Meteorologist McAfee Sees Fair Weather At WVU


“I think West Virginia fans are so fair-weather every once in a while it’s ridiculous. I know that from personal experience,” McAfee said last week. “We have some great fans. I just wish all of them were like that.

Before you begin to personally attack McAfee for stating the truth, you should remember all the barbs you have thrown in past few months. The comments have not be pleasant and were sometimes down right personally mean spirited. If you are going to be a critic, you should be prepared to take it too.

To those that think the booing and criticism goes unnoticed and does not negatively effect the team, look closely at what McAfee says and reconsider your opinion. We, as fans, are able to help or hurt our football team by our support or lack thereof.

“Whenever we’d lose a game, all you heard was all the negative stuff, people attacking our coaching staff,” McAfee said. “It’s all the things you notice after your eyes are opened to it.”

These players put their heart and soul on the line for us every game. Do they get praise in return? Most of the time, hell no. Instead, they get verbally beaten down or physically threatened if the make one small misstep.

We need to acknowledge the things these players do right in a game, before we unfairly focus all our attention on the negatives.

“I guess every city has that, but it’s pretty sad because we’ve got a good thing going here and I think in the future it’s going to be a really good thing. I wish they’d stick by our side instead of falling off and coming back on. I think this year showed … I mean, we couldn’t even sell out this place on senior night. And fans leaving at halftime? I really wish they were more dedicated.”

Sure, it was cold on Senior Night but the last two Pitt games at Mountaineer Field Field were much colder and we sold that shit out. I am not even going to get started on leaving at halftime because that shows total lack of respect and dedication to this team.

Many of you talk about how we are a “big time” program. How we are a Top 10 program. Well, “big time” programs have extremely dedicated fans that show up no matter what. Some WVU fans talk about how the football team has been so terrible this year. Well, guess what? So have many of you. (Me included)

“Be patient and be a fan, not an armchair quarterback. You’re not a coach. You don’t know football as well as these guys do. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the game. I think if they start winning everybody will be back on their side. And I think it’s only a matter of time before this coaching staff does something special.”

We sit here and talk about “our perspective” of how things inside the program are going. Well, here is someone with an inside perspective and he sees great things in the future from this coaching staff. The 2009 season begins in Charlotte and it will be a WVU victory.


[SOURCE: Dave Hickman WV Gazette]


39 Responses

  1. I guess I need to write a written explanation to Pat McAfee about how my seats were empty for the USF game because my care was stranded in some guy’s yard overnight because there was an inch of snow on my road that had been compacted into ice that kept me from even making it home from my optometrist appt. that morning.

    Sorry I didn’t risk my life to make it to a football game.

    I wanted to go, dammit, but I couldn’t justify taking my other 2 wheel drive car out in that weather.

    We do have some crappy fans, though.

    I’ll believe the special things coming from this offensive staff when I see it.

  2. Pat MacAfee should stick to doing what he does best. 1. Missing chip shots from the left hash. 2. Being an otherwise awesome kicker. 3. Being Morgantown’s most notorious deuchebag.

    Fans don’t have they same responsibilities as citizens. There are no responsibilities or code of conduct. Sports are entertainment. If it’s not entertaining to the individual they have the right to boo, leave, or forget they were ever a fan. People can do as they please.

  3. Umm Mr. McAfee don’t you understand that, even though we have a new coaching staff, you guys should of still been able to run the EXACT same offense and still been able to score just as many points as we did with the previous dickheaded staff. God for bid you had to adjust to any new playcalling at all. Jeez. After all, we did have the almighty football god in Pat White who we all know is COMPLETELY INVINSIBLE and never makes mistakes. Hell when he does its the coaches fault ,not his, for throwing the ball straight to a defensive back. Oh, and by the way, we will have tons of fans at the game in charlotte, but you must understand that UNC WILL ROLL you guys and I have already bet my farm on it!! Good luck and as a donor (of $2 a year to the physical education dept) I think i should have the right to bitch about an 8-4 season and should actually have the ultimate decision of who coaches this team, what plays are being called, and what the final outcome of such plays should be.

  4. Wow now we are bashing the players for dissing fair weathered fans, and not b/c they didn’t EXECUTE on the field. CLASSIC!!! Oh wait ,the execution is the coaches fault my bad!!

