It’s A Christmas Miracle!


Since the Friday before the South Florida game, there have been many rumors and tons of speculation about Noel Devine’s academic status. While he most likely did not get a 4.0, he is cleared to play in the bowl game and beyond.

“He’s out of my dog house, but still on the leash,” Stewart said.

[Source: WV Gazette]


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  1. UNC hasn’t seen a QB with the ability of Pat White and our defense is playing very tough.

    We win the bowl and spend the offseason really settling into Mullen’s system, ran the way he wants it instead of trying to half-ass it with Rod’s system and we should be very good next year.

  2. I agree.

    We did not have an offensive system this year because he was trying to pull from too many places. Pick a philosophy and stick with it.

  3. Thank you to the teacher’s who support “the program” for GIVING Devine his passing marks.

  4. “Noel is not in anyone’s dog house, nor is Sands,” Stewart said. “I don’t want to make anything of it. It’s called competition. I sent a message to two young players. … I wasn’t pleased with the tailback position coming out of Pittsburgh and I wasn’t pleased with the free safety position, so I opened it up for competition.”

    Bill Stewart, December 8th.

  5. I am sure if he called out Noel at that time, everyone would have been pissed because you should not do that in the media.

    To some of you this man cannot do anything right.

  6. He did the right thing, he should just remember what he said and not totally contradict himself a week later…

  7. 5th year, one day you’re going to win an argument with that straw man you keep talking to…

  8. You all are assuming that what Uncle Stew says is true. Hmmmmm……

  9. Devine could’ve put himself in HCBS’s dog house after the game against USF. Thus, he did not contradict himself.

  10. Thus, therefore, hereafter….

  11. Post hoc ergo propter hoc

  12. Yeah. Mullen’s offense is doing wonders at Wake Forest.

    I don’t know why more offenses around the contry aren’t adopting that system.

    It obviously creates an enormous, err I’m sorry, tremendous advantage for them.

    Who knows, next year they might break the record for most field goals in a season.

  13. I was raised in Morgantown and a WVU grad (’75) who is living in Central Ohio and a member of the Central Ohio Chapter of the WVU Alumni Association. I’ll be in NC on the 27th but want to ask anyone who is near Central Ohio to check out Eric is from WV and one of the most active people here. The Chapter meets at Gressos and the 27th is going to be busy with people meeting at Gressos and bussing to the other side of town for the BB game after watching the bowl game prior to the short trip to OSU.

    Since this is a plug for the Alumni Association I will refrain from comments regarding how much Mr. Stewart & Mr. Mullen have either made or cost the University in revenue this year.

  14. Please do not mention “Mullen” and “offense” in the same sentence. Those two words do not belong anywhere near each other.

  15. I agree that we’ll be very good next year. Another year of Mullen’s more mature system and Jarrett Brown replacing Pat White at the QB position will sit pretty in Mo-Town. Also, look for Noel Devine to show his stuff and prove his first round stock for the following year’s draft. Also, look for Wes Lyons to REALLY develop and turn into an unbelievable playmaker.

    Next season: WVU 10-1 and trip to Sugar Bowl.

  16. Wes Lyons? a playmaker? …..laughable

  17. Columbus, I recognized the sarcasm, and I appreciated it. UNC will roll us, bet them now.

  18. Expect WVU to go at a minimum of 10-2 year in and year out. I truly, truly, truly believe that. I’ve turned my negativity around. I no longer believe that the success of a college football team is dictated by head coaching, leadership, cohesiveness, and an overall “moxy” of a program. Instead, it is ALL recruiting. In fact, I no longer care what WVU does on the field, as long as we win the recruiting war every year. ALL the wins will follow that success in recruiting, and when I mean recruiting war, I mean the guys that give us strictly verbals………I don’t mean the guys that actually sign on the dotted line, because that’s a different story and that would actually supply a realistic viewpoint of the current situation instead of keeping that daggone half-full attitude. We need to not address problems w/ the program, but instead HOPE that it recovers and keep that daggone positive attitude.

