Grandpa Fluffy Has Rabies


“Just because I make some positive remarks from time to time and try to keep this ship afloat, that doesn’t mean Bill Stewart’s a happy camper,” Stewart said. “I’m not pleased at 8-4. I’m a hell of a lot tougher than that. I’m pleased when it’s 12-0 and I still won’t like things I see.”

If you were watching the game on TV Saturday night you saw a new side of HCBS.  He was running up and down the sideline yelling, screaming, and about ready to beat the shit out of Sammy Morrone.  It took him a while but he now realizes he can’t be Smilin’ Bill all the time.

However, the new fire we saw from HCBS paled in comparison to the frustration shown by Patrick White toward OC Jeff Mullen. It says a lot when one of the most classy players in Mountaineer history shows up his offensive coordinator.

Could this display by White be the death nail in Jeff Mullen’s coffin?  I doubt it.  HCBS is not the type of guy to fire a coach after one season. However, I feel if he took a very close look at Mullen’s “new and improved” passing game he would be supremely disappointed.

Saturday nights game is the perfect example of perception over reality.  Many people are saying we won on Saturday because of our new passing attack.  Au contraire my friends.

Last year White and JB combined for 249 yards through the air.  While on Saturday White only threw for 141 yards.  I’m no mathmetist but 249 is more than 141.

For me, this defines the problem with Mullen.  He did not need to come in and re-invent the fucking wheel.  All he needed to do was piece together Frauds paper shreds, run that offense, and call more fucking pass plays.  VERY SIMPLE

Instead, he came in and changed everything for the sake change.  The 25314 was right many months ago when he saw all this bullshit coming.  The solution to fixing our 8-4 record is to fire Mullen and bring in someone to reinstitute our spread attack of old.

A win is a win. So, the simple fact is that HCBS did something Fraud, the man many of you still worship, could not do that the last couple of years.  HCBS lead WVU to a victory over USF.

Just to be clear, fire Jeff Mullen.


41 Responses

  1. I love that HCBS is now referring to himself in the third person.

    Rickey Henderson loves stealing bases to break Rickey Henderson’s record.

  2. hcbs……… just trying to show up the enthusiasm that jim levitt brings to every game. i get excited seeing someone show some passion like coach levitt shows. maybe coach stew does too. just my thought.

  3. Best Rickey Henderson story ever: When traded to Seattle in 2000, Rickey told Jon Olerud, who wore a helmet in the field, “I used to play with a guy in Toronto who wore a helmet.” The guy in Toronto was also Olerud. And Rickey had played with him with the Mets, too.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding me. Jim Levitt looks like a over-caffeinated moron out there. I want a professional. He looks like a dorky high-school bafoon most of the time.

    What we’re looking for is someone who cares as much about correcting bad performance as we fans do. Yes, I like someone who gets pissed — it shows that they care. I just think it’s more important to show progress, even if it’s slow.

    I think HCBS (finally) gets it. I think we might see some asst. coach changes in the offseason. Just my hunch.

  5. Amen and amen.

    I don’t see us having a winning record next season with the current schemes and play calling in place. This could spiral out of control very quickly. Soon we could find ourselves in the pitiable position of hiring a new offensive coordinator and sending him off to learn the Spread Option at a clinic run by Rodriguez!

    Mullen is like 95% of the new breed of OC, long on risk and short on patience. He doesn’t invest the plays and series necessary to establish the run, or anything else for that matter, in the 1st half. Then when you ~should~ be reaping the rewards with a muted pass rush and wary safeties in the 2nd half we, instead, find our QB running for his life and throwing the ball away on the overwhelming majority of 2nd and 3rd down plays. It is a pitiful way to play football.

    That said, I’ve got tickets to the bowl game and will dutifully go there and watch a mid pack ACC team stomp the dog shit right out of us on national television. It’s my team I have no choice. But I’ll hate this bunch of retards for what they did to my beloved alma mater. It’s painful to watch.


  6. Another great Rickey story.

    In 1996, Henderson boarded the team bus and was looking for a seat. Steve Finley said, “You have tenure, sit wherever you want.” Henderson looked at Finley and said, “Ten years? Ricky’s been playing at least 16, 17 years.”

  7. Maybe the bitterness of the fans is starting to get to him…soon he’ll turn more cynical. Then, his ego will start getting the better of him once his recruits start winning. Before you know it, a storied program like South Dakota State expresses interest. BS’s wife will send an email to then WVU Athletic Director Charley West saying that we may be in trouble of losing the “Bill Stewart Package”

    I’m totally joking….there can be only one douchebag 🙂

  8. levitt may look like an idiot to you but if the refs make the right call at the end of the game. (was clearly interference) he and his team go home with their third win in a row over us. im just saying show a little passion on the side lines. it could actually be contagious.
    go mounties !!!!!!!!!!

