Mitch Vingle Knows What I’m Thinking

He knows when I’m awake.

He knows when Coach Stew’s been bad or worse,

So fire him for goodness sake.

Mitch Vingle today writes what will most likely be the definitive piece on Billy’s first year as head coach guy on the sideline.  It really is a fantastic article, hitting on a lot of the same points extolled by WBGV (or at least myself and The 25314) over the past few weeks.  And, of course, it mentions the USF press conference, which will be emblazoned on Billy’s tombstone and serve as his legacy once he’s actually fired next season.


Maybe WVU will defeat North Carolina in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. Would be a nice ending to the season for the Mountaineers.

But it will not erase the disappointment of this season. WVU lost a third of its games. Perhaps only the 1989 Mountaineer team with Major Harris was close to being as disappointing. But, really, that isn’t so close.

You can point to WVU offensive coordinator Jeff Mullen and line coach Dave Johnson for falling down as well. But the buck stops at Stewart.

He simply did not get the job done.

Talk about transition nonsense all you want, Billy didn’t get the job done.  You can’t argue that.  You can’t, you can’t, you can’t.  Don’t even try.

He didn’t even come close.  He took an ultra-talented football team and mired them in medocrity.

Perhaps as disturbing is he hasn’t taken responsibility. He hasn’t figuratively raised his hand and said, “Hey, this is on me. Blame me.” Instead, he’s “fired back” – and burned whatever good will remained from the Fiesta Bowl.  

Billy has done the exact opposite of what he said he was going to do.  Instead of being honest with himself and us fans about his performance, he has become increasingly angry and defensive, lashing out at the media, the fans, and even recruits.  Not only has he burned through the good will remaining from the Fiesta Bowl, he has started to run a debt of hostility that lingers in many fans in this state.  Quite a turnaround for a man who prides himself on his Christian faith.



Yes, Stewart looked better along the sidelines as the season progressed. He looked more the part.

But this isn’t about showmanship. This isn’t about passion. This is about coaching.

Specifically, head coaching.

Billy isn’t a head coach, he just plays one on TV.  And not very well, I might add.

On camera, Stewart seemed to improve, although many times during press conferences he slipped a la George Bush. He took a big step backward in that area after the South Florida game by oddly talking about our state’s oil supply, which could “lubricate the world.” He stormed off in a manner suggesting, “take that!”

This will go down as the most rediculous moment in Mountaineer history.  For someome who is on the verge of losing his job — and trust me, once the season starts next year, he will be — that press conference was the worst possible decision he could have made.  He has made himself the laughingstock of college football, which actually wasn’t all that hard because he was already the laughingstock of college football.

Let that sink in for a moment.  We employ, as the head coach and most visible member of our proud football program, the ultimate, hands-down laughingstock of the entire sport.  Simply breathtaking, and not in a good way.  Like I landed on a football and you then punched me in the groin.

What he must start to understand is WVU fans and donors don’t need bravado. They don’t need their coach strutting and talking about fossil fuels. They need a guy who will right a sinking ship. To lead.

He isn’t capable of this.  He will become more hostile, more defensive with each passing day, until this athletic department has absolutely no other choice but to fire him.  And trust me, with the love that Pastilong & Co. have for Billy, fans will be on the verge of riot before the firing.  But it will still happen.  He’s just that bad.

I am, indeed, driving the ant-Billy bandwagon.  I know that.  But I have confidence in the fact that I will never, ever be presented a choice whether to jump back on as his supporter.  He won’t give me that chance.  He will continue to drive this program into the ground with poor coaching, questionable recruiting comments, and a public image that would make Hitler blush.

So go ahead, defend him.  Please do.  In a year, when we’re seriously discussing new coaching candidates, I won’t be there to say, “I told you so.”  I will be in the corner, crying, knowing that all of this could have been one less year in the making.

[Seriously, give the entire article a read.  It’s very good.]


76 Responses

  1. “Instead, he’s “fired back” – and burned whatever good will remained from the Fiesta Bowl.”

    I hate the righteousness of reporters sometimes. Heaven forbid someone “fire back” and challenge the media on what they say. They can dish it out but can’t take it.

    This season was not positive but it was not a failure.

    I’m not afraid to be wrong and I don’t like to quit after one try.

  2. It was a failure, don’t try to make yourself feel better. Failure couldn’t be defined any better than this season and this head coach.

  3. I think what HCBS meant by “there is enough brains in this state to run the world”, is that he thinks everyone in this state that is bitching about the team thinks they could be the head coach. There probably are a few people in the state that could do the same job he did this year.

