It’s … University of West Central Florida Week?



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  1. We are not losing three in a row to a commuter school. By far the ugliest female fan base of all the Florida schools without a doubt.

  2. If they have the ugliest girls, then the other Florida schools must have girls shaped by the very hand of God because USF has some hot chicks.


    Thank You Seniors !


    Thank You again and again PAT WHITE !!

  4. Pat White is the Greatest Mountie of all, especially after the “meowing” on that youtube video you had.

    No way WVU wins this one boys. South Florida has us owned and isn’t George Selvie still playing?? We SHOULD win but it won’t happen and we finish the season 6-5, which will become our goal for each season. Don’t anyone dare count the ‘Nova game a win.

    At the end of the Don Nehlen era, fans were clamoring for his sudden departure and we are NOW in worse shape than in 2000. Recruits are better???? How do you know? I don’t care about how many stars some recruit has. Gwaltney had 5 and was on ESPN. Recruits don’t win games, solid coaching and sound teams do.

  5. And solid coaching and sound teams are lacking in the WVU football program.

  6. Dude, we get it, you don’t have to beat us over the heads with it daily. You have your opinion and others have theirs.

  7. Who do you guy’s think meant more to our program?

    PW or Major

    And who is better?

    I lean Pat, but I think it is because I was around 10 yrs old during the Major days. I did however worship #9. It is hard to debate players in different eras.

  8. It has to be Patrick White. You ask people to name the best QB’s of the 80’s and hardly anyone will name The Maj. Those people would be stupid but his name woud not come up.

    In 20 years when you ask people to name the best QB’s of the 00’s(?) Patrick Whites name is sure to come up. Patrick’s speed and will to win will be hard to top.

  9. Is anyone else getting tired of WVUColumbus??

    I seriously think he is 12 years old.

    Let it go Columbus … and enjoy the game!!!!!!

  10. Major was the king of the busted plays. I would throw Mark Bulger into the mix (for passing yards and completions) and possibly Rasheed Marshall, but Pat White stands head and shoulders above them all, no contest. Major did get us to a national championship, but Pat has given us the most 10+ win seasons.

  11. Very insightful nosmo. Maj was awesome to watch in person and it was 20 years ago. But as an overall athlete and student-althete, Pat White has been remarkable and a great, great player for West Virginia University. I’ll miss the excitement he brings to the games and if you don’t wear white to show your support on Sat, your not a mountie!

  12. Pat White all the way. Major did play in a title game, but I think Pat is better. He owns more records than Major also. I saw Major Harris selling his services on Ebay a couple years ago. He would come to your house or anywhere and do what you wanted if you were the highest bidder. Come one now, that drops him way behind Pat in my opinion.

  13. Major Harris is still one of my top 5 Mountaineers of all time, possibly top 3, he brought a ton of excitement and recognition to Morgantown. My freshman year was the year we went to the national championship, so I will never forget the buzz, it was incredible. Beating Penn State and storming the field with time left on the clock and a fan unleashing a smoke bomb onto the field was beyond wild. Unfortunately, Major surrounded himself with people that weren’t looking out for his best interest. We all know the end result, and don’t know what his true potential might have been if he stayed. But…

    Pat White is by far the better athlete. And he will continue to be make West Virginians proud for years and years to come, no matter what his future holds.

  14. Pat White can outrun The Major.

    But, The Major was more elusive inside the pocket.

    The Major had better overall Quaterback skills.

    With ALL DUE RESPECT to Pat White …

    I’ll take The Major.

  15. It was fun to watch Major Harris make would-be tacklers miss. He could scramble and he could throw. What sets Pat White apart for me is his breakaway speed and his will to win. (see 2007 Gator Bowl). I’ll have to go with Pat.

  16. I have hope in the coaching staff. It took an entire season, but Wil Johnson has finally become a persona non grata on the field by virtue of his complete inability to do anything helpful. One small step like that each season and we could be pretty solid in 25 years.

    Pat White over Major every day of the week. Major was a better passer, but White is so much better carrying the ball that he gets the nod. White has 200 more carries than Major and averages almost 2 full yards per carry than him. In 1988, Majors longest carry was 38 yards. WVU had 1 amazing season with Major as the helmsman. With White, WVU had 3 amazing seasons.

  17. I want to fight Columbus !! He sounds like a Pitt Fan!! He is a looser and only talks about the past ! He is a negative person and will always be a tool !!

    Columbus I want to place a huge wager with you on this last WV game! You bring what you want to the table with an offer and ill take it? My offer is we win you stay off this blog for good and leave with a picture posted on here of you in a Ohio State, no make it a Michigan Cheerleading Uniform with your chopped ham pussy lips hanging to your knees.

    Pat White was better than Major but they both were a little different style QB’s. Pat will be very successful in the NFL as for Major….

    I cant wait for the last tailgate Sat. – Its nice the game was moved to 8pm.

    Lets finish off Nicely in Touchdown City !

  18. Next Question: Don Nehlen or Bill Stewart

    (It may not be as easy as you think.)

