You’re Fired

Bill Stewart.  Jeff Mullen.  Dave Johnson.

Ok, you’ve had your year.  You’ve proven your ineptitude.  Goodbye.

You changed the entire offense because we lost to Pitt last year.  Now instead of one bad offenseive game against Pitt, we have played 11 bad offensive games, and still lost to Pitt.

I love a good QB zone on 3rd and 9 twice in one game.  I love a ridiculous trick play to the short side of the field on 3rd and goal at the 4.  I love that our only TD was on a miraculous run by Pat White on an otherwise terrible 3rd and 4 call.  But I especially like losing 4 games in a regular season and having your scoring drop 20 points per game when you return 9 starters on offense.

Thank you Jeff Mullen for bringing the Wake Forest field-goal offense to Morgantown.  I’m going to go kill myself now, wait, not me, you.


50 Responses

  1. WOW

  2. I’ll go to next week’s game in honor of Pat White, not because I think I’m going to see a good game. I feel bad for Pat, he deserved more this year.

  3. Websters-loser defined as bill stewart and mullen. Looking forward to 10 dollar tickets next year but not the empty stands.

  4. Fire him now

  5. Nice game. Bill Stull tried to piss it away for us. Thank goodness our defense has Pat White and Noel Devine’s numbers. And thankfully we have the beast, LeSean McCoy.

    It will be nice going for a hat trick next year.

  6. The 25314…i couldn’t agree more…if they couldn’t win with what they have now, then they will never win.

  7. reality…we’re stuck with these shmoes.

  8. Kill me!

  9. So, how much of the 4m will go to paying Coach Smilin’ Bill’s buyout?

    Watching WVU struggle with the offensive talent they have really helps drive the point home that when RR has his players, the block M will be the big winner of this deal. Maybe you guys will get Terry Bowden!

  10. It’s just becoming so redundant, the plays to the short side of the field are just idiotic and frustrating, we are so fucking predictable. You have a team 15-7, you have the opportunity to stick a knife in their heart and finish them, and you just can’t do it with this offensive coordinator, he is a worthless puke. You have destroyed one of the most impressive offenses in the country, you have made one of the most explosive players in the history of college football seem just average, and you have reversed a once proud Mountaineer Nation back into mediocrity.

    Mullen, you stupid asswipe, do you even know how to used Pat White properly??!!! You can’t put this offense in 3rd and long every goddam time and expect it to succeed. It feels better to vent, but like wvuD says, we are stuck with these schmoes. It is a sad day for Mountaineer football, and it will only get worse.

    Guys like Wes Lyons and Bradley Starks should never see the field, just worthless, at least someone realized how much Tyler Urban was killing us in the first half, shocking. Annnnnd go figure, nobody has done shit to correct 3rd and short situations after 11 games.

    I could go on forever, congrats Pitt, Shady you are a monster, and you are going to be an awesome pro.

    Mullen must go! Period.

  11. OK! Enough. I have been advocating giving the new coaching staff the benefit of the doubt all year. NO MORE!

    I was at WVU during the Cignetti years, and that’s what I’m seeing happening again, lots of talent being wasted by completely inept coaching and play calling . Mullen has to go at year’s end. Fast Eddie Pastilong has to go right after that. HCBS has gotten commitments fron some good looking high schoool palyers, so he has until the Pitt game next year to get his act together.

  12. Basketball!!!!!!

  13. Death would be too kind a reward for Stewart and Co. Promote Casteel on Monday.

  14. This should be the quote that is always remembered by the Mountaineers.

    “We stepped on their throats [on the final drive] and then let the defense win the game for us,” McCoy said.


  15. Somewhere, Doc Holliday can’t figure out why he left Floridia for this. Fuck it, bring back Nehlen.

  16. In an article on, our knuckle-head (to use one of his terms) coach, was quoted as calling Pitt our “kissing cousins.”
    What a dumb comment. The only thing Pitt can kiss is my big fat turkey farting ass! I hate Pitt!