  19. We just need to Win Games !! And win them 1 game @ time. We need to learn from our mistakes. We need to build our program. I would say we started building this season and learning. We need to grow. As I feel we have matured alot from beginning to the end of this season (coaching).
    We will Beat NC !! We bring fans, kin, and WV pride !!
    Look @ Orange Bowl : $2.50 for a Ticket ?
    Cinci will not be around next year. We will !!
    We will always be the one to beat in the Big East .
    We need to keep playing better teams outside the BE and showing national recognition. We are still heading in the right direction. Brown will fill White’s shoes and be successful but no quarterback will ever wear White’s shoes. We are by far a better program all around then any other team in the BE. I like where are heading and im not looking back (about this season).

    Find it, Keep it, Ride it !!

  20. Columbus, sometimes your comments overflow with douchebaggery.

  21. sometimes?

  22. Columbus, is it still only a verbal if they enroll at WVU in January for the spring semester? (Technically it is but…) Geno, Heastie, Finau, and Long will all be at WVU and will participate in spring drills.

    Also, last time I checked when you won more games than you lost the season was not a failure.

    If a “majority” of WVU fans want HCBS fired, how did we help sell out the Car Care Bowl?

  23. Columbus and Eat Schmitt…please don’t watch the game and I sure as hell hope you didn’t purchase tickets in support of this are bandwagon fans and just need to go root for the boomer sooners or aligators since they are the teams playing for the NC. Take your pick..Some of us fans don’t give up on our team and root for them through good or bad…yes it’s going badly right now but as a WVU FAN I will continue to root for them b/c thats all I am is a fan. I can’t make internal decision in the AD and neither can you!!!

  24. Hey Jay, please don’t speak until I call upon you son. Am I not allowed to voice my opinion? I don’t think this team is going to win the bowl, simple, asshole? Does that make me a bandwagon jumper? Am I still going to rout for my alma mater, yes I am. I have been to the last 3 bowls, and I WILLL be at this bowl, so go fuck yourself. The amount of money that I’ve given to the physical education department since I graduated from it in 1992 allows me to have an opinion dickhead, so before you jump all over me for not being a “fan”, get your shit straight. Take your holier than though attitude and blow it out your ass moron, we are all fans and we can all have opinions. IT’S A BLOG YOU DOPE!

  25. “I will continue to rout for them b/c that’s all I am is a fan” We are all so touched, what a fucking homo.

  26. Eat Schmitt…I will speak whenever I want to speak “son”!! You crackerjack fan. I will be at the bowl game as well but not holding up a “I am a WVU fan but today we WILL get our asses beat!!” sign. With your infactuation of wanting Stew fired and putting him down anytime he breathes makes you more of a homo candidate than me my friend!! Maybe you should start bitching about things you can control and maybe your constant anger will decrease. JMO!!

  27. People need to understand that just because you don’t like who is coaching your team, doesn’t mean you’re not a fan.

    If we weren’t fans we wouldn’t care. We still root for the mountaineers and watch every game hoping that they’ll win.

    I’m willing to give Stew more time. I think with the right coaches under him, the team could be successful. Probably more despite him than because of him because I just don’t think he gives us an advantage as a coach, but that’s not the point.

    I think he needs a real OC. Someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who can point the offense in a clear direction. Someone who knows where the offense needs to be AND knows how to get there.

    This offense wasn’t going to be the great offense of the past few years no matter what. We all realize that. A program like WVU has drop off when it loses great players.

    However, the reason it was an unorganized, chaotic mess with no direction that never improved was because of coaching.

  28. lmao @ jay and schmitt

  29. I agree with the Goitmeister on this one. We are all obviously fans that want what is best for the team. Some quit more easily on something when the going gets a little rough, rather than giving it a chance to work.

  30. 5th, at some point, you’ll quit on Stewart too. Remember that before you get too ‘holier than thou’.

  31. I just think its ridiculous to come on here and say that you are a fan, but then turn around and say we are DEFINITELY gonna lose the bowl game and to “bet on it now”. Just b/c HCBS is coaching. Not considering he won more than he lost this year and not even thinking about the great players the team has. Oh yeah then again he did predict the USF game correctly! 🙂

  32. How many of you guys quit on Nehlen during his 20 yrs of mediocrity? What is the meaning of quit? Is it to still attend games or watch them and just sit around bitching and booing every play or is it to actually stop watching and attending the games because its worthless?

  33. I can’t wait for 5th Year to consolidate all his posts and comments into the “Complete WVU Fan Manual: How to Properly Think, Talk, Act, and Formulate Opinions on Mountaineer Sports.”

