Louisville Open Thread

Go ahead, laud Jeff Mullen one play, abhor him the next.  And the next.

It’s Moutaineer Football 2008, baby.


61 Responses

  1. If they don’t beat this garbage program by 17, I may go nuts, needless to say I bet the Mountaineers, so I could be taking it in the ass 2 times, Yooouch!!!!! LETS GO HOOPS!!!!

  2. Well, if we’re going to fight them in the pre-game, you can’t fault anyone for not being fired up…

  3. Hoopies 30
    Cards 20

    Show Hunter Cantwell some Weirton streetball, GOOOO ZAC COOPER!!!!!!

  4. Come join the interactive live chat with Louisville fan blogger Tom Heiser:

  5. why can’t we call a time out at the right time!!!!!!

  6. Jesus Christ. Well, let’s take a moment and unify Mountaineer Nation by crucifying these fucking refs. How was that not a touchdown? That was terrible. We better get this on 4th down…

  7. Sonofabitch, they’re going to overturn that call… Come on guys, it’s make-up call time.

  8. I don’t know wvuD, I was stunned when I saw :12 left on the playclock when we burnt that TO. I’m going to kidnap that dumb bastard and make him play Madden for a few days.

  9. These officials suck! Brown was in the end zone!

  10. I cant take this bullshit coach anymore..

  11. 290 yards = 7 points = not good.

    I’m sick and tired of passing it to Jock Sanders…he’s not going to catch it.

    Devine had 4 carries? And lined up at RB only 8 times. That makes sense.

    MacAfee has miss a FG from the left hash inside 25 yards 5 times in the last two years (MD, Pitt, Pitt, Col, Lou). Has he ever made one? Why do we keep attempting them?

    Only one stretch play = 79 yards run.

    Only two triple options = 10 yards.

    Dating back to Cincinnati (absent the last second drive), 16 plays inside our opponents 10 = 0 points scored.

  12. Correction, 18 plays, I forgot about the pass interference there at the end of the half. 6 plays inside the 11 at the end of the half = 0 points. Mullen never ceases to amaze me.

  13. macafee has to be the biggest momentum killer in college football today,

  14. More special teams goodness…

  15. That was a clever play call at the end of the first half with Jarrett Brown at shotgun, then moving him up to look like he was changing the play but snapping the ball instead. Should have been a touchdown but we got hosed by the visually impaired line judge.

  16. Did you see Bill Stewart laughing w/ the line judge when WVU was called for 12 men on field w/ 7 min. left in the game? He is soooo embarassing and has no clue what’s happening on both sides of the ball. Watch WVU lose this game because they don’t play 60 minutes…..I fucking ABHOR Stewart!

  17. Did we just call a TO prior to the kickoff???? OMG!!! I don’t understand. Really, I don’t understand. What’s going to happen to us when we don’t have Pat White’s talent.

  18. Could be worse, we could be getting sodomized by 35 points on national TV in our rival’s stadium with a coach we paid for with our soul and reputation.

  19. WVU is playing this game like it is over!!!!!!! What is going on??????


  21. Anyone remember when Stewart wanted to not run White and save him as much as possible? Now we’re running him instead of taking a knee… bizarre.

  22. I am confident that posters, such as 5th year and others, will SURELY agree w/ the Anti-stewarts…..Today was the icing on the cake…..I think we all know that this will be his only season. If there were 100 coaches in the country deciding on what play to run, they ALL would have sat on the ball………

    For all of you who have criticized my calling of Stewart’s head…………………Apology accepted!!!!!!!

  23. Watching Bill Stewart coach is like having each hair pulled from your head,…One by one by one by one

  24. WVUColumbus – did we lose? Thought the offense looked pretty good, Mullen let Pat White be Pat White, and the defense did well except for stopping the run up the middle behind 77 for Louisville. Couple nice runs by Devine, although he seems to have fumble-itis.

    That being said, I think Stewart reads his own press too much. His entire postgame interview with Caridi and Wallace was defensive.

    Now let’s beat the shit out of Pitt.