  5. bravo mr mcafee!

    nothing fills my day with more joy then going on bluegoldnews and reading hilarious posts by former jr high players about how the team should be run. ive never posted on that site, mostly because i’m not a loser, but someone turned me on to it a few years ago, and now i find it more entertaining that 2 dogs humping.

  6. Granting that there are a lot of fair weather fans, and that the success like that of the previous three seasons attracts them no matter what the setting, there are also a lot of fans who have waited through decades of one wrenching disappointment after another. It’s impossible to expect that the events of December 2007 would not have a very negative effect on fan attitudes, creating a kind of hangover the following year. It’s not like WVU has 7 historical MNCs under its belt.

    Also, as a resident of Pittsburgh who wears Mountaineers paraphernalia pretty often, I can tell you that the amount of shit I get from people while I’m minding my own business is directly proportional to the current streak in the Brawl. So there are some stakes, however small, beyond the pure entertainment aspects.

  7. You have the right to do whatever the fuck you want, no matter how idiotic and silly it may be. However, do not sit there and pretend it does not have an impact on the players.

    Also, some people just need to admit they are bandwagon fans.

  8. I’m not saying our fans don’t suck, but don’t say people who COULDN’T make it to the USF game are just fairweather fans.

    It was simply not safe for a lot of people to be traveling that day.

    That’s my problem.

    I don’t remember a lack of attendance for any other games.

  9. Goit, I was only criticizing fans that did not go because it was too cold. I can’t criticize all fans that did not go, since I was at home on my couch in SC.

    The roads were horrible on all routes into Morgantown, I can understand that.

  10. I think Jay is obsessed with me.

  11. My son is a sophomore and he says it is common knowledge that PM is a punk……talks smack at bars and hides behind offensive lineman kind of thing…..whatever.


  12. I love to play retards like a fiddle.

  13. He gave me a quarter at Subway in Morgantown when I was a little short on change. Pat was a generally nice guy all the times that I have met him. He had a mouth on him but it was generally just good natured ribbing.

    He is big enough that he should not need to hide behind offensive linemen.

  14. Pat definitely has an “asshole” quality in the way that he presents himself, in a kicker that really doesn’t go over well. Getting death threats after the Pitt game last year was a littleeee much, but just stfu and kick the ball. Crticism goes with the territory, learn to live with it now, because if you make it to the next level and miss field goals under 30 yards, you will get it much worse, and you won’t be employed for long.

  15. Yeah eat schmitt I am definitely obsessed with you. i love people who call themselves WVU fans but go around booing the team, basically stating we will get our asses handed to us every game,

  16. Oh peas and rice I hope this does not turn into another my willy is bigger that your willy fight between you two. Those are annoying and are better left to BGN.

  17. Dear Mr. McAfee,

    You are now public enemy number one. How dare you call out us fair weathered fans? I can’t believe that there is anyone out there who can actually give this coaching staff some time to get their act together. Hell if you don’t go undefeated every year here at WVU, you don’t deserve to be a coach. I didn’t blame the players for any of these losses before, but now since you decided to publicly blast my ridicule, I will toally call you a nappy headed faggot who can’t make chip shot field goals. Edit: Our losses are now 100% Stew’s, Mullen’s, AND MCAFEE’s fault. GO HEELS (or I won’t have a a place to live).


    The WVU fans who ride the short bus

  18. I’m going to call a truce with Jay, if he will accept it. I don’t want to fight on blogs anymore, it’s very gay. Do you accept my willow branch Jay? SMOOCHES AND HUGS!

  19. …It’s impossible to expect that the events of December 2007 would not have a very negative effect on fan attitudes, creating a kind of hangover the following year.

    Well stated. Many are still smarting from those cataclysmic days and it’s ridiculous to blythly say “get over it”. Hey Pat…boo hoo. If you’re lucky enough to play on Sundays, maybe you’ll get drafted by the Eagles. You’ll never hear anything but the mellifluous
    tones of angelic fans raining down on your oh so tender heart. Who will lead this harmonic convergence?

  20. Or is it an olive branch? Maybe I am not as smart as I think I am.

  21. Eat, we will forgive your slip up. It is hard doing something for the first time but being nice and cordial will get easier. (wink)

  22. On Pat as a player:

    Everyone wants to go the route of bringing up Pitt and Colorado. Granted, those were FGs that he should have made. In those games combined the offense only scored 21 points. There’s plenty of blame to go around and no one took those losses harder than McAfee. No one brings up the big kicks that he’s made. Remember Cincinnati? Yeah, I was one of the fans still in my seat until the end — speaking of fair-weather fans……….