  34. When the 7 FBS teams you beat are a combined 8 games under .500. When you don’t defeat an FBS team with more than 7 wins. When you average 33 points per game over a 6 year period and then that drops to 24 points per game with more returning starters and a weaker schedule than any of those previous 6 years. When you see no improvement and the same problems all season long. That is when an 8-4 season is a failure.

  35. I’m working on my manifesto now but I don’t think my comment told anyone how to properly think, talk, act or formulate an opinion on Mountaineer sports.

    I just get frustrated because some of you seriously seem like you want to HCBS to fail.

  36. Well I’m not in that boat Jay, so I can’t defend it.

    I don’t give up on the team, but I’ll admit it’s hard to be pessimistic at times.

    Nehlen is a different story. He built the program from the ground up pretty much.

    Stew is taking over the program at it’s peak.

    I’m not giving up. I’m just stating my opinion. Giving up would be to stop following the team and that’s never going to happen. I’ll always follow them and always root for them.

    I just have an opinion.

    As far as giving it a chance to work, they’re getting their chance. That’s not going to change.

    Bill’s here for a long time and unfortunately, IMO, so is Mullen.

    It getting a chance to work isn’t up to me so I have no say in that matter. I’ve just always thought Mullen was a bad choice and don’t think what he ultimately will do to this offense will really be very effective.

    I still hope it will be.

    If that’s not giving it a chance then I’m guilty, but I don’t think it is. I always hope WVU is successful. I’d love to eat mounds of crow and for Stew and Mullen to take us to multiple national championships, but I can’t help that I have a different opinion and I refuse to repress it just to seam like more of a fan to some of you homers.

  37. correction, should be “it’s hard to be optimistic”….oops

  38. We had a ton of returning “talented” starters in 2004 and that season did not turn out the way we had planned. We finished 8-4

  39. Beamer…I respect your opinion and as I have stated before I am VERY disappointed with the season and thought it should of been better as well. But when “WVU fans” come on this board week after week and basically trash anything and everything about the program and say we have no chance in ANY game it becomes a bit disturbing. I would wager that no one on this board could do better as head coach b/c its a fact.

  40. Well no one on this board is being paid over $800,000 a year to be a head coach nor have they, in all likelihood, spent their entire careers trying to achieve the goal of becoming a head coach.

    That’s a stupid and pointless statement.

    I have no problem with you have a problem with that, though I think you might have exaggerated a bit.

    People are frustrated and some take it overboard. They’re not the majority, as evidenced by the support of the fans in buying bowl tickets.

    Most fans are somewhere in between loving stew and hating him. I think most are like us, displeased but still hopeful, even if they don’t think they have reason to be.

  41. I’m one of the fans who are kinda giving up hope. I live in NC and i’m not going to the game…i’ve just lost my excitement for WVU football. maybe i’m a fair weather fan. but it’s just so frustrating i don’t want to be apart of it. i’ll just shake my head about all the moronic decisions as i watch on tv.

  42. UNC defense has a lot of speed and could give us trouble. However, our defense has been much better than expected and UNC offense hasn’t been great at all.

    I predict an incredibly dull 6-3 game…McAfee actually MAKES a 22yd FG to win it for us.

  43. No one on commenting is probably qualified to be a calvary general, but we can all see that General Custer was a failure. Just like we can see Urban Meyer is a success and Greg Robinson is a failure without having to coach major college football.

    I agree with 5th year that 2004 was just as dissapointing as 2008 and just as big of a failure.

  44. Bill Stewart IS a failure as a head coach (again, very nice guy just to make it crystal clear for those of you who think I have a PERSONAL stake against him, although he’s a bit arrogant IMO). I don’t need to wait for the coming seasons. We will fail. Do I like it? Of course not. I AM, however, willing to sacrifice a year to get a new head coach into town. 2 words for all of you:


    “Winning season can’t constitute a failure”–that’s laughable and doesn’t even deserve a response.

  45. Terry Bowden is the demi-god you want to replace Stew. So let me get this right, you want to replace a career assistant coach with a career broadcaster? Don’t give me the he won at Auburn crap, that was a life time ago. Look at where sports were 12 years ago, it’s a different world now.