  9. That was not PI at the end of the game. There wasn’t much contact, but more importantly Lankster made a play on the ball and the receiver did not.

    He made no attempt to go after the ball. Lankster broke on it and got into position.

    That was a very good non-call.

  10. I disagree with your assessment that it was “clearly” interference. I watched that play about 20 times after the game and it was close.

    The reason I feel it was not called was because Taurus Johnson was pushing off to make room. Lankster coming over the top was a little early but Johnson was holding off Allen with both arms. That is what I saw.

    I will also be in Charlotte for game.

  11. It was nice to hear Stewart utter the quote that begins this post. Immediately preceding that statement at the press conference, however, Stewart went on a 2 minute rant about how 280 yards of offense was a tremendous output against such staunch competition, and anyone criticizing the offensive performance didn’t know what they were talkin about. Then immediately after saying that he wasn’t happy with 8-4, he bragged that he had the best transition season of any new head coach, and talked about how proud he was of the coaching staff.

  12. Now everyone still take up for Jeff Mullen after “The Mountaineer” calls him out during the game when he looked up to the press box. If Pat’s doing that, somethings wrong, but hell, most of us know that.

  13. …Just to be clear, fire Jeff Mullen.

    IIRC one of the announcers during Saturday’s game actually credited the coach for teaching Pat how to throw back across his body. Why that’s reason enough to believe that he should be around next year, molding our offensive talent. After all, it’s been such a juggernaut this year.

    We were weak sauce in a league that was there for the taking this year. If Penguin’s prediction about the Toilet Bowl is correct, Mullen will be asked to leave. If HCBS new-found attitude carries over to another Bowl victory I fear another year of rolaids beckons.

  14. I wonder how much season ticket sales will drop off this year? Due to the lackluster year and the economy. I’m still trying to justify buying them.

  15. Will the real Bill Stewart please stand up…He went from Gomer Pyle to Madonna’s Vagina overnight.

  16. Remember when you said We Will Never Leave You? I guess that meant only if you win 11 games a year and go to a BCS game.

  17. 5YS-Regarding your last post about “never leaving you”. Just because people don’t renew their season ticket packages DOESN’T make them lesser fans. There could be numerous reasons (financial, etc.) why people wouldn’t renew. Also, I’m sure many of you on here have other hobbies (I know I do) and could do other things on Saturday afternoons, especially if you live in WV (an outdoors haven), rather than watch the team struggle to beat the USF’s, etc. of the world in a VERY unentertaining brand of f-ball…..Hate Rod all you want (and I do too) but the spread offense is an exciting brand of football and many fans will miss it. (No, this guy doesn’t run the spread!!)

  18. Just because it’s not last year’s offense, doesn’t mean it isn’t the spread. The spread is MANY things, unlike the I or wishbone. Just sayin…

  19. Columbus if you were attacking me about the (No, this guy doesn’t run the spread!) comment let me quote this from my above post:

    “Instead, he came in and changed everything for the sake change. The 25314 was right many months ago when he saw all this bullshit coming. The solution to fixing our 8-4 record is to fire Mullen and bring in someone to reinstitute our spread attack of old.”

    To me if you stop coming or even paying attention to the games you have given up. Simple as that

  20. Did y’ens read Simple Jack’s link? WTF? I clearly don’t have the context down, but am thinking in what context that would ever be appropriate, or at least make any sense.

    I understand that football coaches aren’t always intelligent. However, that is on the HIGH SCHOOL level….NEVER the collegiate level. Someone at the P. Isaac School of Journalism give him a PR 101 course, at the very least.

  21. Mullen is far too inexperienced. He needs to cut his teeth somewhere else. We need results here and we can’t afford to wait on his learning curve.

    When your 5th year senior quarterback yells “What the f*** is going on?” up to the press box during the game, something isn’t right.

    We can’t wait on Jeff Mullen to learn the ropes.

    We need someone who has been there and done it before.

  22. 5YS-No, I wasn’t commenting/attacking you on that comment.

    Regarding Simple Jack’s link. What was he talking about? Obviously, he would NEVER say that impromptu.

  23. Let me go on to say this. If Bill Stewart said that impromptu, simply closing out a press conference, this man needs to be assessed for early dementia. From this healthcare specialist, that is certainly something I could expect Bowden or Paterno to say but not from a guy in his 50s. Not only is it perplexing as to why he made that comment “10,000 ft. from left field”, it is very disturbing to me that he is the guy leading late teenagers and 20 somethings on the football field. If I were a parent of a recruit and heard that comment, I would seriously question whether this guy will be around and would have a positive influence on my son.

  24. I am absolutely shocked that the hosts of this blog haven’t dedicated at least 2 or maybe even 3 stories on that link from Simple Jack.

