Hello Gorgeous!!


There have been discussions over the last few months about how we, as fans, can influence and support our athletic teams. Many have said booing, constant criticism on forums such as this site, or discontinuation of donations is the only means of influence we have. Again, I must say au contraire my friends.

You can also vote!

Ashley Morgan, a member of our WVU cheerleading squad is in the finals of the Athlon sideline spirit contest and needs our votes. She was in first place and kicking ass until yesterday, when Kentucky fans stuffed the ballot box with 40,000 votes. We cannot get beat by Kentucky again, their girl isn’t even that hot.

If Ashley wins, our cheerleading squad will receive $1000 dollars cash money, and Ashley will win a photoshoot in the Athlon Sports 2009 college football annual. She is hot and I for one want to see those pictures.

So follow these few steps and let’s win this shit.

It only takes a few minutes to vote. First you need to create an account on the website:


They don’t bug you with annoying emails or anything. Just create a user name and a password will be sent to you.

Then go to this site to vote for beautiful Ashley:


Scroll down and on the left there is a box with words to type to vote. Type the words with a space in-between and hit enter 20 times in a row to use all your 20 votes.




A WVU cheerleader has one the Athlon contest before. I give you Andrea Bianchi



7 Responses

  1. you must not have to be hot to win this award…

  2. I think the dark haired girl is VERY cute. The blonde looks like Heather Graham (sccchhhhhwwwwing!)

  3. She sucks

  4. Even better …

  5. Shut up and vote people. It’s all about WVU winning… and you can control this win.

  6. Yeah…..this years candidate is not great, but not bad.

  7. Dudes you get pissed off that Billy embarasses us. That’s the best we have to offer?

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