    He was prostituting himself to San Diego State last month and they wouldn’t sniff him, you think he’s better than Stew?????? At least we have mediocrity now, you’re striving for something SDS wouldn’t touch.

    Strive for Tuberville, Tommy Bowden, hell Bill Cowher, Turner Gill, Todd Graham, Butch Jones, Jimbo Fisher, but Terry Bowden. good grief.

  46. Columbus gets more stupid everytime he posts.

  47. It’s infatuation, not “infactuation”, Jay, you fucking retard. There are things in the English language called contractions and commas, learn how to use both before you decide to post again, thank you very much you stupid rim. Now I know what kind of half-wit I am dealing with, so please in the future do not ever address me on this message board unless I speak to you first. Understand me boy? I feel myself getting dumber even responding to you on this post.

    Jay? Let me guess, you are from southern West Virginia? You have to be with those grammar skills.
    No offense to my other southern West Virginia brothers and sisters.

    Columbus, I hope that Terry Bowden request was meant to be a joke, or I may have to put you in timeout for 2 days.

  48. EERnNC you aren’t allowed to be a fan anymore according to Jay, if you don’t solely support everything that West Virginia football does, you might as well not even watch. You aren’t allow to express any doubts in the program or say anything negative like, “they may actually lose a bowl”, because if you do, Jay will challenge your loyalty. Just fly your flag high, wear you colors proudly, give countless dollars to the school and walk around with blinders on, because that is what makes you a true fan, just be one of the sheep like Jay.

  49. Most West Virginians prefer to be “sheep”, except for those that graduated from WVU. I think that many people that blindly support the program often aren’t even the ones that are donating to the program or even went to WVU. These are TRUE fans who have worked their entire lives to become successful and were in stressful classrooms, boardrooms, etc. that placed them in a position to donate much dollars to the university. THESE are the people I pay attention to when it comes to their opines on the current admin. and I know that many of these people AREN’T sheep.

  50. And spare me the old West Virginia fatalistic routine “Oh, don’t you think you’re better than everybody else”. No, I don’t think I’m better. I just don’t respect sheep.

  51. Eat, if you are going to be on spelling and grammar patrol, head on over to the BGN boards and be that asshole. We don’t make those types of petty pussy arguments over here.

    Come hard with facts and your opinion all you want. Just don’t drop down to the level of calling out someone’s spelling. People make mistakes, good lord. I hardly ever use commas in my posts and they only suck half the time.

    Also, it is very manly to talk back to someone in a threatening manner and call them a name on the internet.

    Finally, you did not say, “we may lose the game,” you said something to the effect that we are going to get killed and bet everything on the Heels.

  52. Columbus, I thought you said a week ago that a “majority” of WVU fans want HCBS gone? How can most be “sheep” and also want him gone?

    A little contradictory my friend. Then again, I am from Southern WV and don’t donate thousands to the University, so I may not totally understand all the big words everyone is using.

  53. I don’t like to call other posters out by name, because I might be afraid of keeping it that real, by those of you who evidently have master’s degrees in Appalachian Fatalism…please don’t come to Charlotte. In fact, please don’t even watch. All that negative juju you guys radiate does nothing but hurt the ballclub.

    Please, please, please…just send your negative vibes elsewhere. With friends like some of you, and you know who you are, who needs enemies?

  54. We all know that 5th year understands the meaning of contradiction, most contradictory person on this blog BY FAR, soooo contradictory that he confuse himself, which isn’t too difficult for a southern West Virginian. Hey 5th, if you’d quit worrying about Columbus’ opinion and figure out where you actually stand, maybe you could gain a little credibility, but I doubt it, you just aren’t as bright and witty as you think you, and that is ok, but you just need to understand that most on here are way ahead of you.

  55. wow, talk about grammar, mine was lacking a tad there, the inbreds must be wearing off on me

  56. Wow. The fact that wannabe Shady is almost to stupid to play in the Who Cares? Bowl is maybe the least surprising news I’ve heard since Obama won. Unfortunatley, I want the BE to look good so I am rooting for West Vir…I mean, rooting against UNC. There, that was a lot easier to type.

  57. I’m amazed at the envy hail2 must have to troll one of our blogs and keep tabs on our players. I would never give Shitt that much thought or consideration.

