The Mullen That Got Away

The best young offensive coordinator this side of Chip Kelley is no longer on the market, and his name is Mullen.

No, not Jeff Mullen, OC for the 75th ranked scoring offense in football.  I’m talking about Dan Mullen.  Co-orchestrator of the 3rd ranked scoring offense.

Only 36 years old, and Urban Meyer’s right hand man for the past 8 seasons, Mullen would have been an ideal candidate for any head coaching position.  Especially for a team running the option spread. 

But not for West Virginia.  Instead, WVU interviewed the 51 year old safeties coach at Florida, and ended up hiring the 55 year old tight ends coach from West Virginia.  And then bringing in the QB coach from Wake Forest to run change the offense.

Congratulations to Mississippi St.  Terrific hire.  A young energetic, proven coordinator and recruiter. 

Chip Kelley and Dan Mullen are now officially off the market.


34 Responses

  1. *****

  2. Expletive deleted.

  3. Damn you Jim Grobe!

  4. Yeah but does he handle himself well under criticism. I mean Jeff is very well-spoken and knows exactly what he wants to do with the offense. He has a response for every criticism so yeah…suck it. Why would you want 1 (soon to be 2) national championships when you got a guy like that….

    So you can take your “results”…I’ll take the guy that wants to take the best rushing QB in NCAA history and make him pass more. Especially to receivers that were recruited to block. The defenses won’t even see it coming!!

  5. I remember being so pissed when that douche hired a QB coach from f*cking field goal university to run our offense I wanted to choke him.

    The hire made no sense then and now I think I’ve been proven right.

    You don’t take a position coach from a program that’s not as good as yours and give him a big ass promotion that he doesn’t deserve just because your “good buddy” wants you to.

    As inexperienced as Stew is he needed to hire someone with some experience. Not some QB coach who never called a play in his life and who has wet dreams about beating NC State 3-0 on a last second kick after his “genius” jet sweep end around hook and ladder play finally got his lame ass offense across the 50 for the first time the entire game to get in position for a miraculous 60 yard field goal.

    Great hire. Asshole.

  6. Mah good buddy, jimmay grobe, told me that young lad Jeff Mullins was a great offensive coordinator for him. We’ve got enough oil in this state to lubricate the world, boys. Just wait. Ole B-Stew has a few more tricks up his sleeve!

  7. …and ended up hiring the 55 year old tight ends coach from West Virginia.

    We’re all going to need tight ends next year with HCBS doing his lube job. We’ve been reduced to this…argh!

  8. In my house, Jim Grobe is only referred to as, “Bill Stewart’s good buddy Jim Grobe down at Wake Forest.”

  9. He’s known as the Mountaineers offensive assassin in my house.

  10. ALL “good buddies” should be stranded on a F****ing Deserted Island!!!!!!

  11. Hiring coordinators who have never been head coaches at any level doesn’t usually work out too well.

    Just ask Mississippi (Ed Orgeron) Syracuse (Greg Robinson) and Notre Dame (Notre Dame). I wouldn’t want to roll the dice that way.

    The best coaches seem to follow this model: successful head coach at a middling or lower level school, then become a coordinator in an established program, return to head coaching at a BCS school. Nehlen, Rod, and yes, even Stewart (if you leave out the “successful” lower level part, but then who has ever won at VMI?).

  12. Prepare to be blasted in 3…..2…..1…

  13. Can ANYONE find a picture of Bill Stewart as the head coach of VMI or assistant of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers?

    I searched high and low, it seems they both have disposed of any evidence of him being there.

  14. JP, Stewart was not a coordinator. However, your point is very true, and I completely agree. The Chip Kelly model, as it were.

  15. And people don’t think Pastilong knows anything. I just read that Syracuse is planning to hire Saints OC Doug Marrone — an SU letterman in 83-85 and an NFL assistant of 10 years.

