WVU v. Ole Miss

Feel free to comment away.  The Kentucky v. Lamar game is still on Fox Sports South so I have no clue what is going on.


11 Responses

  1. This is STUPID stop fouling you stupid Lamar cardinals….put the WVU game on

  2. John Flowers is 0-14 on the season from the foul line. Chris Brooks was better than that

  3. These Ole Miss fans are completely ignorant about basketball. They will boo at anything.

  4. Our next 4 practices should be nothing but foul shots. I have never seen such poor free throw shooting.


  6. I did not get the score right but a win is a win. Let’s GOOOO Mountaineers!!

  7. Good win
    terrible free throw shooting

    Flowers needs a lesson on proper way to wear a head band.

    Huggins game attire reminds me of the kid in Big Daddy where Adam Sandler lets him pick anything he wants to wear to school. The kid comes out in rubber boots and shorts and a fur coat or something and a fireman’s hat.
    Huggins rocks the sweater under a suit jacket.

    Truck should take shots inside of 2 minutes the rest of the year.

    Flowers should fake hurt every time he’s headed to the free throw line.

    Mazulla is a man, and is way better than I thought he’d be.

  8. Truck should NOT be allowed to take shots inside 2 minutes this year.

  9. Great job crashing the offensive boards last night.

  10. wins away from home are darn important to the selection committee in March, so at a minimum (i.e., a lousy season by Ole Miss) this will at least not be a bad loss. If as many teams from the Big East are to get into the tourament as possible (like us), it’s critical that WVU holds up in situations like this.

    Very pleased that the team won! Best sports news in over two weeks.

  11. Chris Brooks called my a fat white boy at Stansbury Hall during a pickup game in ’88. That was a great reference. Is 5’7″ 255 fat?

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