Stephen Curry, err….Davidson Open Thread


I guess they have other players.  I assume we’ll find out tonight.

Note: I lied — I do know that they have at least one other player.  Why do I know that?  He’s out for tonight’s game, that’s why.  Though, frankly, his name sounds made up, so I’m still skeptical.  Either way, even playing 1 vs. 5, Davidson is a 2 point favorite.


17 Responses

  1. Stinky McCockus’ 3.7 points and 3.9 rebs a game will be sorely missed I am sure, I think that is an extremely low number and I have the hoops tonite, don’t embarrass me on national tv mofo’s. Make a free throw, bury some 3’s, and dominate in MSG, as usual. Statement game. Hopefully the statement isn’t, “we blow.”

  2. I love that Jimmy V speech. Always brings a tear to my eye, very emotional.

  3. Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Unless you’re named Jeff Mullen. Jeff Mullen can take our points and he can take our national ranking and and he can take our elite bowls. But he can’t touch this blog.

    Don’t forget, don’t ever forget. Jimmy V was found guilty of NCAA infractions.

  4. Mazzulla to start….YESS

    You don’t have to raise your arm above your sholder to throw bows into Steph Curry’s mid-section.

  5. Ruoff on the bench….hmmm interesting twist

  6. Wellington Smith is the king of leaving people wide open and goal tending

  7. This is fucking ridiculous. Looks like we need all the lube we can get because these refs are trying to fuck the shit out of us.

  8. With all that coal and oil we should have enough money to buy a fucking free throw.

  9. With all the coal, oil and brains in WV, we should figure out a way to get Curry on our team…..And quick, because the game’s winding down.

  10. Missed layup…either this team pulls its collective head out of their asses by January or its going to be a long winter

  11. Things broken during the game

    1. Remote
    2. Picture frame
    3. Beer bottle

  12. Is it just this team or do we say goodbye to shooting under Huggins?

  13. Its not Huggins.

  14. man u guys are classic.!! I love it!! We can get two million offensive rebounds but capitalize on two. does anyone but Butler know how to shoot foulshots? Huggins has got too stress foul shots!!! We are already masturing rebounds. Rouff + Mazulla=win in my opinion.

  15. I wonder if Stephen Curry has received his blowjob from Jay Bilas yet?

  16. In two losses, we have shot 17 of 29 (UD) and 10 of 17 (UK) from the foul line as well as 32% (UD) and 27% (UK) from the field. Not good. I’ve never been to one of Huggy’s practices….so I must ask, do they EVER practice shooting?

  17. You are right on Jeff, Mountaineers shouldn’t have showed up, we could have just placed Stephen Curry in the middle of the court at MSG and have Jay Bilas and those other self-promoting cockstains from ESPN just make a circle around him and jack-off for 3 fucking hours. How bout a little fucking bias you pricks, don’t you think WVU’s fan base is a little stronger than a fucking 3000 student university.

    Is 7-29 sooooo goddam impressive. The kid is good we get it, he can shoot we get it, but let’s not make him out to be the next coming of AI, well actually 7-29 is pretty good for AI. Any credit to the Mountaineers defense for his poor shooting night?

    Bottomline, we didn’t shoot well from the stripe or from the field(again), we turned the ball over a ton(again), we had two key guys out, the refs sucked Spike Lee’s wang, and we gave them this game. The only thing that impressed me about Davidson was Stephen Curry’s mom, and I would still like to punch her annoying ass in the face repeatedly.

    Let Huggins work his magic, it will get better, they are young, this is going to be a tough year, but it won’t be that way for long under this coach.

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