Things I Learned This Week


Let’s get right to this, shall we.

  • Pat White is good (at running).  But we knew that one already.
  • This is a program very much in transition.  As much as we want to bitch about playcalling, etc., we are simply trying to fit a square peg through a round hole.  Complain all you want that Jock Sanders can’t catch, but he wasn’t really recruited to catch.  He was recruited to be fast.  There’s a difference.  Now Heastie and Long — those guys were recruited to catch.

  • We still have no answer for short yardage situations.  This is another downfall of recruiting speed regardless of size.  Guys like Kerns and Alston should help.
  • Jock Sanders can catch sometimes, as evidenced by his touchdown grab.
  • Louisville’s program is crumbling.  The crowd turnout was pretty terrible, considering this was a school that boasted of being the new power in the Big East.  Right now, they’re closer to Pitt than WVU.
  • The officials in the Big East are absolutely horrid.  If the Pitt/Cincinnati review debacle last week wasn’t enough, how about Jarrett Brown’s touchdown/not-a-touchdown review masterpiece.  Just terrible.
  • I may shed a tear on December 6 for Pat’s last game.  He has arguably meant more to this program than anyone else (save for only Don Nehlen and possibly The Product).  I hope, though, that it’s more celebration than mourning.  Like someone who lives a great life and dies of old age at 100, Pat’s departure should be a happy event.
  • If anyone deserves a theoretical helmet musket, it’s Sidney Glover.  That guy was everywhere Saturday.
  • Good win.  Now, if Syracuse can just put together another effort like their last at Notre Dame, we might be looking at a significantly better bowl game.

8 Responses

  1. I learned that there is not one attractive girl on the Louisville cheerleader squad.

    I would agree on the crowd turnout but I was reminded more of Temple than Pitt. Pitt is in a class of suck all by themselves.

  2. The quality of our bowl was helped out by Syracuse beating ND.

  3. Pat White should never be under center……EVER.

    Inside the 10 yard line, we should never have an empty backfield……EVER.

    Last series first half……On first and goal at the 4 we had two backs in the backfield and ran for three yards…kind of an option look counter play……very nice…..we abandoned that on 2nd and 3rd down…….a QB keeper with nobody in the back field and a freaking QB sneak………..for no gain……then on 4rth down we go back to the running backs and Noel Devine is in for an easy touchdown, but slips………run the freaking option inside the 10……you stupid dumb asses!

    It is why we lost to Cincinnati…….it is why we suck in the red zone.

    Two freaking running backs, shotgun formation, spread out the field with your wide receivers and flanker and run the damn triple option……and by the way pitch it a couple of times! (Fiesta bowl?)….and do not tell me we don’t have a full back…….we have speed and grit….which is better.

    Every time we put Pat White under center I want to puke……every time we are inside the 20 and we have an empty back field I want to puke……anytime we succeed in those situations it is Pat White’s amazing talent that causes success in spite of the formations and enablers.

    We should have won this game by 40!


  4. And as far as helmet stickers go, let’s add Julian Miller to the list. He has potential superstar written all over him.

  5. Amen. Thank you Pat White…for everything.

  6. I hope everyone shows their support and appreciation for a great player, number 5, on Dec 6. He’s first class all the way. Let him know how much we loved watching him play for our beloved Mountaineers. Thank you Pat!

  7. Mountaineer fans appreciate great football and great players, I expect a huge and long ovation for Pat White on December 6th, he deserves it. I may shed a tear, that sounded a little gay, but I love that guy, he is one of a kind and can never be replaced.

    Unfortunately, I think Syracuse shot their load against fat boy and Notre Dame, but I would like nothing more than to see those orange-throwing Cincy losers eat a shit sandwich. Trust me, I love storming the field more than anyone, but it should be a law that you can’t storm the field after beating a team that is ranked lower than you(wasn’t Pitt #20 and Cincy #19?) And storm it after actually winning the Big East and getting into the BCS game, you pricks haven’t won shit yet. Oh yea, and say good-bye to Brian Kelly, another Big East coach using the league as a stepping stone to a big payday and success(except for 3-9 Bitch Rod, thank you OSU, that felt good).

    A guy with Pat McAfee’s talent should never miss field goals under 30 yards, I’ve given him a pass until now, but he better pull his highlights out of his ass, and not pull that shit against Pitt(again).

    Thanks Pitt for being the worthless pieces of garbage that you are and for making me have to rout for you, it made me feel dirty all night.

  8. EatSchmitt
    My exact thoughts have never so well been put in type before like you just did. I’ll just say ditto.

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