  4. It’s hard to call a first year head coach who went 8-4 a failure. But if we lose to UNC, i will consider 8-5 a failure with the team he inherited. The bad part is, no one has realistic hopes that we are going to be better next year. … I just found myself nodding my head in agreement with the entire article.

  5. There are, indeed, enough brains in this state to run the world. Unfortunately, Billy isn’t one of them.

  6. 5th Year, are you really Ed Pastilong in disguise.

  7. My stomach hurts thinking about next year after that article and all I can do is agree with it.

  8. They are taking finals this week right? Is Devine playing in the bowl game, or is he done?

  9. This blog is very similar to sports talk radio, they always have a few hosts that agree with the majority, then they throw a host in there that tries to stir up the pot just to stimulate the banter. 5th year is the latter, there is no way that he can support Bill Stewart and his moves. If it isn’t all just “schtick”, then he is just delusional and can’t be reasoned with.

  10. What challenge did Stewart make? Wait 2 years when he still hasn’t given us a BE championship.

    Stewart is a joke.

    What’s pathetic is he doesn’t even realize it. He’s blinded by his ego.

    He thinks he has some grand vision of what WVU football will be.

    Meanwhile we’ve all but lost the leaps and bounds of progress made over the past 3 seasons. And he’s completely oblivious.

  11. Well … I was saying it last December … so I might as well continue to say it THIS December …

    BUTCH JONES!!!!!

  12. In Stewart’s defense, you need a coach to be confident in his own abilities and not rethink his whole philosophy after a bad game or even season. You need a little ego. However, Stewart does not seem to have a philosophy, and contrary to the big game he talks, his actions seem to sway with the wind.

  13. Butch Jones has the same damn record at Central Michigan for christ sake!! He plays lesser competition and has his own recruits. Man some of you guys need to move to Ann Arbor,they went 3-9 with talent from four top 10 recruiting classes over four years, but Rod blames it on not having his type of recruits?? and their slappy fans are buying into it. People like you guys would never give anyone a chance. You are too spoiled and can’t accept that this was a transition year without rod’s playbook. Not all coaches can come in and run an offense like rodriguez, if they could he would NEVER WIN A DAMN GAME. I would guarantee everyone of you that, if Rod was still here, after this season (which MAYBE we would have gone to a BCS or won a national title) we would have fallen back to mediocrity b/c we wouldn’t have White, Slaton, etc. Look at his record before they arrived. Would you calll for Rodriguez’s head if that happened?

  14. If supporting HCBS after one winning season, a bowl trip, and the best recruiting class in WVU history makes me delusional, then write me a prescription for some good drugs because I am delusional as shit.

    My support of our head ball coach is not “schtick.” I will always be 100% honest on this site unless you ask my real identity and then I will say my name is Puddintain and if you ask me again I’ll tell you the same

    CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP <– Me giving Jay a standing ovation for making sense.

  15. Article is absolutely correct. Mullen and Johnson were terrible hires made by Uncle Stew. They should’ve kept the offense the same properly utilizing the talent and experience of our current players. They could’ve added just a few necessary adjustments this year then eased into the new schemes next season. They sacrificed this season for the good of their “master plan,’ which is supposedly two years out.

  16. I don’t understand why Jay is talking about Rich Rod. The article was about Bill Stewart. But yes, we have been “spoiled” by competent coaching the last few years.

    Bill Stewart and all coaches hired from within are hired to avoid transition years. If a proven coach from the outside had been hired, this would be a transition year. But Stewart can’t claim that he is “tweaking” the status quo, and then when it blows up in his face call it a “transition year.” Notice, no one used that term until we started losing games.

    I wish I could shout this from the top of a mountain, but I don’t have a mountain, I only have a blog. But tonight’s top story in The 25314’s life is, “This season WAS a failure.”

    5th year, Jay, I respectfully dissent.

  17. 8-4 in an even weaker Big East than usual with losses to ECU and Colorado-impressive

    Meineke Car Care Bowl- impressive

    Hey if this is what you are striving for 5th Year, congrats you got it , we can wallow in mediocrity for years and you can just praise, praise, praise.

    Are you giving credit for “the best recruiting class in WVU history” to Bill Stewart? Pleaseeeeee don’t tell me that is what you are saying?