    This after Randy Edsall and Skip Holtz said “no” to them. (How bad is it when the coach at ECU prefers the Pirate facilities to those at Syracuse?) And they declined even to interview Turner Gill.

    One wonders, did they not learn a lesson about hiring lifetime assistants with no HC experience?

  16. Correction. The Orange did at least interview Gill.

  17. What the hell do Syracuse’s failures have to do with Pastilong?

    At least they tried to hire some good candidates.

    We didn’t.

  18. JP Dude–Ok, every now and again I give a good natured ribbing to ol’ 5YS and tell him that he is actually Stewart himself……..I was incorrect….You are ONE of 2 people:
    1. Bill Stewart
    2. Ed Pastilong
    PERIOD!!! Because there doesn’t exist ONE fan who supports both.

  19. Nope. I am neither. Hell, I majored in English Literature and Philosophy. And I have interviewed Pastilong back when I was a sportswriter. I am not really a fan of his, because I remember Fred Schaus. He has hired some prettty good coaches, though.

    Anyway, the acronymn “WVU” and the name Columbus really don’t belong together. Accept it…living around Bucknuts, sadly, may have turned you into one…

  20. Further thought. Google me. You can find out what I look like…and that I am a poetry-readin; wimp, and although I am not quite as goofy looking as Ed or Bill…I am still pretty goofy looking. Don’t tell my wife though. I have TOTALLY got her snowed…

  21. Ok…sounds good Bill…er, I mean Eddie….er, I mean JP.

  22. If you are paying attention to how Auburn is going through the process of hiring a head coach, it should make every Mountaineer fan’s blood boil. There is actually an interview process, huh, what, I never knew you could do that. Let’s just hire an interim coach on the 50 yard line while he is holding up the Fiesta Bowl trophy, what a fucking joke.

    I really need to move forward, this bitterness is eating away at my stomach lining.

  23. Schmitt–It is absolutely acceptable to be angry and it eats at my lining as well. To go from where we were the day before the Pitt game last season to now is mind-numbing. I actually loved it when I heard that Rodriguez was going because I thought it gave us a shot at a better head coach, and that loss can NEVER be forgotten. It is the kind of numbing, unforgettable, “causes people to do irrational things” loss that pretty much demands a coaching change. The 2nd worst loss in WVU history is soooooo far below this one because we would have been in the national championship and we would have dominated a slow OSU defense and won our school’s first national championship. We also would have landed Terrelle Pryor (hate Rodriguez, but what he lacks as a gameday coach he makes up for in recruiting). People, like you and myself, who clearly have high expectataions of its alma mater are STILL in a long haze since the day before that game last season….And how do you lose that game AT HOME w/ all the electricity in the crowd and an imminent shot at the BCS title game?

    Now, moving forward (or backward) you see the trainwreck that IS Bill Stewart. Never forget the TOTALLY SHOCKING decision not to challenge that fumble by Pat White early in the game against ECU (which could have easily led to scoring drive and totally different outcome), the inexplicable decision not to call timeouts when WVU was 10-15 yards away from FG range against CU (and also the cluelessness that was documented by the hot ESPN reporter on the sideline that had the announcers in tears) and then his arrogant response after the game that he doesn’t 2nd guess coaching decisions. Then, the Rutgers game, Syracuse game, and on and on and on. There was NOT improvement as the year progressed and I totally place Ed Pastilong RIGHT IN THE CROSSFIRES for all of this. Stewart was never qualified for this position and had no business ever being our head coach.

    People will keep hammering me because they will say “you’re negative, and quit w/ all the negative shit”, but I care so much that I want to actually sacrifice the next 2-3 years in order to get the right guy. WHO is the right guy? I don’t know, but I DO know who ISN”T the right guy.

  24. and bitching on a blog accomplishes that how?