  17. Where the fuck is Columbus when you need some negative shit?? I hate Pitt so bad…
    No opinion on hiring or firing….
    im just chill now….
    We be back…

  18. Huggins should coach football too.

  19. If Nehlen isn’t available I would consider taking Terry Bowden at this point. It is more than us being an average CFB team, most of our 4-star recruits are out the door now. We better get used to 3-star recruits and the Car Quest bowl.

  20. Looks like some posters are singing to a different tune……huh.

  21. WVU…0-2 versus pitt in the WBGV-era…YOU”RE FIRED TOO

  22. Ok, Stewart said he’d cash it in if he fucked it up, so now is the time to cash it in. No $4M buyout. And Mullen must take his unimaginative ass and ride it out of Mo-town pronto. What a total lack of creativity when it comes to play-calling. I feel bad that Pat White stuck around only to be misused for the entire season. I cannot describe how much it sucks to loose to those assholes from Pitt!

  23. I need you to unleash Columbus, I really do.

  24. Hypothetical situation (I think)–If a wife cheats on her husband, the husband who possesses more intellect and reasoning skills realizes that the wife is to blame (although he still wants to kick the guy’s ass)…..The brut, thought-lacking, “when I was in high school I whipped some ass” husband immediately confronts the dude, w/ the wife as a spectator.

    It is refreshing to see that many of you are ready to confront the wife (Stewart) as opposed to the “dude” (Pitt and other teams w/ inferior talent)……It is crystal clear that Old Gold&Blue, based on his post, prefers to let the “wife” slide.

  25. (correct) – Hypothetical situation – for Columbus and friends:

    Actually the girlfriend and not a slut(Stewart) would have just met a man. She is actually hesitant that he might be a tool bag. She is actually learning to like him. She is starting to go on dates with him and get to know him better before she lets him put his cock in any of her holes. She cant really figure out who he is because she (Stewart) is trying to BUILD a relationship with him. Once she gains his trust and builds him the way she wants him. She will marry him and then make a full commitment ( bring home a title).

  26. I don’t know what you two are talking about. Bill Stewart wears women’s clothing? It wouldn’t surprise me, but obviously not his wife’s clothing. Only a rhynosorous could fit into that.

    Here’s a hypo for you. WVU averages 40 points and 11 wins per game under one coach. The next year with 90% of the same players a different coach who promised not to change anything wins 7 games and averages 20 points.

  27. This was my first away game. Just got back from the game from hell and this is what I learned:

    1. Pitt still sucks!
    2. The Pitt mascot couldn’t get any gayer if it had a sign on its back saying “I break for little boys”
    3. When McCoy gets hurt or leaves for the NFL. Pitt will be done.
    4. Pitt fans are some of the most cocksucking fans around. And I feel that’s an insult to cocksuckers everywhere.
    5. Bill Stewart got outcoached by a man that even ESPN declared as one of the worst in-game coaches in the nation.
    6. Not a great showing of WVU fans for this game (compared to the last trip to Heinz field from what I understand).
    7. I thought pass blocking did an excellent job, but run blocking was a joke.
    9. I’ve given up on the fire stewart, mullen movement. It’s a lost cause…they’re going to stay. I’m starting the official countdown until Eddie P. leaves. He’s just as much to blame for this as anyone.
    10. Pat White is and always will be the greatest player ever to wear a WVU uniform. I pray to God the coaches get a flash of brilliance and pull their head out of their asses next week so that Pat may end his WVU career at home with a win.

    And on a side note…I’m rooting for the bowl in Toronto. It’s played in January. Pat White could still technically be the only QB to play in 4 January bowls.

  28. This whole “9 starters returning” argument is way overrated and misleading. Those 3 that we lost only accounted for app. 3000 yards and 30 TD’s. That’s probably more TD’s than we’ve scored all year.

