(Un)fortunately, Things Are Quiet

Fortunately for the program, things are pretty quiet. That’s a very good thing.

Unfortunately for this site, things are pretty quiet. That’s a very boring thing.

Not a lot of football news leading up to the Meineke Car Care Bowl, at least not yet. There is the ominous cloud that is Devine hanging over all of us, but everything I’ve heard so far has been merely anecdotal, so I will hold off on the rumor mongering.

We beat Duquesne in basketball, which was only mildly intriguing because of the close score. But you look at who we still have injured and there’s not a whole lot of need for concern. At least not yet.

Outside of WVU, Auburn hired Gene Chizik, which was pretty retarded. But then again, it’s tough to find things that rhyme with Chizik, so once again our job is tougher.

So I will sit here, patiently waiting for something fun to happen. If Butch Davis would just kill a hobo liked I asked him to do in my letter, bowl preparations would be a ton more fun to cover. Alas, he hasn’t and probably won’t. But if he does, you’ll see it here first. And even if he doesn’t, we might lie and say he did. You never know.


16 Responses

  1. Are Ruoff and Mazzula going to be ready for next Saturday’s game? what’s the timeline on getting them back?

  2. Because we are dog shit without them.

  3. Nothing rhymes with “Vote Charley West.”

  4. Words that rhyme with Charley West:

    grab her breast
    nice chest
    STD test

    and those just cover hump day!

  5. Some guy posted our Big East offenseive rankings for the season.

    They’re nothing short of pathetic.

    Most notable changes are:

    1st to 6th in scoring offense
    2nd to 6th in total offense
    2nd to 8th in red zone offense
    1st to 3rd in 3rd down conversions
    3rd to 6th in 4th down conversions
    4th to 7th in TOP

    Way to go Jeff and Stew!

    Those are numbers you can hang your hats on.

  6. apparently i can’t spell offensive.

    sorry for the typo

  7. Thanks goiter, now I can go blow my head off, ugg, how fucking depressing ana pathetic that is.

  8. For enough money Auburn probably could have had Will Muchamp, Jimbo Fisher, or Bobby Petrino who all have Auburn ties, and for any price could have had Turner Gill or many others. This after they fired a good coach in Tommy Tubberville. Talk about downgrading with Chizik.

    Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t think race played a part in Gene Chizik’s hire. He had worked for Auburn before, and Turner Gill hadn’t. Therefore, Bobby Lowder had met and become friends with Chizik and not Turner Gill. So Lowder told them to hire his boy. Retarded, yes. Racist, no.

    And for the record, Gene Chizik is more qualified, to be a head coach the Bill Stewart. That does not necessarily make him a better coach, but at least on paper he was a BCS defensive coordinator, and a D-1 head coach, though with a traditionally bad program.

    Aurburn and WVU, two programs that allow boosters (Bobby Lowder and Milan Puskar/Joe Manchin) too much say, and ended up paying the price.

  9. So does anybody have a story on Devine? I don’t care if it is fact or rumor. Is he eligible?

    Someone tell me what you think you might know?

    Charley I don’t want to start a rumor on here but we are running out of things to talk about. This could be a big problem for our program if it is true. I would like to know what everyone esle has heard.

  10. The staff on BGN (pay side) said he’s still with the team and practicing, fwiw.

  11. Breaking news regarding Noel’s status: He and our football team are no longer relevant because WVU won a scrimmage game at the end of last season…..So Noel Devine’s status is probable for getting into trouble and missing class, questionable for having enough talent to get into the league and doubtful that he will be on a winning team next season. Unless Bill Stewart would be “declared out” for the season.

  12. Bahhhh Humbugggggg Babbbbyyyyyyy!!!!

  13. ESAD

  14. Does anybody know what happened to Terrance Kerns. Why was he redshirted if he was redshirted?

  15. I ask that because you don’t hear of many 20 almost 21 year old kids that get redshirted.

  16. He didn’t pick up the offense and could not hold onto the ball during practice. He did receive a redshirt but now his status with the team is iffy.

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