5th Year Senior Attacks W

Who throws a shoe?  Honestly.


9 Responses

  1. I kid you not, the cnn.com story said, “Hurling a shoe at someone is considered an insult in Arab culture.”

  2. That’s why I could never travel to the Arab world. I would never be able to avoid such normal conduct that is considered insulting there. They probably think spitting on each other is offensive, too.

  3. I’m pretty damn offended by it, and by the coverage it’s received. It’s our president, and therefore (whether you like him or not) the leader of our country. The CNN representative probably moved out of the way to give him a better shot.

  4. Don’t you remember the litte kids taking thier shoes off and hitting Saddam Hussein’s statue after it was torn down and being drug through the streets.

    They consider the bottom off thier shoes as the “dirtiest” thing on a persons body.

    That is why they throw shoes.

    I personally think they are much more lethal when they are throwing rocks.

  5. That was a good move by W to dodge the first one. Nice quicks W!

  6. He joked about it afterword-he said: “I didn’t hear what he said, but I did see his sole.”


  7. 5th,

    Your first throw was delivered with authority, the second you needed to step into it a bit…nice try though. That kind of outlet for your anger will get you fitted for Moundsville!

  8. Stew would have had that Iraqi running that shoe to the short side of the podium.

  9. Showing the bottom of your feet, or the bottom of your shoes in the Arab culture is akin to walking up to someone and bitch-slapping them while calling their mother a cum-guzzling whore. I spent several years over there…just proves that religion will seriously screw up your brain!

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