Let’s Give This “Basketball School” Thing A Try

Football?  What’s football?

Comment away.


29 Responses

  1. Kentucky turned the ball over 30 times against Kansas State. If they even do that half as much against us, we win by 15.

  2. I’m back from Pittsburgh and I love basketball and ashley judd

  3. These freshmen are amazing. If they stay around, we will be good for a while.

  4. Daniel’s in Morgantown needs to donate a bunch of suits for CBH to wear.

  5. Loving the way these guys are hanging with KY, Huggy is my Coach of the Year!

  6. If we hit a few more shots, and clean up fouls we’d be blowing these guys out! I thought Cam was’nt coming back this year, but damn there he was. I’m not sure, but I think he scored against KY! SHIT!

  7. He is an all-effort guy. Nobody gives more on the court than Cam.

  8. Joe gets picked on a lot by the refs. That was not even close to being a foul. The kid is uncoordinated and tripped.

    I can’t wait to see Mazulla guard Steph Curry.

  9. Huggy’s intensity with his team is beautiful, I hate to bring it up but if HCBS could just garner that…….

  10. 5YS, your totally correct on the foul on Mazulla, that guy got his size 18’s tangled. Damn, is Bryant getting schooled on all angles tonight. His playing time against this team tonight is so beneficial to conference play. I’m stoked!!

  11. The refs are not calling a very good game and now we are sucking ass.

  12. Maybe Ruoff needs to look to pass on a cold night

  13. Did I miss something, where is Ebanks?

  14. Vote Bob Huggins for president in 2012


  16. That was as embarassing performance. This was a terrible weekend and I just broke a vase in my house. I hate teams like Kentucky fucking pompous ass bitch ass fans

  17. The only bright spot is that we hung with a KY (SEC) team we could have beat, good education for our guys but not good enough.

  18. Ridgerunner – what’s all this “hanging with KY” stuff. They are terrible. They lost to VMI at home. They are not good. That was the worst offense I’ve seen since…yesterday’s Pitt game. What a terrible weekend.

  19. Offense didnt do it, Ruoff wasn’t hitting three’s. Our experienced guys gotta step up and that didn’t happen in the end. Looked like they lost a lot of their juice late also.

  20. 25314, call as you like. this aint your Kanawa county football HS playoff sked, I’m not happy w/this ending but I see some real good ball from our guys this season.

  21. We have no offense. Just chuck it up there and hope for a put back – never mind, we didn’t get the rebound. How about hitting some free throws? Makes me long for the days of the Beilein backdoor plays and 3 point kickouts. Pittsnogle where art thou? Flowers stands behind the three point line unguarded but can’t shoot, can’t dribble, wtf? I’m rootin’ for ya, want to be a basketball school, but we lost a great opportunity to beat Kentucky and their obnoxious fans. Please keep getting better!

  22. What a shitty ass weekend for WVU athletics…..


    It’s the next stop on the WVU athletics collapse circuit!

  24. The game can be summed up in two words: free throws.



  26. The game can be summed up in one stat: we made 1 FG in the last 11:59.

  27. As a different token white football player from West Virginia tells us each year about tobacco, “that is not a good statistic.”

  28. Hey hoopies, I just wanted to point ou that you have to be GOOD at bball to be a “basketball school”. I guess generations of inbreeding has eaten away your ability to tell the difference between a GOOD hoops team (like PITT) and one that SUCKS (like WVwho?). Mabe you can become a great academic school (must…resist…desire…to…make….hilarious joke).

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