15 Years Ago Today….


15 Responses

  1. Nice video. And even nicer is once again hearing the Voice of the Mountaineers, Jack Fleming.

  2. Two things that I’ll always remember from the ABC broadcast (I’ve probably watched it 10-12 times):

    –Crowd at Mountaineer Field was larger than any city in West Virginia
    –No one in Morgantown would sell Miami kerosene for their sideline heaters, so they had to have the Eagles’ electric warming benches trucked in for Philadelphia.

  3. 15 years ago, same as today. FUCK MIAMI!

  4. Jack Fleming was the best and Tony C will never be in his league.

  5. Coldest game I’ve ever experienced, by far.

  6. Then you my friend were not at Pitt 2005, because while Miami ’93 is the second coldest game I’ve ever been too, nothing compares to the sub 0 temps that day. I get cold thinking about it.

  7. I almost fucking miss Jack Fleming’s voice more than my own mother…I can still remember when I was six years old listening to the Pitt game in the stands with my dad.

  8. I was at both actually. Miami felt colder to me, oh well.

  9. I have this audio as the opening to my pregame mix. I miss Jack Fleming too.

  10. Lets hear some predictions for tomorrows game..??

    I say… WVU 27 UL 16

  11. I don’t which game you guys are talking about …

    But, I was there … and when this game ended it felt like it was a balmy 85 degrees standing at midfield drinking a few “toasts” to the MOUNTAINEERS!!!!

    Ah Yea … I remeber it well.

  12. WVU 21 UL 10…Pat White has 100+ yards rushing. He’s on track to break the record next week with you know who…

  13. WVU 10, UL 9

  14. WVU 0 UL -1

  15. c’mon mr. positive, you can do better than that…

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