  18. Johnson came from GA. Last year Moreno was a beast running the ball. Do you think any of it has to do with their offensive line play last year. He can’t help it if he came to a team that only knows how to zone block. He isn’t going to change his style of coaching for anyone. (Just like all coaches). Hell if these linemen want to make it to the NFL they will have other coaches who teach their way as well. Same with Mullen. If was the first time he has been a coordinator. I can guarantee he’s learned a few lessons and its not right to judge someone after one year and players having to learn a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT playbook, formations, etc. It was going to happen regardless of whoever wass hired. Rather it was Locksley, Taffe, or mickey mouse. We couldnt just hire an OC and phone Rodriguez and ask him to send us his playbook and scheme styles of all his coaches. This is real life not PS3 people!!

  19. Stewart hired the staff didn’t he. You think if we had hired someone else that we would have Doc and Beatty to recruit this class. Hardly!! The only reason you guys do not bash them is b/c of the recruiting class. Hell they are OFFENSIVE coaches!!!

  20. Johnson WAS NOT the O-line coach at Georgia.

  21. Well since going to the Car Care Bowl makes a season a failure then every D1 team except the 10 BCS teams had “failure seaons”. Man 109 school should be looking for new coaches right now!!!

  22. Wrong. Dave Johnson was not Georgia’s offensive line coach. He coached tight ends.

  23. Wrong. Not all 119 team we as talented as us. Maybe 25 were. Of those 25, maybe 2 were in the Big East. Of those 2, zero had a QB even close to as good as WVU. Any school returning the players we returned would have considered this year a failure. We did less with more, than most teams in the country.

    Correct. Stewart hired the staff, which is why he must shoulder the blame.

    And I would rather have a 40th ranked recuiting class with good coaches, than the 20th ranked class with bad coaches.

  24. My bad. I was wrong on that, you act like he took some bum off the street and offered him a job. He has coached football before. You guys act like none of the blame should be on the players. Yes they had to learn a new system and new schemes but that was going to happen anyway. Like I said before if anybody could come in and run the EXACT same system then we would have NEVER of been as successful as we were the last five years. Other coaches weould have known exactly how to stop it. Hell Leavitt and Wanstache already knew!!

  25. Ad Ace beat me to it. Leadership would have been working with what one has (most of the offense) and tweaking it. This season wasn’t rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic; we were a CHAMPIONSHIP caliber team last year. It made no sense for Pat White to return if he wasn’t going to be placed in the best position to make plays. Change directions/strategies when you’ve recruited players to fulfill that objective.

    Charley’s driving the wagon and it’s filling up fast.

  26. Eat, where did I say this season was impressive?? Oh yeah, I never said that.

    I agree with a lot of what y’all are saying about this season being a disappointment. I agree. I agree. I agree.

    This season does not raise to the level of firing a head ball coach. I’m not the delusional one.

  27. Yeah 5th the assume we were loving how this season went. They assume we love being 8-4 and not winning the big east. They assume since we dont feel the need to fire HCBS after one year, hence pretty much firing everybody and having decomitts galore, that we are not true WVU fans and are totally delusional and know nothing about WVU football. I haven’t seen too many programs fire a coach after one season regardless if they are 8-4 or 0-12. At least I can’t name one off the top of my head.

  28. Just to point out:

    Firing Stewart = Firing Beatty = Firing Holiday = Firing the defensive staff that totally impressed this year when they were the supposed weakest part of the team. B/c whoever we would hire would bring in his own staff. And don’t even say Holiday should be HC because he is already on this staff. If he had any ideas he should have expressed them to the others by now!! They could tweak the offensive STAFF some and I wouldn’t complain, even though I don’t think that is even necessary.

  29. It is funny sitting back and watching 5YS and Jay grasping for straws. It is so crystal clear to the rest of us, that it HONESTLY makes me wonder if those two work for the athletic staff/WVU. Maybe they work for

    And another thing, Charley West (who always is dead on) and 25314: Would one of you please put this as the top story?? I love how 5YS so BLATANTLY DIVERTS attn. from stories he doesn’t promote by putting up some story about a cheerleader (who I voted for btw, 5YS)….5YS, we ALL know that you immediately put up another post as to not allow too much traction for those of us to bash the coaching…..We’ve let you get away w/ it but this is getting ridiculous, Billy Stew (aka “5YS”)….(I’m on to you Coach Stew! and we’re taking you down)

  30. Since when is Mitch Vingle an expert? Since when are you an expert? You’re a drunk.

    I get so tired of panty waste fans like you crying all the time. Do me a favor, become a Pitt fan. You have no idea what you’re even talking about.

