Thank You Seniors! USF Open Thread


Snow is covering the field and it is a “White Out” in the stands.  I will be around the entire game so comment away.

Early reports are that 90% of the student section is in white and 50% of the old jack-offs are wearing white.  Good job morons.


96 Responses

  1. Let’s GOOOOOOO Mountaineers!!

  2. It was a rough B-Ball game this afternoon but free throw shooting helped us build the lead. This year’s team will be frustrating at times but has potential to come up huge.

    I hope we win tonight.

  3. It looks like 2000Grad has a lot of family members. How can you not wear white to this game?

    Great scene and we looked pretty pump. Just one fast start this season. Come on fellas…

  4. “Sanders in the backfield… for formation purposes only, I’m sure”

    Nice job not watching any tape, Mr. Announcer…

  5. There is a naughty littler rumor that Devine is in the doghouse or even off the team because of academics.

    I hope not but we shall see.

  6. Would not be surprised. It apparent as the season has progressed that the coaches clearly don’t like Devine, for whatever reasons.

    If I was a defensive coordinator playing us, and it was 3rd and 2 or less, I’d put in punt block and tell them not to bother with the contain. We’ve run a dive play on 106% of our 3rd and shorts…

  7. Nice drive… someone might want to remind USF’s d-line that the game started at 8.

  8. We are blocking well up front and that was a damn good drive. I agree about the third and short. If Pat and Jock were playing basketball they would’ve been called for a walk. Neither of them wanted to give up the ball.

  9. The Devine being off the team is just a rumor. Nothing confirmed yet. According to the press release he should play tonight.

  10. Time to bring up the safeties.

  11. Defense needs to load the box and play some man. They seem to be playing on their heels and not attacking the ball. Just attackle the shit out of them fellas.

  12. I had tried to find out more about Devine but nobody knew anything definite. I hope we see him because he special and needs to get more touches.

  13. That’s a fumble.

  14. It looked like a fumble to me on that first replay but his ass was close to the ground

  15. How the fuck did he get that off?

  16. How is that not roughing the kicker? He fucking crushed Pat and it was not tipped you could tell by how far the damn ball went idiots.

  17. HaHa… I’ve never seen that before. That was the funniest almost-block I’ve ever seen.

  18. I think the ref was so stunned by the stupidity of the angle the guy took, he couldn’t flag him for what he did.

  19. WOW I had no clue you could review that shit…HELL YEAH

  20. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  21. Did Stewart review that or did the refs do it on their own accord? Because that was a pretty damn smart challenge if Stewart did it…

  22. White does fire that ball really hard sometimes. Just touch it in there. Then again, he should run the ball almost every time.

  23. My dog, Major, hates when I watch Mountaineer games at home. I yell and she just hides under the bed, poor thing.

  24. Last two big pass plays, we only rushed three…

  25. Terrible series on defense. Come on Casteel, get the boys attacking the ball

  26. It seems like we are afraid to blitz because of Grothe’s ability to make plays outside the pocket. Grothe has thrown 12 INT’s so far this season but anyone can find an open man with that much time.

  27. Thank you Noel.

  28. Fuck’s sake, run the goddamn ball on 2nd and 7!

  29. Are you fucking kidding me. Damn it

  30. What the hell is our D doing? We rush 3 and give a 10 yard cushion to receivers. oh my

  31. I love Lankster and Glover. They remind me of the Pacman days.

  32. Yeah, I don’t know why we’re running the “rush 3, drop 8” prevent defense against Grothe.

  33. Our O line is now being pushed back again.

  34. It is amazing what happens when you run your route past the first down marker. HMMM you get the fucking first down

  35. Someone has got to lynch the dude who plays the music between plays. If I hear that “NFL chimes transitions to hip-hop beats” music much more, I might find him and do it myself.

  36. There is your man Glover. WHEW that is HUGE

  37. Man, I was just about to say, “We’re playing the 3-3-5 the same way we used to back in the early days. When we bent the whole way down the field and then picked off a ball inside the 20”.

  38. Christ, take knees and get to the locker room….

  39. Whew, nice job making me look dumb.

  40. Just like John Madden in the 03? Super Bowl.

  41. Well, when I see PW throwing deep outs in a tie game with bad footing and we need to move the ball 50 yards in :33 to set up the field goal… I get indegestion.