  25. Who said anything about LOSING???? What does that have anything to do w/ the coach? Of course we should beat Louisville. We are superior to them, especially at the skill positions. There is a reason he is defensive.

    Hopefully, we can beat the shit out of Pitt w/ our best player, pending the inevitable MRI of course!!!

  26. Stewpid, Stewpid, Stewpid….Clueless, Clueless, Clueless.

  27. Some people are just searching for anything to bitch about. All I saw was him bitching at the GA for 10 min.

  28. WVUColumbus, I have to say, I find you quite annoying.

    Now as for the game, I think the team responded well after being down 7-0.

    I’m looking forward to next Friday. BEAT PITT.

  29. WVUCOLUMBUS is a fucking tool bag ! He needs kicked off this blog! You are a negative piece of shit!! You are a descrace to for WV Fans!

    We got it DONE !!

  30. WVU did indeed roll today, but it was still frustrating to see another 14-21 points left on the field due to idiocy, and incompetent officiating. WVU should have scored 50 today.

  31. Old Gold&Blue-You are a “fucking descrace to for WV fans”. This is a blog you moron. I will put you in your place any day of the week. It is posters like myself that checks the fanatical/subjective side of the situation at the door and tells it like it is…..You’re just pissed because you know that our Head Coach is worthless. As for you other posters, THIS JUST IN: Wins don’t preclude a head coach from criticism…Of course, we should have won this game, and we should have put 50 up like Sam A stated…….Louisville is at the same level as Syracuse.

  32. I haven’t been able to watch that many WVU games this year as I’m living in my car on an SEC roadtrip. I realize we are not looking as impressive this year as in previous years, but we are 8-3. Last year we finished the regular season 10-2, and it is comparable in the final record the previous 3 or 4 years. And two of the loses are in overtime. Now, I’m no fan of Bill Stewart and I worry he will be our Larry Coker, but some WVU fans seem to be acting like this season is the worst disaster to happen to the Mountaineers in decades. Really, we’re one extra score against Colorado or Cinncy to having one of the great years in Mountaineer history, and we’re still having a pretty good year relatively speaking.

  33. Not to rain on the hate parade after a good win and “back to form” spanking handed to the Cards by Pat White…..but was I high or did Pat White NOT get the record yesterday? I thought he got it by one yard but nobody is talking about it….anywhere.

  34. I suppose it doesn’t matter to WVU Columbus that last year we only beat Louisville last year by 7 points and the year before we LOST to them. Fucking hell, dude, LIGHTEN UP. Objective criticism – ur doin’ it wrong.

  35. First, let me say that I was ready to comment after the game yesterday but Charley used his better judgement and pulled his laptop away. Where to begin…

    Columbus, how do you know HCBS was not laughing in a smart ass manner, besides the call was correct. Why yell at the refs when they make a good call.

    Then in the span of fifteen minutes you are yelling about us calling a needed timeout because we didn’t have our hands team on the field. Then you yell about us thinking the game is over and then you yell about us having the starters still in because the game is over.

    We won the game and we won it pretty easily. We are still leaving points on the field but that is not totally the coaches fault. I had a smile on my face all day until Shady McCoy shit his pants and pitched the ball to a Cincy player on the final play of the game.

    Some of you need to check your “reality.” If you did not see improvement this game you are blinded by your initial impressions and unadulterated hatred of this coaching staff.

  36. All of you Columbus haters,

    The only thing that blinds me about Stewpid is the horrible clock management, and keeping Pat White in the game, up 14 under 1:30 to go and then keeping him out there after he hobbling on one leg. Unfortunatley that is a blinding reality. This support for Stew smells of mediocrity and the love for a good ole boy (yes I just said mediocirty). The reason why everyone hates that word is becasue they can accept the fact they are associated with it by supporting the heasdset guru.

    Bottomline, without Pat White this team is probably 2-8 with the Jeff Mullen and Stewpid. So are you looking forward to the 2009 season. Hope Pat gets some kind of freakish irrelevant 6th year of eligibility.


    I guess it didn’t matter that Syracuse has beat Louisville 2 years in a row. That’s like when a Marshall fan tells me that your WVU loss to ECU by 21 and we only loss to them by 3, so Marshall is probably better than WVU right now. Horse shoes and hand grenades Marshall fans and Stew supporters.

