so…i’ll take it easy on the beat pitt comments

  8. wouldnt it also be nice to bolster our bcs chances?

  9. shut up and let me hate pitt

  10. Everything’s ok now, I’m awake.

  11. Man yea I heard this on rivals radio today – Are passing attack is going to be nuts with Gino Smith to Hestie, Long, and Steadman Baily THIS IS GREAT NEWS

  12. Did I see more than one post that criticized a fan who posted “Beat Pitt”?????? When is that ever deemed unnecessary, even during charity walks that benefit MS?? That NEVER gets old…I would bet they’re from northern WV, where it just means more than the Tech or Maryland rivalry….I, for one, am ALL for obnoxious repeat posts that ridicule PITT.

    Under the arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm, PITT!!!!!

    Go Steelers!!

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