Who’s Got A Secret? It’s Victoria!


Get your supplies ready, this is going to be a hump day for the history books. Not only are we going to feature pictures of Victoria’s Secret models, WBGV has formed a one-time partnership with CBS to televise the Victoria Secret Fashion Show tonight at 10.

This is going to be a great day.








8 Responses

  1. Speaking of big things poppin’…

  2. I love Marisa Miller

  3. Yea, she will do. Hey 5th, I spent about $10,000 on a stripper named Mercedes in Marietta, GA that looked something like her in the mid 90’s. She told me I was the one. I don’t think I was the one looking back on it, my poor father is still paying off those credit cards and can’t retire.

  4. Marisa Miller is the hottest woman on the planet.

  5. And did everyone look at the lines this week, Connecticut giving 3?????????? That game is over, Pitt is losing, Vegas doesn’t lie. After we beat South Fagley St., we will be going to the Sun Bowl.

  6. I hope we go to the Bluebonnett Bowl, and if not that one then I hope we go to the Poulan Weed Eater Independence Bowl, and if not that one the Insight.com Bowl and last but not least maybe, just maybe we could get an invite to the Tangerine Bowl and play Southern Methodist University…..They have a great RB….his name is Eric Dickerson….watch out for him in the NFL.

  7. My wife wears this stuff while she’s cleaning the house and scrubbing the toilet…

  8. Columbus….you are an idiot.

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