  25. by at least being proactive in applying pressure (no matter how little it may be)…..if more and more people “bitch on a blog” then public sentiment eventually shifts against the coach…..thankfully, public sentiment HAS ALREADY shifted away from Stewart/Pastilong, especially after his embarassing press conference where he reinforced stereotypes of West Virginians w/ his ridiculous comments.

  26. It was good to be gone for a couple days but I come back and begin poking myself in the eye again. Yeah Columbus you have are gettting “hammered” by myself and one other person. Must be tough.

    Fraud was not that good of a recruiter. Like Marshall many years ago he got lucky with a few recruits, which made him look way better than he was.

    Granted, he gave Patrick and Steve the chance to play the positions they wanted but he would not have landed them if their first choices took them.

    Yeah that Auburn search turned out a GREAT head coach, Gene Chizik who was 5-19 in two seasons at Iowa State. We interviewed coaches too but let emotion get the better of us and hired HCBS. Wait, I am not sticking up for Patsylong but we were interviewing some good people,

    Hell, I wanted Bowden, HE WEARS A TIE!

  27. Good thing he didn’t go to WVwho? because he would probably be the Michigan coach by now. Who would want to stick around at some gay party school full of inbreds if they had the choice, anyway?
    PS: 13-9

  28. Hey 5th, can you block hail2shitt from this site. He is so irritating, like a hemroid, and needs to be “lubricated” with preparation H if you catch my drift. Let’s face it hail you might have one the backyard brawl the last 2 years and you’re probably feeling pretty good right now but, your school’s name rhymes with shit and you’ll never win this fight.

  29. hail2pitt-“gay party school”. WVU students look down at PITT students. We don’t THINK we’re better than you, we KNOW that we’re better than you. Your school is always ignored and has been irrelevant in football and basketball for the last 20 years. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then on the gridiron and WVU is a better b-ball school than PITT in the last handful of years as well. Have you guys even reached the Sweet 16 in that time span? We have….much more than Pitt. Many WVU fans don’t even look at Pitt as that much of a rival (although I do because I’m from Pitt. area), because your football program has mostly been irrelevant for the last 15-20 years…..I guess that what I’m trying to say is that Pitt just ain’t what it used to be and it’s going to take more than 2 wins by “y’ens” to be back on WVU’s radar and for the Backyard Brawl to be what it once was.

  30. hail2pitt….you should know that the city of Pittsburgh has been called “northern West Virginia” by Colin Cowherd and his national radio audience so in the eyes of everyone outside of Oakland, Northern WEST
    VIRGINIA is more relevent. Keep talking smack bro..we enjoy the humor from a school that can’t afford it’s own stadium.

  31. Hey fellows… What do you think of that Auburn “process” now? They just hired a guy who was a def. coordniator under the pretty damn good coach that they just forced out. Chizik was 5-19 in two years at Iowa St. and finished this season on a 10 game losing streak, which motiviated him to fire several members of his staff last week.

    And now he is the head coach at Auburn…proof that having an “interview process” doesn’t guarantee a good hire. Check out to see Auburn fan reaction….it appears they think it is time to panic! Really, I cannot figure out this hire. It makes absolutely no sense. Auburn couldn’t score and they go hire Tuberville’s ex DC, when he hasn’t even proven himself as capable in the head man role. He must be one helluva good interview….The good news is I like our odds against them next year….!

  32. Just shows what happens when you let “BIG DONORS” run the program. Bobby Lowder runs that program and for some reason wanted Chizik.

  33. “It is the kind of numbing, unforgettable, “causes people to do irrational things” loss that pretty much demands a coaching change.”

    How is losing by four to Pitt with junior Pat White injured more numbing and shocking than losing to Pitt with senior Pat White fully functional?

  34. Congrats wvud, you can rhyme!!! Now, here’s a project: find me a word that rhymes with orange and I’ll REALLY be impressed!
    As for KEHN, I agree we need our own stadium. Howerver, I lose all respect for anyone who quotes Colin Cowherd. Face it, you guys are just bitter you couldn’t get into Pitt.

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