  31. Columbus, just like you we all have our opinions. Im with all you in saying that this year was a HUGE disappointment. I just don’t think firing Bill Stewart is the answer AT THIS TIME!!! I am an accountant not a member of the Athletic Dept or MSN staff. I am a fan of WVU football and want it to succeed. However, I truly believe that firing HCBS now and bringing in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STAFF would set us back even further. Im sure players like Noel Devijne would love to learn three different offensive schemes in three years of college football.

  32. If you think me and 5th are in the minority then you should check out the board to see their opinion on good ole Mitch’s article. Thousands of more people post there (I don’t just like to read other opinions just like I do here.)

  33. Columbus, for a change you made me laugh with your theory. I am the second gunmen on the grassy nole, I filmed the fake moon landing, and I know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

    It is Wednesday, and Charley told me to do that story as our hump day post, which always goes up at lunch time. Simple as that.

  34. Devine doesn’t have to worry about it. He’s flunking!

  35. You can have whatever opinion you want, but I gotta call BS on anyone who states that they honestly believe Ol’Senile Bill’s presser comment was some brilliantly designed metaphor aimed at his detractors.

  36. And another thing….
    I love the defenders of Ol’Senile Bill who explained that Ol’Senile Bill wasn’t involved in decision making in the Colorado game (and others) because he trusts his coaches etc etc and now think it’s great that he was yellin and up in the faces of the coaches during the USF game. Make up your mind!

  37. What do you mean “the best recruiting class in school history?” Last time I checked, we haven’t signed anybody. You think 8-5 is going to look good to these guys?

  38. If they’ve been with us throughout this season I don’t see any reason why they won’t be a couple months from now but anything can happen. If they are thinking about jumping ship they would be smart to do it sooner rather than later so they dont end up at Washington or the cuse.

  39. And it will be 8-5 Charley. Without a fucking doubt.

  40. Ken Kendrick was right, he said it the day of the hire, and everyone was all over him, but he was dead fucking on, Stewart is just the painter.

  41. Eat…yeah mind as well not even watch the game..Hell columbus was spot on saying we were going to lose to USF! Too bad Pat white doesn’t read this blog, he would just stay in morgantown and ditch the game since you guys are such accurate forecasters.

  42. Rump, I honestly don’t even need to say anything any more. Y’all put words and arguments in my mouth about supporting HCBS. I’ll just let you make up stuff you think I said and let you shoot it down.

    I have a knot on my head from beating it against my desk at all the nonsense arguments the detractors think I make.

  43. Rump is correct 5th year. I distinctly remember you stating that it was often the coordinators that were the problem (especially w/ the offensive play calling).

  44. You are very contradictory 5th, I am not trying to be an asshole here, but you just aren’t consistent, if all “the detractors” think this is where you are coming from, don’t take a shot at us, look at yourself, choose a side and stick to it my friend, I actually do agree with you from time to time, but I never know what that time is going to be.

    I think I just heard your head hit the desk a few more times.

  45. We aren’t making you out to be something that you aren’t, we can only go by what you post. I think you may be getting confused on what your actual argument is, that happens on blogs. Stay focused 5th, cmon.

  46. Yeah you did hear my head hit the desk a few more times Eat. No big deal, as I’m sure many of know, I am a hard headed SOB.

    I have not once said to fire HCBS. I was close after the Colorado game when I said these two things:

    “All in all, I blame the coaches. We saw poor play calling. A lack of fundamentals and discipline. And a horrible nose about when to make substitutions.”

    “HCBS, remember when you said you will know when it is time to step aside. I would start thinking real hard about getting out of the way. The team played with heart and deserved to win the game. Hell, they almost won the damn game in spite of HCBS’s coaching. I’m not calling for your firing, YET.”

    I have since then seen that HCBS has improved. Mullen has regressed if that is even possible.

    I’m not going to lie; it is hard to stay on message because I am defending Stew against so many people. I try to stay as consistent as possible but my small brain can’t handle it. Some of us are blessed with brains, some with good looks, and some with athletic ability.

    Unfortunately, I missed the boat on all three.

  47. No EatS, that was mine….wow. This blog is coming close to turning into the Free board on BGN. It used to be about making fun of everything about the schools we compete against and it was always new and fresh. Now we’re just bitching back and forth Pro-Stew/Anti-Stew and saying the same things over and over (myself included).

  48. I agree we need to go back to our roots.

    Marshall Sucks, Pitt Swallows

  49. would someone please acknowledge my comment that Devine is failing out of school….is it true or a rumor? Please advise.