  37. White should have been on the sidelines on those last few plays in the 4th, no doubt about that. I don’t know why WVU coaches insist on keeping the starters in during mop up time.

    Yeah without Patrick White we will NEVER win any games EVER again. Um isn’t Big Brown undefeated as a starter, including a game in which he could barely lift his arm above sholder level?? No losses is pretty damn mediocre, right nati??

    Be happy for a change fellas. We won by 14/21

  38. Big Brown has 2 career starts. Rutgers in 06 which was a good performance and Syracuse in 08 which was well:

    52 yards passing 1 td 2 sacks
    8 carries for 18 yards

    Not even Mullen can force PW’s numbers that low.

    2 wins against Rutgers and Syracuse is pretty mediocre, right 5th year?

    And if memory serves correct he did not fair well in coming off the bench for injured PW against Pitt 07, USF 07. So you bank your future on Big Brown. I’ll support the kid but to think he can give us what Pat has done is unjust.

    I would almost rather prepare Geno for the future, by letting him compete for the job.

    And I’m happy we won. I was there!!! Partied with Mounties all night on 4th street live.

  39. Happy as hell that they won. Don’t think we’re going to a bowl next year. I’ve decided to adopt a “blinders” strategy. I’m ignoring the unbelievably stupid shit that happens during wins. I figure Mullen and Stewart will get themselves fired through losses fast enough that highlighting stupidity during wins is useless. Let’s Go… Mountaineers!

  40. Just want to make sure that ALL OF YOU know one thing: The people on this blog who believe that things “will work out” and that Stew and Co. will be just fine and dandy ARE IN THE CONSIDERABLE MINORITY. DoubleU, Nastinati, and others are clearly rational people who are thinking reasonably as opposed to just spouting off everything pro-WVU as long as we “win games”.

    Let’s put it this way………If WVU had a large city, ala Philly or Houston, etc., the press would be HANGING Stewart today for keeping PW in the game….The fact that not one state writer from any of the small towns in WV, such as Charleston, Morgantown, Wheeling, etc., didn’t ABSOLUTELY CRUCIFY him is unacceptable. And I say this with all of his other bonehead decisions being mutually exclusive from this one decision w/ less than 2 minutes in the game…….Simply mind-numbing.

  41. Correction: not minority as in posters of this site……minority as in OVERALL fan base at WVU.

  42. One more thing (and I promise I’m done), Jarrett Brown isn’t that impressive to me. He seems like a good kid and I like him as a player, don’t get me wrong, just as I like a lot of the talent on our team. When he ran a Wildcat type play relatively early in the game, he was very slow and I remember saying why would they run that play w/ him. If he was Jock or Noel I would agree w/ the play call. And although many of you will disagree, he ALSO isn’t as good of a passer as PW…Many will say that he is because they will want to justify him being relatively close to PW as the backup and you obviously can’t do that by comparing rushing abilities. If Jarrett was the QB this year, we would have beat ‘Nova, ‘Cuse, Auburn, and MAYBE Rutgers…..that’s it.

  43. WVUColumbus,

    How do you have time to read all those papers from all of those cities?

    I can tell you that some of them don’t put their entire paper online, so using that won’t back up your comment.

    I find a lot of issues with HCBS, but I support him as he is the head coach. I agree having White in at the end of the game made no sense, and that can be complained about. Heck, I made that complaint too.

    But honestly, you talk so negative, I tend to believe you might be a Buckeyes fan, just posting to stir up trouble.

  44. Holy crap. Charlie, time to start an eat shit pitt week entry. In the spirit of the season, I want to give thanks to my favorite eat shit pitt moment.

    Bowling Green.

    That is all….

  45. well, according to WVUColumbus most recent polling data, I guess I’m in the minority. I actually think we have the potential to be even better. next year. I think we’ll miss Pat White like crazy, but I believe in JB. We’re pretty much playing a lot of underclassmen on our O-line right now anyway. Our RB’s and WR’s will be back. The D will be even better with 8-9 returning. I’m optimistic about next year and I’m not giving up on this year. Cuse is gonna end up beating cincy and we’ll go to the Orange Bowl. Ok, so I’m overly optimistic, maybe even a little crazy. Hey, but at least I’m not an ass.