    Simple Jack-Thanks for sharing.

  25. Listening to that man makes me want to punch myself in the face repeatedly.

    I see UNC putting a first class ass-whipping on us. FIRST CLASSSSSSS!

  26. Yeah, the lubricate the world was dumb but he was trying to build up to his last comment, “We have enough brains in this state to run the world.”

    That comment is directed at many of the people who comment on this blog and message boards on a daily basis. It was justified because we won.

  27. That was hilarious. The unintentional comedy of Bill Stewart is great. I loved the pacing and the way he threw in the last line as he walked away. ZING!

    Too bad we don’t have the brains in this state to run an offense, let alone the world. At least not since 5th year moved away.

  28. I like the man a lot. Good man. Very Andy Griffith like. Anybody who stands up for the state of WV in a public forum, I like! If this were 1955-1995ish, he’d a been a good fit as a head football coach.
    Unfortunately it’s almost 2009 and we need Doc Brown and the DeLorean to bring us back to the future!

  29. What was going on with the argument in the huddle during the TO between HCBS and Beatty? Did anyone else see that?

  30. 5YS–Oh yeah, that comment was definitely justified. If that would have been any other coach at a press conference, you would have correctly asked, “What the fuck was that?” Your gold n’ blue glasses seem to be impairing your vision.

  31. That comment was as justified as all your bitch sessions on this site. If you can run your mouth, then he sure as hell can throw a zinger every now and then. Can’t take it?

    The scarlet and gray smog of Columbus is giving you a bad picture from a distance. Then again you do read every paper written in West Virginia every day so you probably know what is up.

  32. What was the “zinger” from Stewart? There was NO zinger. He simply looked like a buffoon. Yeah, I read every paper w/ notable beat writers for WVU. Let’s count them: PPG, WVGazette, Daily Mail, DP…..You act like there’s 7 or 8 newspapers w/ notable beat guys for WVU. If there was, I would read them…..5YS, you and all other critics of mine KNOW that there’s only 4 media outlets, yet you prefer to act like the number is some huge, unattainable number to follow the Mountaineers and then you shout from the mountain how funny it is that WVUColumbus reads all of the newspapers in WV. Those are the only 4! The others usually run AP stories only w/ maybe an editorial from the sports editor. (Intelligencer-Wheeling, Times WV-Fairmont, Exponent-Telegram, Clarksburg)

  33. @ 5th Year

    I will never leave my Mountaineers as a fan, but $$$ is a little more tight now days and if we are looking at using the same overpowering offense that we had this year, I do not know if I can stand it during 6 home games.

  34. Columbus, I was completely joking and trying to inject a little humor into our discussions. hehehaha I guess I should’ve put a little smiley face after the comment . 🙂 All in good fun, brother man.

    I also read the main papers that cover WVU, except the DP. I do, however, supplement the DP by reading the DA.

    Lips, I was in that short money boat this year living down in SC. It was not fun at all and I wish you luck with making bank so you can come see our rebirth next year. Just DON’T STOP BELIEVING, HOLD ON TO THAT FEEEEELLIN’

  35. I guess that makes me one of the “streetlight people”

  36. “Remember when you said We Will Never Leave You? I guess that meant only if you win 11 games a year and go to a BCS game.”

    The “Bill Stewart is a Totally Awesome Coach” bandwagon is going to celebrate its one-year anniversary empty with a broken axle full of snakebite victims.

    At least 5th Year Senior has some balls. Even Charley West projected a rough season, and his response is in line with his earlier statements. I don’t think BS will improve the way RR probably will, but at least 5th year isn’t like a lot of you who are desperately changing position each week depending on whether you’ve won or lost.

    Some of you are just out there.

  37. I would agree w/ that post. I’ve seen some flip-flopping as well. One thing is for sure, 5YS is PRO-Stewart and I am ANTI-Stewart.

  38. Thanks for the props YESSSS (fist pump)

    Behind all these posts is the ultimate goal of what is RIGHT for WVU. Nobody wants this program to fail in the long run. We just have different opinions on the best way to reach our ultimate goal of a consistent Top 10 ranking and multiple national titles.

  39. I mean, as a Michigan fan, the ultimate goal behind my post has little to do with WVUs success or failure to achieve success (though I do read and enjoy this blog). But I do like this site, and I am a strong advocate of our coach deserving an extra year.

    I don’t know much what to think about Bill Stewart. My gut says he’s a bad idea, but there’s no one to hire this season. So it’s a conundrum.

    What I do know is Notre-Dame-esque fan flip-flopping when I see it, and even if 5YS is wrong, at least he’s sticking to his guns. This is football fandom, not war in Iraq, so sticking to your guns in the face of rank opposition from people who used to be on board with you is commendable, not criminal.

  40. Thank you

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