  50. I agree with WVUIE97….none of us are the incompetent athletic director so Stew and the others will be around next year. So there is no need to argue a mute situation it’s just not worth it. Once a new AD and President are in place maybe…just maybe…

  51. So no matter what OC we hired, we were going to have to change systems? What about the guys who learned their offense from Rodriguez? And lest we forget that our current head coach was an offensive assistant to Rodriguez the last 7 years… surely he learned the offense along the way. Instead, Stew chose to hire an OC with zero OC experience from a program with a different style offense. Stew chose to hire an offensive line coach who had never coached a spread offense or zone blocking. Just like Pastilong (or Garrison or Manchin or whoever was “in charge” of the “coaching search) decided to hire a man with limited to no experience as a head coach.

  52. I think it’s just a rumor but if he was it would be stewpid of stew to play him….but then again what hasn’t been stewpid this year.

  53. We have a fair shot against UNC. We have performed well below our capabilities, but we still have talent, and we’ve been in all but 1 game this year.

  54. Marshall sucks, Pitt swallows, and UNC is a basketball school…

    BTW, Fire Mullen!

  55. Well Stewie is an idiot, the worst coach at the D-1 level. I have been banned from the scout board eight times because I speak the truth. I can not understand how any one can defend him it truly amazes me.

  56. We’re fucked, but what are we supposed to do?

    We can’t fire him this year, because it’s a transition year. We can’t fire him next year, because he doesn’t have his own players yet and of course he’s going to lose after PW graduates. We can’t fire in in 2010 because he’ll have fired Mullens by then to placate the masses. We can’t fire him in 2011 because he’ll have his one fluke year and we’ll sign him to an extension after he goes 9-3 and loses in a BCS bowl. We can’t fire him in 2012 because we just signed him to an extension. We can’t fire him in 2013 because of that extension again. We can’t fire him in 2014 because he’ll be talking about retiring instead and the administration will try to work something out and avoid the buyout. We can finally force him out in a retirement in 2015.

  57. and my point was just made again twice

  58. I agree with everyone in principle saying that Stew deserves firing, but I think pragmatically it’s not the best idea.

    The damage was done a year ago, and there’s no way to turn back the clock. Firing Stew will not meaningfully improve the situation at this point. I think there’s more upside in the possibility of him building a stable, competant program than in hiring some other unproven coach. Remember the idea of getting top-notch coordinators and position coaches and having the best sub-head-coach coaching in the country? Obviously didn’t pan out this year, but I think it has more likelihood of succeeding than scrapping everything AGAIN and hiring another stepping-stone coach.

    The only thing that gives me great hope for next year is the defense. You think this year is ugly? Imagine if we have to “rebuild” on that side of the ball too.

  59. the defense will bail us out of multiple games next year, just like they did this year. we may only have to score one or two touchdowns next year to win a bunch of games.

  60. I just jumped.

    It’s fifty stories down … so … this will take a while.

    Its rather serene right now … an almost eerie calm is coming over me.

    Its almost as if this last year never happened.

    Ah … yes … I’m starting to feel better now …


  61. I guess I just have severely different philosophies from Sewart and Mullen. They believe in winning close games. I believe that elite college teams have potent offenses. An elite team will blow out their opponent 9-10 times a season, and then have to win a couple close games where they play poorly (see the last couple years). Sometimes a team wins the close games and becomes the best team. Sometimes they lose the close games and remain only elite teams. Any team that is in more than 2 or 3 close games a year, is going to lose around half. 2002 Ohio St. is the only team I know of that consistently won close games.

    To be top 10, you need to score at least 30 and probably 40 points a game. It’s that simply. You can’t rely on field position and defense all the time – in college – because eventually, breaks will go against you and you’ll lose. (Colorado, Cincinnati, Pitt)

  62. Im dizzy.

    Which host posted the headline about trying this basketball school thing out last week? That lasted 2 days I believe.

    I remember about 20 years ago I bought a shirt in front of the Mountainlair that read “Penn St sucks and Pitt swallows”. I’ll never forget my mom’s face when I walked in the house that weekend with it on, she refused to wash it. Just a little share, I am sure nobody cares. But I love you all the same, even you 5th year.

  63. Again, I say let’s sacrifice the next 2-3 years, blow this damn thing up, AD admits it was wrong in hiring “Crude Oil” Stew and start from scratch. Will it suck for the next 2-3 years? Yes. We will probably hover around 5-7 or thereabouts. If we keep the current coach, we’ll probably be about 3-9 w/o Pat White.