    I think our issues go beyond coaching. I’m ok w/ making some personnel changes, i.e., Mullen out, but piling all this on Stewart is getting old. I say give him at least another year.

  29. Who takes responsibility when a team flounders? The head coach. The piling on of Stew-pid….I mean Stewart…is warranted based on this fact.

  30. Below is a direct quote (paste) from HCBS. Now lets see if he is as honorable as I understand he is a good man?
    coaches will tell you I get after it when I have to.
    “Our goals are to win the BIG EAST championship every year. We want to be the premier team in the league. We want to be a team of national stature, but we’re going to do it the right way with great student-athletes that buy into the plan. We want great husbands, great dads, great men of society and great men of faith. If all that ties into that winning, that means we’ve had a great program.
    “I’m going to be judged on the wins. I know that. What I do with these young men’s lives, I’m being judged by the master coach. And that’s where I lay down every night and sleep very well. If that ever changes than I need to get out of it. Winning is very important, it’s our life blood. Doing it the right way, all the time, and being an example.

    Sincerely, RHG, Central Ohio (WVU PE 1975)


  32. This is awesome. Everything we said about Stewart came true. Eat crow Suckers.

  33. 3. When McCoy gets hurt or leaves for the NFL. Pitt will be done.

    Well, first of all, as of now he says he’s coming back. More to the point, it wasn’t Shady that held your boys to 24 points in two years. The Pitt front 7 won that game. Ask Devine, if you can find him today. He was invisible yesterday.

  34. I’m not saying Stewart isn’t responsible. I’m saying there is more to it than just the coaching. I’m not so sure that we wouldn’t have similar issues if Rod was still here (ex. short-yardage woes).

    KENH – Anyone who says fire Coach Stew is living in a fantasy world. It ain’t gonna happen, broseph. So you might as well get used to the idea. Columbus would have you believe that Joe Schmo fan calling for Stew’s head is gonna make a rat’s ass of a difference, but it won’t.
    Also, WHO DOES THAT? NOBODY….I REPEAT….NOBODY (even Syracuse) HIRES A COACH AND THEN FIRES THEM WITHIN ONE YEAR. Its acceptable everywhere else to let a coach recruit his own players and put in his own system. So, far the recruits look good for next year.
    I don’t like the things going on either, but firing Stew is not the answer…yet.

  35. Who was the fullback before Owen? We rarely used one. Did we have short yardage problems? No.

    Losing Reynaud and Owen are not the reason the offense sucks. All teams lose players every year, and until this year we had always reloaded. We’ve lost Avon, Quincy, Kay-Jay, Chris Henry, Rasheed, Brandon Myles over the years and I never heard an excuse. Our offense found players to fill the void. Now with a more talented roster – Noel and Jock Sanders are more talented than most players we’ve had in the past – you’re going to claim that WVU might as well give up football because we lost 3 players on offense.

    Any coach can make the excuse that he lost players, a good coach can find a way to fix the problem.

  36. We didn’t lose anyone from the offensive line, and that is the number 1 reason we’ve struggled.

  37. 25314, uh…..who’s claiming that WVU should give up football? No one even came close to saying that. That’s ridiculous.
    My point is simply this: coaches get too much credit when teams win and too much crap when teams lose. This point is maginified in this situation. Once again, Bill Stewart deserves plenty of blame, BUT….I don’t hear as many people talking about how these great players are dropping passes and missing tackles or blocks.
    And I beg to differ about the short yardage situations. 4 years ago, we had a returning line and returning RB’s but I wouldn’t say we “reloaded”. We struggled just like we did this year.

  38. Broken Record… the freaking triple option you moron!

  39. every freaking time pat white had two backs with him and he did an option play…….we got 5+ yards……..on first and goal at the 9 we run it and get 8…..then empty backfield and pat to the left…..with no options they key……stupid…….then equally stupid pass into the end zone……… the freaking option….inside the 10 run it till it does not work……..same stupid shit last week at Louisville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I pray we turn this around next year. We WILL have Stew next year, barring a bus and a slippery sidewalk.