  19. Old Gold&Blue–This ex-military man will bite..Don’t have much left in the tank, but I do have SOME left in the tank. Not a negative person, at all….I AM negative when it comes to Bill Stewart, Ed Pastilong and pretty much any other tool associated w/ the WVU football coaching staff, save Casteel.

    I’m still waiting for the part of the wager if we lose, which would be very unfortunate for PW, given he’s the most successful player in WVU football history….Harris only played 3 years and his sophomore season was actually better than his junior year (soph. season went undefeated).

    And Old Gold&Blue-I think YOU are Bill Stewart, and you need a lesson……..I am a LOSER not a LOOSER. LOOSER is what my pussy lips will be after a WVU victory 🙂

  20. “I want to fight Columbus!” Huh???? Old Gold&Blue I don’t think you get the idea of blogging. Let the guy voice his opinion, he obviously is passionate about Mountaineer football and wants a change, many of us do. I don’t think he is a “looser” at all, and I look forward to his insight, even if it is negative most of the time. I would take his knowledge of Mountaineer sports over most people on this blog any day.

    Did someone say chopped ham pussy lips?

  21. I agree with ESP35 this is blogging everyone has an opinion and you can agree or disagree however, I have one question, Columbus said he’s and ex-military MAN yet in his last sentence he stated he has pussy lips? Whaa?

  22. Old Gold&Blue–sorry forgot to post my part of the wager……If we lose, which I hope do God doesn’t happen to PW, then at least I’ll have the silver lining of knowing that you “spellchecked” your posts on this blog….That’s it. Just use spellcheck and/or good ol’ Webster’s dictionary for any questions you may have in spelling accuracy……Although, I must admit that always pissed me off in grade school when a teacher of mine would tell me to look it up in the dictionary…..I would always fire back, “But I don’t know how to spell it?!” That would always get him fired up.

  23. That doesn’t explain why you have pussy lips.

  24. Do I need to make y’all go pick out a switch from the yard? I disagree with almost everything Columbus says but he can say it all he wants. It is great when people have different opinions no matter how wrong Columbus may be (wink).

    This isn’t BlueGoldNews so let’s keep it relevant to football talk and not my tiny pecker is bigger than your tiny pecker. Carry on

  25. I like most people on here cause your Mountaineer fans just like me! I dont like the other fans that come on here. Just hate to here the same old alarm (Columbus) clock every morning when I get up. Didnt kno we had to spel chek everythang and have no mis types on herre.

    We all want perfection! Don Nehlen didnt become great in one year, Major Harris didnt become great in one year, PW and Slaton didnt become great in one year, Joe Alexander did not look like a NBA 1st round pick his freshman year, and Stew wasnt great with his first year…

    Good things come to those who wait !!

    Alot of people on here said that why are we not winning games that we lost with all this talent, then turnaround and say good recruits dont win games and its the coaching. Those good players PW, Slaton, Devine were all once recruits with a well established (several years together) coaching staff. You have to go through a process (good and bad) to learn and grow together.

    Columbus – Give peace a chance !! Stay Positive

  26. give peace a chance? you were the one wanting to scrap??

    Old Gold and Blue—BREAKING NEWS!!! I don’t give a fuck whether you like me or not. This is a blog. I don’t write on blogs to be a “good member of the community”. I speak my mind, and I am confident that I am correct in ALL of my assessments of Bill Stewart…..nice guy who doesn’t deserve the WVU head coaching gig…..PERIOD!!

  27. Wow, there is a lot of testosterone floating around right now. I think some of you need to look at the hump day post again.

    Does anyone have a sense of humor anymore?

  28. No one on here has ever said that we lost a bunch of talent AND that the coaching was bad. Those are mutually exclusive opiions.

    Don Nehlen never was great. Pat White and Steve Slaton most certainly were great in one year…2005 as freshman?

  29. See what a crappy football season does to all of us???? Sounds like everyone on here has PMS right now.

  30. Not to be totally disagreeable but White was a redshirt so it was not technically his first year. The sad thing is that Fraud would not have given him a shot to start had Adam not gotten hurt.

    Fraud thought he could ride Adam B. to a championship.

  31. Pat was already splitting time with Bednarik, though Bednarik was essentially the starter. Bill Bellicheck would never have started Tom Brady if Drew Bledsoe hadn’t been hurt. Kurt Warner would never have started if Trent Green hadn’t gotten hurt. Troy Smith never started until Justin Zwick got hurt. Pittsnogle never would have started if D’or Fischer hadn’t been sick.

    Luck is the residue of design. Pat was recuited as a QB, groomed as a QB, given playing time early in his career, and was ready when he was given the opportunity.

    It’s silly in my mind to critize a proven coach while defending an unproven coach.

  32. Luck is luck. You can’t plan for luck.

    It is silly in my mind to beat down a head coach that remained loyal to our school while sticking up for a coach that is the reason for our current condition. I know this year has not been pretty at all but he has a winning record.