  64. maybe by 2010 when fast ed retires (keeping fingers crossed) and we hire someone new, they’ll take care of things the right way which means he could be gone my at least 2011.

  65. Hey guys-I have a question. Ed Pastilong has some assistant w/ the last name of Parsons (Mike, I believe). Is he a fat red headed guy? Or am I thinking of someone else? (Maybe one of Rod’s assistants/managers)

  66. fat red-headed guy = dusty rutledge – now something like director of football at michigan. but mike parsons could be a fat red headed guy too.

  67. Mike Parsons is a fucking idiot.

    I pray to all that is holy that he will not be our next AD. I have had some contact with him and he has no clue what he is talking about 99% of the time.

  68. Before you guys give Billy another blow job over this recruiting class, know that right now our class is ranked #23 by

    Our 2007 class finished ranked #18.

    Both classes include one 5-star and four 4-star recruits.

    I know our current one isn’t finished yet, but neither is anyone else’s.

  69. Oh God, I know the program is DOOMED when we start justifying the continued employment of the coaching staff based on recruiting stats.

    BEWARE: Dragons live there!

    Sound like a bunch of whining Notre Dame fans! Stop it! Stop it now! Recruiting stats are for losers who live in their parent’s basement and are reading this post while eating Doritos in yesterday’s clean underwear.

    1) We have a unique offensive game plan: none.
    2) Our play calling is as disjointed as anything I’ve seen since Buddy Ryan slugged Kevin Gilbride.
    3) We don’t utilize the weapons we have.
    4) Our game management is poor.
    5) Our in game adjustments are appallingly bad.

    Recruiting high school superstars won’t fix these problems it will simply make it more apparent that the problems are in the coaching staff not the players.


  70. I don’t know why I continue to read anything Charley West posts regarding Bill Stewart and WVU football. I guess it is because he once wrote with some insight regarding RRod’s playcalling against teams Rod thought were superior to the Mountaineers in talent.

    To call this season a failure, or to say it wasn’t positive, is ludicrous, and only speaks to just how spoiled some of our fanbase has become. This team lost three games by four points or less. One broken field play by Pat White or Noel Devine and our fortunes are different. Further, to use Mitch Vingle to boost an argument is somewhat laughable. Go back and read a couple of Mitch’s columns circa the Fiesta Bowl last year, when he was openly lobbying for “the kind soul that is Bill Stewart” to get the head job.

    Consider that Virginia Tech is 9-4 this year and an ACC champion. Is that a negative season? Check the Sagarin figures on Virginia Tech and WVU.

    I wish Charley would just switch allegiance and pull for Ohio St., Michigan, or Alabama already.

  71. Completely agree Penguin!! The problems aren’t with the players. They are w/ the coaching.

  72. Only one of those problems above lies with the HCBS, game mismanagement. Your fifth point is factually incorrect because we are a second half team. That seems like pretty damn good in game adjustments to me.

    The other problems lie with the offensive coordinator. Which is why Mullen needs to be fired or demoted to QB coach.

    Again, nobody will give any credit to HCBS for anything.

  73. JP, if you defended 8-4 Stewart and critized 11-2 Rodriguez for his play calling, you need to get your head examined.

  74. 25314….the point wasn’t Rod’s playcalling. I rarely questioned it because between the he and I, one of us was making millions to make the calls. So I deferred. What I was referencing was West making an astute observation that Rod went boring/conservative against teams he thought he had superior talent to (like Syracuse), and aggressive/genius against teams he thought were superior (like Georgia).

    Believe me, I much prefer 11-2. I just happen to believe that things aren’t as bad as some think they are right now. I reiterate, that as frustrating as this season has been at times, we were just a couple of plays shy of eleven wins. Only one team we lost to soundly defeated us. So, I prefer to wait and see, give the guy and his pretty excellent staff a chance. Primarily, this is because I don’t believe in the doom and gloom angle of program destruction. Even if Stewart leads us into four years of mediocrity, that doesn’t preclude that the next guy can’t lead us back to the top. The right guy wins anywhere, and, believe it or not, WVU is a very coveted job.

  75. BTW, WVU will beat UNC. Rutgers will beat NC St., and Cincy will take Virginia Tech down. I love these Big East/ACC matches.

  76. I hate these ACC matchups. It is simply for travel arrangements and ticket sales. The last 30 years of my life have been gatorbowls with Clemson, FSU, UNC.

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