    I will always be a fan of WVU, year in, year out.

    What do we have in the plus column? Elite Facilities, Elite Recruiters, and a Big East Skd that can lead us to a BCS.

    Is there a lot to be hopeful for….sure.

    Are there somethings or someone to be worried about? You betcha.

    Well 10:30, time to watch a well coached WVU team in action…espn2….Lets Gooooo Mountaineers!

  41. I just got back from shittsburgh and hate reading so I only skimmed most of the comments. I am not ready to fire HCBS but still think Mullen needs to go.

    While the playcalling was horrible in key situations it was the execution on first and second down that was really bad.

    Coaching did not totally cost us this game. It was 50% and 50% offensive players not executing

  42. Mullen must go but let’s just face the fact that the magic is over! Georgia Tech, Georgia, Oklahoma those were great victories but let’s face it Dick Rod’s Offense and some amazing players lead us in all of those games. We were the second tier of the Big East until Miami and VT left, then we were at the top, now the lesser teams have grown and we have regressed witih Rod leaving and Mullen coming. We are now back to the late 90’s early 00’s, losing the and Meineke bowls. It kills me but it is fact. When Quincy ran over that Miami DB we were on the way up, but as the bubble screen became our “go to play” our team has regressed. Its sucks and depresses me something terrible. So, so Let’s Go Mountaineer BBall!”

  43. A bump to 25314’s comments. I don’t know of any team WVU has ever had that was so inept in short yardage situations.

    two questions:
    1) If, as all the papers dutifully reported, the solution for the short yardage situation was to bring in our backup QB. didn’t see him Friday, maybe I missed him?
    2) We’re now two years removed from Rick Trickett, and perhaps he was more important than we realized. O-line play was far from stellar all year.

    I’m bitter that I waste too much of my time following sports. But Pitt still sucks!

  44. The issue that has haunted us all year in 3rd and short (and I blew a gasket when I saw we were 109th in the nation on 3rd and 2 or less situations) is Mullen’s mentality. He seems to get to 3rd and short and say, “OK, power running time! It’s on the OL to move these guys two yards!” Then, when they can’t move the DL, Mullens can say, “Well, it’s not my fault the OL can’t win the line of scrimmage!” He doesn’t understand that this OL is built to move fast, move the point of attack and out manuever the DL. We converted 3rd and 2s in the past by running the same plays we ran on 1st down. Stretch plays, options, ect.

    At any rate, it won’t matter after this season. When I look at the OL this year, they look so much fatter than in year’s past. It’s apparent that we’re not going to be lean and mean anymore. Our offense is turning back into bigger slower guys, where we rely on having more talented players, as opposed to having better ideas.

  45. they all should go 😦

  46. said, “Friday’s loss to Pitt made it official: Mountaineers are the biggest disappointment of 08.” Nuff said!

  47. Bill has gotta go….this team is WOEFULLY unprepared in the first half of every f***ing game. Is that just chance? Are the players ignoring Smilin’ Bill’s advice only to come around in the second half? BRING IN TOMMY TUBERVILLE!!!!!

  48. yes…let’s bring in a Coach that has failed us for a coach that failed someone else!!!

  49. I honestly believe if Stewart and Mullens did not show up for a game and the play calling was left up to Pat White & Company (sandlot style) we would have won a lot more games. Someone mentioned giving a coach more than 1 year & waiting for “his” recruting class…….Hey, Stew couldn’t find a better O. backfield and we have the majority of people back. If this was a business (and it is) a Risk Management study would represent “they’ve seen enough to know the risk will not lessen”. Accept the fact that we made an error and correct it now. Too much money is at stake and we will lose MILLIONS over the next 4-5 years waiting for things to improve. Look at HCBS’s record as the HC….
    Because I don’t have confidence in the HC does not mean I’m a poor fan. Complacent fans only enable more of the same from the top to the bottom.

  50. I like it n5554t!

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