  46. BurghMountaineer-I have relatives in each of those towns and asked them, including a subscription to the Dominion Post (online edition) and the PPG (Finder) FOR SURE, not one ridiculed the decision to keep PW in the game. Don’t respond like it’s impossible to retrieve that info. WV is a tiny state…….People like you are the problem, “I support HCBS, as he is the HC”. THAT is exactly the problem I have and I am so desperate to stir up as much as possible to promote change…..Let me guess, you also support ‘W” too. I will ALWAYS support the troops, but never a sherrif like George Walker Bush!! Think outside of the box ‘Burgh, and you’ll be more enlightened than you ever could imagine. Don’t blindly support Stewart….Instead, raise your concerns in a vocal and public manner and insist on change…In other words, act don’t just think that we have to accept the inevitable mediocrity this coach is leading us to.

    And another thing, there is no rivalry between WVU/OSU. A Buckeye fan would never consider coming onto a WVU message board. Many friends actually like the Mountaineers and their style of play because it’s so drastically different from their conservative offense…….I despise the Buckeyes.

    BurghMountaineer–In summary, your views of the current coaching staff is EXACTLY the problem that will lead to mediocrity for years to come.

  47. I just wanted to say I’m with doubleu. We know the issues but we’re not firing a coach this year, nor should we. It was a dumb hire but get over it, it’d set us back even further to start coach swapping. Focus on the W, look at the improvement, complain about PW in the game too late, and let’s move on to Pitt.

  48. WVUColumbus, Damn you have relatives everywhere? You are helping that stereotype of WV.

    I said from day 1 of the HCBS era that I was not in favor of him. In fact, I am still not happy with the choice. However, yes, I support him because he is the coach, and I support the team. I don’t see how you can support the team, but hate the coach. Isn’t how the team plays sort of an extension of the coach?

    And please don’t start the Bush bashing on here. It’s ridiculous.

    As for the rivalry, yes the schools do not have a rivalry. BUT, the fans, mostly on the border, definitely do. I have relatives who are OSU fans and I hear their BS non stop at functions. I have friends that are OSU fans (we all can’t be perfect like you). So don’t tell me that there isn’t some sort of rivalry on some level.

    I’m just saying, you are annoying and you like to stir up everything for the wrong reasons.


  49. I’m bleednig from the eyes and it is not because I do too many hard drugs. Reading some of these comments is actually starting to physically hurt me.

    To say I blindly support HCBS is just being a silly billy. I concede points about Stewpid mistakes made by some coaches and think they should be fixed. Some of you, have never and will never concede that HCBS did something positive for this team.

    How did those changes go for our kickoff coverage? Calling for a review? Getting a W in convincing fashion? Anyone want to give any credit?

    All of this negativity would have a lot more traction after a loss or a close win. Right now it just sounds like someone needs to call the WAAAAAAAAAmbulance to have their diaper changed.

  50. Leave the political bullshit for the blogs run by geeks who get off over balanced budgets and pants suits.

  51. Hey Columbus, it is so obvious that you dont know anything. People that write in the quasi criptic, im looking down my nose at you style that you employ are generally masking their total incompetence at life.

  52. You know, I am probably the biggest political junkie in here, bu t I don’t care how much I could love/hate our current President…I’m not going to compare my feelings of HCBS to him. This isn’t the place for political talk, and I’m sure that Charley and crew agree.
    That being said: I’m a Mountaineer fan. Win or lose, bad head coach or not a bad head coach. Some people are never happy…I just enjoy watching games.

  53. I’ve been telling you real WV fans for months that Columbo likes to tune meat whistles in his spare time. The guy is obviously a flaming homo and an OSU fan to boot!

