Eat Shit Pitt!


‘Son, that’s Pitt. You hate Pitt now. You hate Pitt tomorrow. You hate Pitt until the day you die. After that, you will hate Pitt for eternity.’   — Jack Fleming’s Mom

Thinking about Pitt makes me want to puke, then punch a puppy. For last year’s Backyard Brawl, I did not think about Pitt once. All I could think about was Bourbon Street and who we would play in the national championship game.

If last year taught me anything, it was to never overlook Pitt. If there was any positive to last year, it is that I have a new-found hatred for Pitt. With that new-found hatred, here is a list of reasons why I hate Pitt.


  1. 13-9
  2. Greg Lee and his phantom catch.
  3. They eat shit and have bad breath
  4. Dave Wannstedt’s mustache
  5. Carl Krauser and his pussy ass X.  Hell, all of their short, stalky ass point guards.
  6. The fact that we once had to play Pitt two-for-one.  That had to suck.
  7. Mark May
  8. Dan Marino
  9. Those ugly ass mustard uniforms of the early 90’s.
  10. Their bandwagon fans.

Why do you hate Pitt?


35 Responses

  1. 11. They think that the people that show up to their games every week are “fans.” When they’re actually tailgating early for the Steelers game
    12. They don’t have their own stadium
    13. They think winning a national championship 2 years after Noah built the ark means something
    14. 13-9
    15. Tyler Palko
    16. 13-9
    17. Pittsburgh traffic

  2. 18. Because I’m a Penn State fan.
    19. Because they were overhyped THIS year solely based on their victory over WVU LAST year.
    20. My aunt and uncle still have (and wear) their “Shit on Pitt” t-shirts
    21. Because anything from Pittsburgh generally sucks.

  3. 22. Because one year when we thumped them in their old stadium, some jerk jumped our Mountaineer and tried to steal his musket (unsuccessully)
    23. their PA announcer at the Pitt game (again, at the old stadium) who continued to make offense comments throughout the game. Don’t have that good of a memory to give the year, but it was the Chad Johnson-Zach Abraham game (best post pattern I ever saw. twice.)

  4. 24. Pitt fans are Steeler fans that are pissed because they can’t afford tickets to Steelers’ games!

  5. 13-9 is the prism from which all things Pitt must be viewed. We must relegate their sorry asses back to the ashbin of pretenders and poseurs.

    Having spent the Carter years in Morgantown, Pittsburgh the city and Pitt the school became a vortex of faux civic pride:

    …Myron Cope, speaking on sports.
    …Dan Marino (and Tony Dorsett by extension)
    …Terrible Towels
    …”We are Family”
    …Three Rivers

    It was all so disgusting and the recalling of these long dormant memories is making me gag. Pittsburgh really was a cesspool at that time. As a student though, I reserved my animosity for those arrogant assholes from Happy Valley.

  6. 24. Sorry I neglected the numerating theme…too busy hatin’.

  7. 25. Alex Van Pelt in ’89 and that damn trombone player jumping around like they just won the NC when the ball went through the uprights

  8. 26. The fact that I can’t think of anymore reasons to hate poser Pitt fans because I am blinded by sheer hatred.

  9. The fact that it is Backyard Brawl week and their “Pitt Blather” site is still breaking down their basketball win over Division Fuking 2 IUP. I can’t believe how much that school and everything tied to it SUCKS!

    Eat a big pile of SHIT!

  10. inspirational half-time talk from Bobby Bowden in 1970 turns 35-8 lead into 36-35 loss at Pitt Stadium

    Ronald Ramon left alone to bury 3 pointer in closing seconds of February 2007

    losing to a 4-7 28 pt underdog Pitt team at home with the national championship game ours if we win

  11. 27. 13-9

  12. The only time I ever heard my granfather curse was when he said “I hope we beat the shit out of the bastards,” in reference to Pitt in 2005.

  13. 28. Colin Cowherd called Pittsburgh Northern West Virginia…that hurt.

    29.In the 70’s Pittsburgh was the city of champs, now they are the city of chumps.

    30. Tony Dorsett pissed in Jack Flemings coke.

  14. 31. I have no words to describe this pic:

    Meg? What gives?

  15. 31. A sign at old Pitt stadium in the student section that read “Hoopies Rape Sheep”. I hated that I actually laughed at it, I didn’t think there were any funny people in Pittsburgh. I hate them for that. Major Harris and Company made them pay for that sign.

    32. Walking up a huge fucking hill trying to get to that old dump of a stadium when I was 13 with my father, drunk Pitt fans screaming “Mountainqueers” and “Inbreds” at us. That will always be branded in my mind, so I had to repay the favor when I hit WVU in ’88. Many Pitt fans paid for what they did.

