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  1. I Put On ! I Put On ! I put (WHITE) on for my City !


    I hope snows white couches tom night !!

  2. Damn, i didn’t know it was so serious. i was seriously thinking about not wearing white, but i think i may have to reconsider…

  3. i dont understand, why are we wearing white?

  4. We are wearing white so that when it snows it will look like the stadium is empty.

    We are honoring Shitt’s home attendance numbers.

  5. There will be tears.

    Pat is going to make this a game to remember. An all-white Morgantown under the lights in front of a national TV audience. We will remember this game forever.

  6. Will we remember it if we lose?

  7. Maybe even more so.

  8. Can we wear other colors under the white?

    Don’t worry, I bought a 4XL shirt to go over my jacket just to honor the best QB/player in Mountaineer Football History.

  9. For crissakes, if youre that much of a tightwad, buy a XXL Hanes t-shirt and wear it over your coat. it’ll cost you like $3

  10. Tight-e white-e’s and a layer of white paint on. Oh and a huge Jagg (kentucky wiskey) layer on as well.

    It will be one of the most memorable games in WV history or that We ever see …

    Might go dahn to the the Blue Lot now !!

    WV will win by 21+ and our crowd will score 14 of those points tom night …

  11. White!



  12. White is right! I wish we had a whole team of Whites!

  13. By the way, mad props to me again… point 22….


    would rather have had a national title, but whatever.

  14. Pat White and Co. are due some payback with those bitches from USF.

    Hey, if you can’t wear white, go buy white out at your staples or office depot and use that.

    Or buy some white paint at Lowe’s and cover yourself.

    I’m sure either of those ideas won’t hurt you……or, No they are good ideas.



  16. White POWER!

  17. I totally look like a marshmallow with tits….let’s do this thing!



  18. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA a marshmallow with tits, I thought I was the only one that thought that, oh, I forgot, we are from West Virginia, there will be a lot of marshmallow tits at the game. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH RICHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I have a new man crush.

  19. Remember to thank USF for actually allowing the Mountaineers to wear white and honor your QB.

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