  42. Somebody needs to tell Jesse Palmer to tighten his tie.

  43. I guess these announcers ate lunch with the entire team yesterday because every player they mention they ate lunch with and is a great smart guy.

  44. Zone read Patrick White 48 yard run…come on

  45. What the hell is going on in these third and short plays? It seems like Pat can’t decide whether he is handing it off or keeping it. It just looks awful.

  46. Good Lord, how can you protest that pass interference call?

  47. What ever happened to the coffin-corner kick? It’s like 8-10 years ago kickers completely stopped trying to pin it out of bounds inside the 20.

  48. It’s always fun when you scream “hold” at the TV and as the end of the word comes out, the flag enters the screen.

  49. Come on defense. Make a stand third and long hold’em

  50. UGH

  51. HaHa… well done USF, well done…

  52. YES

  53. WOW HCBS was about eat that guys face. That is emotion for y’all that think he is too nice.

  54. HAHAHAHA…. that replay of PW mouthing off to the booth made my year.

  55. Fire Jeff Mullen. Even Patrick thinks so.

  56. Man, that’s a horseshit no-call on that out-of-bounds hit on PW. They goddamn leg-sweeped him.

  57. OH FUCK….

  58. It took me 12 games into the season to realize we just aren’t that exciting to watch.

    Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is more entertaining.


  60. I don’t like this at all. Another 3rd and 1 and we fucking run it up the middle. MOTHER FUCKER

  61. Not kidding at all, I don’t think we’re run a play outside of the guards on 3rd and 3 or less. And does anyone know why we aren’t running the playclock down to :01? Even the announcers are anticipating it and then we snap the ball with :12 left.

  62. Oh my gosh

  63. Well, this is going to come down to the wire… thank God we finally sent someone after Grothe, I thought we were going to keep dropping 8 that whole drive.

  64. HAHAHAHA… how the fuck do you false start, in that sort of situation as a WIDE RECIEVER?

  65. Are you fucking kidding me. Holes all over the place in coverage and only bringing 3. FUCK

  66. I have no idea why Casteel is changing what worked for the entire last 2 years….

  67. BIG PLAY


  69. Wow that was really close to being pass interference

    Patrick White take a knee and get the ugly W

  70. HAHA, that was a hold AND pass interference on that final play.

  71. Going to the bar to see if I can catch some of the De-la Hoya Pacman fight

  72. We’re going to be winning games 2-0 next season…

  73. Glad to see the win for Pat White. That being said this years team has no killer instinct.

  74. Once again columbuswvu proves to us that he knows nothing about college football. Thanks pat white for some great times. Don’t pay attention to the haters. Have a great career wherever you end up.

  75. Retire Pat’s jersey…it is the right thing to do.

  76. mountaineermadness–How did I prove that I know nothing about college football? By predicting a loss to a team that has had our number the last 2 years and barely winning when they could have easily stole the game? Get over it. We won at least and I am encouraged by Stewart and Mullen from this game.


  78. I had to turn off the TV during the last drive. Anger Management. you’d think we could get two touchdowns at home with Noel running so well.

    The defense could have been better in some aspects. (I always wonder, for example, on a third and six, why our pass coverage gives an eight yard cushion?) However, in general they severely overachieved this year, and the team is a group I’m glad to be associated with. All the seniors, not just Pat, needed this win to cleanse their palate of that USF aftertaste of the last two years.

    Enjoyed the blog guys, thanks very much! hope it keeps going during basketball season (we beat Cleveland State today, unimpressively, but at least we made some foul shots)!

  79. Pat White’s victory lap was the whole reason for staying. I’ll thaw out someday. Who cares? I love Pat White and thank god for Patrick McAfee.

  80. One last thing….how in the hell is Oklahoma going to title game ahead of Texas? What am I missing? And why hasn’t the Heisman already been handed to Colt McCoy? (just saying he should def. win it)

    Texas gets beat in the last second at rowdy TT in the college football game of the year.
    Okla., who I don’t think is better than Texas, gets beat by Texas at neutral field.