    33. All of Oakland is a war zone.

    34. John Congemi(fucker seemed like he got his law degree, he was there so long)

    35. Johnny Majors

  16. Did I mention I love this website, easily kills an hour at work.

  17. Sorry, thought of a few more reasons to hate Pitt in between doing nothing at work and trying to get my fantasy football team in the playoffs. I think this “reasons to hate Pitt” topic may be my calling in life. How pathetic.

    36. Mark May and his bias for everything that is Pitt on College Gameday, I hate that prick, and I can’t wait ’til he puts all that weight back on.

    37. Billy West

    38. The Big “O”, I actually do love that place and their fries and gravy, I just hate that it is is Pittsburgh. It should be in WV. P.S. The park next door that Kordell Stewart got caught blowing his boyfriend can stay in Pittsburgh.

  18. 39. Aaron Gray. Big Doofus.

  19. 40. PITT being responsible for our worst loss in the history of the program.
    41. that fact that I was in D-Town Pittsburgh sitting beside Foge Fazio at holiday dinner during 13-9.
    42. the fact that the shithole university is in the best city in America.
    43. Paul Zeise (PITT beat writer for PPG)

  20. we’ll have to disagree on #41, there’s a reason people call it Shittsburgh and it’s not just the university

  21. COLUMBUSSSSSS with the Foge Fazio reference, that is classic my friend. I can’t see why this guy is so hated on this site. That was fucking great, I am still laughing. Btw, how in God’s name are you at a holiday dinner during the Backyard Brawl, and the game that was going to get us in the National Championship, I may have to question your fanhood. There has to be a wife involved in this story.

  22. EatSchmitt-exactly right….the inlaws! No worries though man, the Backyard Brawl was ON during the dinner and surprisingly, ratio was 60:40 PITT to WVU. (thought it would be more like 80:20)…..Not joking, this was a nice semi-formal holiday dinner and they had 5 large TVs “shuffled” in for the game due to fans from both sides……….I now love holiday dinners, especially ones I can watch the ‘Eers AND eat well…..Literally, Fazio sat beside of us and didn’t give a shit about the game either way…..Many youngsters on this blog probably have no idea who I’m referring to 🙂

  23. -because they suck every year and it brings down the big east.
    -because there student fan base is non existent.
    -because their parking lot kicks you out of tailgating 1/2 hour before the game (at least they did at the IOWA game, I seriously hope they try Friday)
    because they whip out the terrible towels..

  24. 45. It is the location of Chuck Finder (Product Skidmark’s media whore)

  25. Isn’t Finder WVU’s beat writer for the PPG?? Did he write an editorial FOR Rod or something and anti-WVU? I know he lashes at the WVU athletic dept. many times, and who here would disagree w/ that.

  26. I gotta comment on #31. Great site, she’s pretty enough to be there, but the Pitt Jersey thing is just crap! How could you???

    Oh yeah, Rich, good one on #45. Chuck was Fraudriguez’s mouthpiece after the divorce.

  27. Yes WVUColumbus….he resides in Pittsburgh…yet another reason to hate them…

    May be a stretch but….Pitt sucks!

  28. Rich Rod rumor to Tennessee or Clemson……ho ho ho! Early Merry Christmas. Mark May statement about 6 minutes into the linked interview……WBGV get on it.


  29. seriously, what is Meg thinking? she’s breaking my heart, but tightening my jeans.

  30. I heard Meg doing sideline while watching about 10 minutes of an FSN high school football broadcast. She was TERRIBLE. She had no clue what she was doing.

    “So…uhh…what the….uhh….the coach told me was that the team really…uhh…the team really needed to get….uhh…together and….uhhh…..get it together on….uhh…together on…uhh….defense. (long pause) Back to you guys?”

  31. How do I hate Pitt? Let me count the ways.

    #46 When I was at WVU in the 19070s, Pitt treated us just the way we treat Marshall now.

  32. […] West Virginia @ #20 Pittsburgh, Fri. 12:00PM ET – ABC The 101st edition of the Backyard Brawl will be played on Black Friday this year, so the men and women in that region will each have something to do that day. The women, naturally, will be queuing up at Wal-Mart waiting to get their hands on that Travis Tritt box set, lawn ornaments and other Christmas gifts, while the men will be getting drunk and watching bad football. Hatred meter: charged. […]

  33. 47. Pat Willard’s terrible hair dye job.

    48. Dave Mustache’s Wandstache.

    49. Walt Harris’ uber gay transition lenses. If you have transition lenses, you, too, are gay.

    50. Pete Gonzalez on 4th and 17.

    51. People feeling sorry for Jamie Dixon when his sister died.

    52. People acting like Tyler Palko was good, and the rumor that he was dating Meg Bulger.

    53. That red-headed foreigner that used to play basketball for them.

  34. 47…I meant Ralph.

  35. 54. Second straight loss to Pitt in the Backyard Brawl.

    PS- nice and classy with number 51.

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