  54. I’m a guy who Stewart has turned against him. I’ve been pointing out the unbelievably number of little things that go wrong that will stop us from winning close games. I’ve been pissed that we’ve thrown away Pat White’s senior season with an ass of an OC. I’ve been pissed that Stewart can’t figure out how to get the special teams to cover downfield or avoid goddamn muffs. I’m amazed that when we absolutely cannot catch the football, the OC is still calling pass plays on 3rd and 5. Sometimes I get so worked up over clock management I have a mini-stroke. When Stewart has to call timeouts because he’s too short-sighted to plan for an eventuality, I die a little inside. If Mullens calls anymore power-running in crucial situations, I may murder the sonofabitch.

    But, after all that bitching, after all that moaning and with the certain knowledge that we are going to absolutely SUCK in the coming years… I have to say:


    “But wait, if we keep–”
    “But, what happens if we’re in a close game with this dumb–”
    “Hey now, we’re not going to win 7 games next–”

    We’ve won six of our last seven. Scoreboard.

  55. …Some of you, have never and will never concede that HCBS did something positive for this team.

    5th, The dialogue that Charley and others such as 25314 and yourself foster on this site is healthy and is one of the elemental reasons I like to visit. There is discussion in the comments; mostly reasoned, sometimes flawed, but discussion nonetheless. Echo chambers (for winners or losers) are easy to find and provide little satisfaction to a thinking person. Opposing views should be welcomed, especially when the direction of the team is in question.

    Personally, I think CBS has done some good things within the context of individual games. But the bigger picture of WVU football is murky (ditto to Double U’s 10:31 comment) at best…and it wasn’t this time last year. Not asking for DRod back, just sayin. Keep the discussion going… it is a great thing!

  56. chuckzub–“I’m looking down my nose at you style”…huh?? In no way, shape or form have I ever commented in an elitist or arrogant manner. I do try to bring intelligent/thought provoking info. to the posts, whether you disagree or agree.
    2000 grad–“flaming homo”….that right there shows the kind of character you have, hurling slurs like they’re nothing. Although I’m happily married to my beautiful wife, I respect people off all origins/sexual orientations.
    5th year and other hosts: no more politics (although it’s really law enforcement since talking about Sheriff Bush)

  57. This post emphasizes my point.

    For those of you who frequent blue gold news, columbus has the exact same style as mexman.

  58. I adore this website, I wish I would have found it years ago.

    I actually like colombus, mainly because I despise this coaching staff, but it takes wayyyy too much energy to hate. I don’t like it, but I have accepted that Stew and crew will be here for awhile. My wife has threatened divorce a handful of times since Coach Stew was hired, so I have had to calm it down. The mediocrity that we will endure for years to come will eventually wear on all Mountaineer fans, and a change will come.

    That being said, it is Pitt week, and all Mountaineers need to band together to focus on smacking Pitt in their ugly mugs. If we aren’t going to the Orange Bowl, let’s get to the Sun Bowl, big payout, nice opponent, should be a blast. No negative energy about our coaching staff, we can save that for after the game. Going into Heinz Field is going to be tough, so no animosity between the Mountaineer faithful, at least for this week. We Hoopies need to stick together!!!!

    Fuck Pitt, the Steelers, Primanti Brothers, Iron City Beer, all those stupid bridges, perogies, and all the big-haired broads in that town that smell like Art Rooney’s asssss!!!!!!


  59. EatSchmittPitt,

    Well said! Well Said!

  60. I am Mexman.

    Actually, I’m not but I don’t think he’s as over the top as Columbus. I generally agree with most everything he says and wished I lived in Cabo. Now, that Deffy character and Chuckzub are a couple pancakes short of a happy meal.

    Remember when the hecklers at the airport yelled at Rod, “you can’t go 3-8 at Michigan!!!” ? He went 3-9. Awesome.

  61. I’m all for opposing views. Hell, I went to law school because I like to argue. I flunked out because they look down on physical violence in the courtroom.

    Those shiny shoes come off a little too easy.

    In a rational argument there has to be a give and take. You have your points and I have mine but you need to be able concede correct points on the other side. You can’t argue against a true statement. In fact, you should be the first to mention it so you can frame it in your language.

    What am I doing right now?? I think I’m still drunk…

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