Rule #1: Don’t Piss Into The Wind

Rule #2: Try, if at all possible, not to punch your coach in the face.

[courtesy of With Leather]


13 Responses

  1. it looks like he kinda side stepped closer to Goiter and hit him “accidentally on purpose”.

    i guess Goiter is a tough SOB, he didn’t go down.

  2. I think he intentionally did that.

  3. It was payback from when Beamer slapped a player a few years ago.

  4. #12…your a dickweed.

  5. Apparently, I’ve spent so much time idolizing Charley West, I’m starting to sound like him.

  6. I’m glad that wasn’t on my side of the head.

    Oh and that was totally on purpose.

  7. Man I’m glad he didn’t hit me.

    Oh and that was totally on purpose.

  8. That felt good. Wish he would have hit the ground or drew blood.

  9. Over or under of 37 points for Stephon Curry tonite?

  10. I’d say hopefully that could happen to the product one of these days but let’s face it…they will never do anything to get that excited about.

  11. I don’t know whether to be sick or relieved, BUT that soundclip of Stewart is like wildfire

  12. @ Schmitt — I’ll take the under 37 for Curry.

  13. BGoiter…you could have ended up on the pavement! Take care of yourself.

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