Both Wins Make Me Very Happy, But…

Random Goodness


It may be cliche but fuck it. It is a great night to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be. The football team finished this season on a positive note and showed that there are great things to come in the future.

The basketball team absolutely embarrassed tOSU. While it was a total team performance, our freshmen played one hell of a game. Things could get special from here on out. Great game by everyone.

Now some random thoughts…
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Once a Mountaineer…

I may not be Billy Mays, but I know a good product when I see it.

Available in 100% luxurious cotton, sizes S-XXL. Also, if I see you wearing this shirt, I will give you a big-time flying high-five.

Retire #5

A few years ago, as WVU was set to retire Sam Huff’s number, the athletic department came up with a set of criteria that needed to be met before a player’s jersey would be retired. At the time, I applauded the effort. Instead of retiring the waterboy’s jersey, WVU would be ultra-selective in its decision-making.

But now, as we bid adieu to a quarterback that has broken the mold at quarterback at our school, it’s time to do the same with our retirement requirements. Who cares if Pat White hasn’t yet had a successful pro career. He’s the all-time leading rusher at QB in NCAA history, he’s the first QB to win four bowl games as starter, and he’s the best damn player in Mountaineer history. All of those, plus hundreds of other reasons, lead me to reach only one conclusion:

Retire #5. Now.

PS: There’s much more to say on one of the better days a Mountaineer could enjoy.  Football, basketball…everything went right.  But right now, I just wanted to get this off my chest.  We’ll be back with much more throughout the week.

[photo courtesy of CBS Sportsline]

Meineke Car Care Bowl Open Thread

In the immortal words of my former college roommate, “Man, I hope win today.”

Couldn’t say it better myself. Except for this:

LET’S GO………..!

Ho Ho Ho…


I would like to eat these ladies’ sugar cookies…
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Carolina Week

I agree with you Roy.

But in researching the game against the Tar Heels I stumbled upon some potentially terrifying similarities between UNC and WVU.

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Meteorologist McAfee Sees Fair Weather At WVU


“I think West Virginia fans are so fair-weather every once in a while it’s ridiculous. I know that from personal experience,” McAfee said last week. “We have some great fans. I just wish all of them were like that.

Before you begin to personally attack McAfee for stating the truth, you should remember all the barbs you have thrown in past few months. The comments have not be pleasant and were sometimes down right personally mean spirited. If you are going to be a critic, you should be prepared to take it too.

To those that think the booing and criticism goes unnoticed and does not negatively effect the team, look closely at what McAfee says and reconsider your opinion. We, as fans, are able to help or hurt our football team by our support or lack thereof.

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I’m Not A Hater. I’m Just Keeping It Real!

I just want to warn all those that are hating on keeping it real about HCBS what could happen.

It’s A Christmas Miracle!


Since the Friday before the South Florida game, there have been many rumors and tons of speculation about Noel Devine’s academic status. While he most likely did not get a 4.0, he is cleared to play in the bowl game and beyond.

“He’s out of my dog house, but still on the leash,” Stewart said.

[Source: WV Gazette]

The Law of Thermodynamics

The sad thing is that these guys are more prepared to run a high-powered offense than Jeff Mullen and ol’ Billy Boy.

Christmas Gift Ideas


If you’re like me, you have a hard time finding the perfect Christmas present for everyone on your list. Lucky for you, I have thought looked far and wide for the best presents of the holiday season. While you may not take my advice on coaching moves, I promise these gifts will be hits.

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(Un)fortunately, Things Are Quiet

Fortunately for the program, things are pretty quiet. That’s a very good thing.

Unfortunately for this site, things are pretty quiet. That’s a very boring thing.

Not a lot of football news leading up to the Meineke Car Care Bowl, at least not yet. There is the ominous cloud that is Devine hanging over all of us, but everything I’ve heard so far has been merely anecdotal, so I will hold off on the rumor mongering.

We beat Duquesne in basketball, which was only mildly intriguing because of the close score. But you look at who we still have injured and there’s not a whole lot of need for concern. At least not yet.

Outside of WVU, Auburn hired Gene Chizik, which was pretty retarded. But then again, it’s tough to find things that rhyme with Chizik, so once again our job is tougher.

So I will sit here, patiently waiting for something fun to happen. If Butch Davis would just kill a hobo liked I asked him to do in my letter, bowl preparations would be a ton more fun to cover. Alas, he hasn’t and probably won’t. But if he does, you’ll see it here first. And even if he doesn’t, we might lie and say he did. You never know.

5th Year Senior Attacks W

Who throws a shoe?  Honestly.

The Mullen That Got Away

The best young offensive coordinator this side of Chip Kelley is no longer on the market, and his name is Mullen.

No, not Jeff Mullen, OC for the 75th ranked scoring offense in football.  I’m talking about Dan Mullen.  Co-orchestrator of the 3rd ranked scoring offense.

Only 36 years old, and Urban Meyer’s right hand man for the past 8 seasons, Mullen would have been an ideal candidate for any head coaching position.  Especially for a team running the option spread. 

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