    Sure, Fraud probably never asked him to leave for Michigan but he hung in there, knowing that he may not have a job after coaching in the Fiesta Bowl. He was loyal and deserves some respect for that.

    You can criticze all you damn well please because we have not played up to our potential this season. It is a transition year.

    Fraud brought out the venom of this state when he up and left. Now all that leftover venom is being used on each other.

  33. Venom actually means success in your comment 5th year. The people of WV felt the glory of success. We don’t want to feel like losers anymore.

    The sun is brighter and the air crisper on top of the MOUNTAIN! Not standing in the valley looking up at Cincinnati and Pitt.

    We would have been better off to have loss the fiesta bowl game. Then our search for a coach might have had some kind of intelligent thought process.

    However, GOD has decided to punish me for all my sins as a adolescent. I now must wake up every day and read something STEWPID about WVU, or see something STEWPID about WVU. Why GOD, Why?

  34. I’m not sticking up for Rodriguez at all. He is a power hungry backstabber who I can’t even look at without feeling a murderous rage. But just because I hate him doesn’t mean he isn’t a good football coach. And just because Bill Stewart is “loyal” doesn’t make him a good football coach. Without emotions involved, Rodriguez is ten times the coach that Bill Stewart is. And you don’t go 32-5 in three years because of luck.

    Capitalizing on unforseen circumstances isn’t luck. If you meet a girl out at the bar that you haven’t seen in 10 years and close the deal with her, you’re not lucky because you happened to bump into her, you’re good because you had the game to close the deal.

  35. Unless she is fat, divorced, and has four kids now, that doesn’t make you good.

  36. or unless she is now a he….. Focus on the adams apple for it is the telling truth. Find any other truth and you are scarred for life.

  37. That 10 year thing hits a little close to home, even though it was more like 5 years.

  38. This turned into a pretty damn good thread.

    LUCK is where preparation meets opportunity.

    Or … where you have to settle for the girl you already know (that is ten years older) than the girl you are trying meet and hook up with.

  39. Things turn out best for those that make the best of the way things turn out.

  40. I completely DISAGREE w/ Simple Jack!!! Things turn out best for those who are proactive and make decisions that alter rough times, whether it’s football or life. Sometimes there is a “cap” to making the “best of the way things turn out”, however, when someone REALLY decides to change other factors/facets of their life then that “cap” is often raised to unprecedented levels….I find this way of thinking VALUABLE in all aspects of my life whether it’s business, social/family issues and ESPECIALLY religion. I certainly respect your post Simple Jack, AND COMPLETELY DISAGREE w/ it, as I find it a fatalistic/”easy way out” way to look at things.

  41. Columbus your way of thinking is blow up anything that doesn’t turn out in the best possible way every time you try it. I have not seen you make one positive comment on any post. EVER

    If we don’t score a touchdown on a play we should never run it again. If we don’t stop them for a three yard loss or get a turnover our defense is terrible.

    You are a quitter. You want to take your ball and go home if things don’t go your way.

    By the way is awesome for out of towners to watch WVU basketball games.

  42. I am the opposite of quitter. You are the quitter because you are one of the ones that want the bashing of Stewart to stop, and that’s a problem. You people just don’t get it. If public opinion is high enough for the guy to just stop coaching, the guy will just stop coaching WVU, and we will bring in a new head coach…..This season was not a success because of a winning record….5ys, that is a joke of a comment on your prior post. I am usually not positive because it’s not a positive time for the Mountie football team. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this blog in ’05. My standards are high and I donate enough $$ that I feel no one has the right to tell me to be positive when I’m not satisfied w/ the level of play of the team…..And that level at West Virginia University should ALWAYS be VERY HIGH.

  43. For those of you who want to “take a break” from bashing the problem and continue blindly giving loyalty to Pastilong and Stewart, I feel you are the problem. What it takes to have public opinion turn against the current coach is CONSTANT bashing and recruitment of others to bash the “ineptitude” as well on message boards, newspaper sites, etc. Therefore, I will continue to do so… long as this site allows it.

  44. First, where did I say this season was a success because of a winning record? You put more words in my mouth than my girlfriend. This season was not a success but we had a winning record.

    Second, I have never told you to shut up or stop bashing. The two other posters on this site hold your same opinion but they also do stuff other than bash the head coach. They get people to wear white or talk about basketball, I mean shit. If you think every aspect of this team has be a total failure you are just bitter that you did not get your guy as head ball coach.

    The defense was solid with a bunch of youngsters playing. They will be able to lock teams down next season. I do not respect your opinion right now because you cannot admit that someone else has valid points or that there have been some positives this season. Like I have said before there are give and takes and you only scream and then put your fingers in your ears to other valid points.

    I agree with a lot of the “negative” things you say but I do not think you can fire a head ball coach after one season. You loose respect among other coaches and this job could become like the Raiders. A job nobody wants to take.

    I know you will probably say I do not need your respect, and there is nothing positive and I pay more money than you and you are blind and blah blah but shit man this is your team. Show some love to the players on senior day.

    Let’s Goooo Mountaineers!!

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