Pat White Power


Don’t be a douchebag.  Wear White to the game on Saturday.

Pat White Records:

NCAA, Big East, WVU all-time leading rusher for QB

Big East, WVU record for most TD’s responsible for.

WVU career total offense.

WVU 2nd career rushing yards.

WVU 4th in passing yards, soon to be 3rd, and outside shot at 2nd.

WVU 1st completion percentage.

WVU 2nd in TD passes.

WVU 2nd in passing efficiency (only because of the huge dropoff this year…thanks, Mullen).

3 career rushing TD’s behind Steve Slaton for #1 in WVU history.

Most rushing TD’s in a season.

6.8 yards per carry for a CAREER.

Most wins by a WVU QB.

Again…..don’t be a chode.  Show your respect.


15 Responses

  1. Amen, brother.
    I don’t care if you hate Smilin’Bill, Ed, and the rest of this crew…
    I don’t care if you hate the idea of a WhiteOut…
    The fact of the matter is that WVU has decided to hold this event in honor of Pat. Pat didn’t ask for it. I, for one, think that he deserves to not be embarrassed by having this night turn into a debacle. He’s earned that. Get your wife’s XXL white t-shirt and put it over your coat if you’re really that cold. Do whatever it takes to honor this kid, because he’s given his heart and soul to WVU and this state.

  2. Those videos brought a tear to my eye. I’m a huge wus.

  3. That 2nd video where he is acting like a cat (??)…….no matter, it’s fuckin’ classic!!

  4. I am all choked up, love ya Pat. This man is a hero to West Virginia, honor him!(That was actually a play off of Gladiator, but it didn’t come off well in post form), ugg, just wear white for fuck’s sake.

  5. the best!

  6. simply the best!

  7. I’ve been watching (or listening to) Mountaineer football since Jim Carlen was the head coach. Pat White is the finest player at any position I’ve ever seen in old gold and blue.

    Thank you Pat for all the great memories.

  8. Who’s the artist/track on the last video?

  9. Pat White is no Maj. Maj would have never been stopped within the 5 yard line with 2 plays in hand. Not once, let alone 10 times in a saeason. Pat White is great though but come on he played in a weak Big East. No Miami, No Tech. Go back and look at video of Maj running and throwing the ball. Now that’s a pretty sight.

  10. i’m not wearing white, if someone wants to give me a white snot rag, i’ll wave it in the air….but that’s it.

    it won’t be a white out.

  11. he’s not acting like a cat….he’s mocking Pitt’s PA Panther growl. My favorite part is where Owen asks, “You OK, Pat?”

  12. Cute meow, patty. Hope you enjoyed your craptastic senior year where you were exsposed as a mediocre, one dimensional Juice Williams wannabe. Looking forward to seeing pw get cut from his 4th string WR position after one year in the NFL.

  13. Hey hail2pitt …

    Don’t you have anything better to do????

    We’ll let you on the bandwagon if that will make you happy.

    It is obvious you are a closet Mountaineer fan.

    Just put down your Pornstache doll and grab a cold beer.

  14. Was that supposed to be an insult? LOL, I guess comparing me to you stupid inbreds is pretty insulting.

  15. thank you for visiting our site hail2pitt. you are welcome here anytime. please bring your friends.

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