    Don’t let anyone ever tell you that it doesn’t matter when you lose? What a joke? The Longhorns got jobbed this year!

  81. If 5th year and Double U don’t mind me intruding on their pillow talk….Pat White’s victory lap gave me goosebumps. Made me wonder how awesome a victory lap against Pitt last year would have been….

    I completely agree with the complaints of rushing 3 linemen. The 3rd down “swat team” of Cooper, Miller and Ford is humorous. They’re running stunts and hitting a brick wall. Mad props for the D for such a good year with no pass rush at all.

    Such an ugly offense, but it seems I’ve reached the point I don’t even care or expect better anymore. If our running back lines up 2 yards behind Pat, it’s a run between the tackles. If the rb is paralel, its a stretch.

  82. Was there, was cold, was wearing white, tears were shed..

  83. and Coach said in his post game presser that the Noel thing was nothing but internal competition, he’s not in the dog house, didn’t break any rules, just competition and mentioned Noel’s stats from last week

  84. Great to see BS fired up. I haven’t seen that kind of enthusiasm since the Fiesta Bowl. I hope its a permanent change….or he could have been just trying to stay warm.

  85. The Car Bowl is better than El Paso.

  86. Bill thought he heard they were putting an end to the early bird special at Wings Ole

  87. My information is Noel is done. He is going to be accademically done in two weeks, will not play in the bowl game and is done at WVU…….pretty good source…..because that same source said he would not start…..way before the game.


  88. Well, now that White is out (get it….white out) what the hell will we do for excitement next year? On the thrilling football scale, the last three years were a 9.5, this year was maybe a 6. Hope some of those great recruits kick in…

  89. Let’s kick NC’s ass!!!!

  90. Ive been hearing Noel was benched for the 1st quarter because he was late getting back to Morgantown, not because he’s near ineligible. To each their own I spose.

  91. This is from MSNsporstnet.

    “You get 17 yards on 12 carries against Pittsburgh – I can get anyone in the dorm to do that,” Stewart said.

    “When you don’t make plays then you sit down and watch someone else make plays and I thought Jock Sanders did a nice job in the first quarter. Noel (Devine) is not in anyone’s doghouse, nor is (Robert) Sands,” Stewart said. “It’s about competition and sending two young players a message – crank it up, get it going; we compete on a daily basis here.”

  92. You’re killing me 5th year. I have avoided reading or listening to Bil Stewart for 2 months out of my doctor’s concern for my blood pressure, and I didn’t realize I was reading a Stew quote until it was too late. That man could say that he hates Osama Bin Laden and loves puppies, and all I would hear is, “our offense went from 9th to 75th.”

  93. Let me just say, that the following line from msnsportsnet is probably the funniest “company line” I’ve seen out of WVU in the Stewart era:

    “Stewart had the very difficult assignment of taking over a football program with an established quarterback, some veteran offensive players and an offensive system tailor-made for the previous coaching regime.”

    I know it’s taken a little out of context, but it’s pretty damn funny to read.

  94. I am surprisingly encouraged for next season. I for one have led the fire Stewart campaign through most of the latter half of the season but I saw something Saturday night that I have been begging for all season form him…fire in his eyes and passion on the sidelines. I still cant stand to listen to him talk to the press so if we can get someone else to be the front man then maybe I can muster another season with him. Mullen on the other hand, too many ugly wins. I’ll accept his resignation. All in all, 8-4, while not up to our standards is what it is, a winning season.

  95. i realy cant beleive he is gone. still hasnt sunk in yet.

  96. For all the love that Bill shows verbally for Patrick White……he did not give him the opportunity to excell that he should have……protecting him, killed him. We all know that he is the best player in the country….but like Dean Smith, who I admire and respect……he is the only guy on the planet that could hold Michael Jordon to 15 points a game…..that is what Bill Stewart and Jeff Mullen did to Patrick this year. If he had risked him a little more, run the option a little more….prepped him for the nfl a little less….we might be 12-0. It is a shame really.

    I am a Bill Stewart fan……but he blew this year in hopes of establishing a different thing long term…..and why not….RR was not great until PW showed up……..remember, you can not count on PWs……especially at WVU. We had a great run with PW……he should give the NFL a chance and then come back and run for congress.


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