  58. LOL… For graduating in 1992 Eat Schmitt sounds like a crybaby teenager. You can find nothing to do except try to be a man behind your little computer screen. You have me shaking REALLY…WHAT A TOOL and I will address you whenever I want. In fact, just for shits and giggles and to get you to beat your life partner again, I will address you on every post for now on. I’m from the eastern pandhandle jerkoff. Go ahead and grade this post. I will just keep laughing my ass of at you, little crackerjack fan!!

  59. Another F in grammar!!! Oh well, I don’t know how I ever earned my degree in accounting and became a CPA. Wow. Eat Schmitt you there or did you break your computer monitor?!? Don’t get this guy going, he might go on a killing spree. We should ALL be scared, even you Columbus. He IS putting you in TO you know!!!

  60. This is how true WVU fans show support for their “Alma Mater:

    “Columbus, I recognized the sarcasm, and I appreciated it. UNC will roll us, bet them now.”

  61. I don’t mind the bickering. This will go on until Stew is fired. But this grammar police bullshit is the most annoying thing that happens to blogs. Unfortunately we can’t beat the shit out of each other, so we turn to profanaties. Than worse it becomes a spelling bee.

    We can argue whether we like or dislike the coach. But in the end the stats tell the truth. I don’t blame Stew or Mullen for their idiotic coaching. The administration screwed the program by placing a unproven guy in high profile job.

    I am very good at my job in IT infrastructure. But there is no way I could run the company. But if they gave me the CEO position, I sure as hell wouldn’t turn it down. I would probably f things up then get fired within 6 months.

  62. That’s the best you got Jay? I am bored with you now, please go away. Certified public assholes apparently don’t have enough verbal banter to compete, so I must ignore you, I have already lost enough brain cells bickering with you. Behave or I may have to ship you down to Beckley.

    All bickering and stupidity aside, Merry Christmas everyone. (even Jay and 5th year) Am I allowed to watch the bowl now?

  63. Here are a couple things for all of us to keep in mind:

    1. We need to bring more positive energy to this team and program. Being negative only brings down everyone involved. Earlier this year, I watched Georgia play Alabama. Georgia was down 31-0 at the half at home, getting totally embarrassed. Their fans(who I usually dislike), didn’t leave, didn’t boo, but stayed and cheered as hard as they could, even though they lost thier shot at a national title. Do WE have THAT in us????

    2. I know many of you would suggest that Stewart and Mullen should coach from in front of your laptop, becasue that’s where all the answers are, but they aren’t the biggest reason we’ve been struggling on offense. We have struggled on offense because our line really isn’t as good as we thought. Think about it- we have an inordinate number of plays that get blown up for big losses. That doesn’t come from the other team just knowing what we are doing, it comes from missed assignments. Look at Navy(all they do is run)- or all of Rich Rod’s teams. Everyone knew what they were gonna do, they just couldn’t stop it.
    Also- look at our short yardage problems. I hate to break it to ya, but MOST teams run the ball between the tackles in short yardage situations MOST of the time, because they expect their linemen to move the other guys a yard or two. Our linemen can’t, and thats why we struggle.

    Our team wans’t quite as good as we thought, but it’s still pretty good and it’s still OUR team!! Lets act like it and quit bitching and taking every chance to bring them down.

  64. “ship you down to Beckley”–LMAO on that one….that WOULD suck.

    5YS-I am not contradictory AT ALL. I wasnt referring to the MAJORITY of WVU fans. I was referring to you and a handful of others on here. I would NEVER generalize the majority of WVU fans as “sheep” because the majority of fans are reasonable and see that we made a mistake. Again, totally not a contradictory statement……A little “poke” at you and a couple of others on here like JPFashbroker and Wayne (ESP’s sparring partner)?? Perhaps.

  65. I would be a sheep if I just blindly supported HCBS because he was our coach. I have my reasons for my continued support.

    Again, I did not want the man in the first place but he deserves more time.

  66. Standing ovation for WVU South.

  67. WVU South will get blasted by the crackerjack fans in 5..4..3..2..1… Especially if he is from Beckley!!Remember UNC will roll us (like a burrito). We shouldn’t of wasted our money on these bowl tickets instead we should of bet the money on UNC. ROTFLMAO!!!

  68. Here, here…WVU South. Well said. That brings to three the number of posters I admire on this board.

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