    He’s still the all-time leading scorer at WVU and he’s been in more games than any other Mountaineer — well, once he steps on the field on Saturday. That deserves some respect no matter how you look at it.

    On Pat as a person/character:

    “just stfu and kick the ball”?? “asshole quality”?? “punk”?? It’s clear that none of you have spent time talking to the man and gotten to know him as a member of this community as opposed to just someone you see on game day. He’s someone who’s always signing autographs for kids and taking time to talk with people. He’s done charity work (as have many Mountaineers) and on the many occasions he’s come in to the establishment at which I work, he’s been nothing but a treat to be around. I can’t say the same for all of the players.

    And “hiding behind lineman”? Your son the sophomore sounds like the punk to me. If you’re old enough to have a son in college, you should know better than to spread such garbage. I’ve been at WVU from 2003-07 and am still close to the school and many students — something like that being common knowledge is completely untrue.


    What did he say that was incorrect? That’s the best we can do though, huh? Take what he says as a personal insult — like we’re ignoring the many fans that we have that are “fair-weather” — and pretend that he’s speaking to us directly — and throw insults back at him. Nice.

    Those that complain about not being able to make it to the game — Over the past five season, I’ve missed 4-5 games total between basketball and football. In fact, I’ll be missing the Radford game tomorrow. In every case, I’ve made sure that someone got my tickets and that someone was in my seats. If you don’t use you’re tickets, you’re out $40+ or whatever the average price per ticket comes to for season ticket holders. So, giving your tickets away has the same effect on you personally, only someone’s in your seat. Too bad we have way too many people that will sell them, but if no one’s buying, they’d rather hold onto them.

    Give your tickets to a Boys & Girls Club — United Way, the neighbor — just don’t take the words of a charismatic, outspoken kicker personally, and feel that you need to defend yourself.

    Do your part. That’s all anyone asks.

  23. Eat Schmitt…I never had a problem with your views and frustration with this years team. I understand it. I just don’t like the fact that you say you are a mountaineer fan, but every week come on here and say we are going to lose. Even Lions fans go out on Sunday believing they are going to win or have a chance too. Have a good Christmas yourself, and I hope you can fight through your negativity and actually hope we can beat the Heels.

  24. Hey 25314, it’s “douchebag”. Spell checker probably blew right past that one.

  25. I agree that ESP got under the skin of Wayne and therefore the repeated references post after post. Wayne, so you’re telling me that since I say the Mounties will lose this Saturday that I’m not a true fan? Being generally negative about the direction of the team is one thing, but questioning the fanhood based on that negativity, which is based more on objective as opposed to emotional criteria, is completely another……..

    Pat McAfee comments: He is a kicker…I don’t care how big he is….He is a kicker……….He is a kicker.

    ESP: Why would you extend an olive branch on a blog?

  26. I certainly hope that we beat the Heel out of em.

  27. This post will certainly be added to The Complete WVU Fan Manual. Maybe McAfee can write the Forward. As far as his thoughts on fans, he’s entitled to them, just as I’m entitled to my thoughts on him. The attendance was poor on Senior Night, but with the number of vehicles in guard rails and ditches that I saw, it’s no surprise.

  28. What has happened to WBGV? This has been the two most painful days of waisting my companies time reading about the Mountaineers that I’ve ever experienced. Charley, 25314, 5th Year – please pretend like it’s Wednesday and show us all something we can agree on…

  29. You will get your wish

  30. Pat is right. I’m one of them. I just don’t boo….that’s gay.

  31. Columbus, it’s the holiday season, I am taking the high road on this one, but I know you understand me, and I will not disappoint in the future. I didn’t just get under his skin, I got into his viscera. We are way ahead of these people on here my brotha, wayyyy ahead, but why fight, open some Grey Goose and enjoy the holidays!! Merry Christmas all!

    Are the other hosts on vacation this week? Where are Charley and 25314?

  32. I am almost embarrassed by some of the so-called WVU fans.

    They remind me of the lunatic parents that show up at their kids little leagu games screaming from the bleachers.

    As a WVU fan, I’ve been disappointed by this years results, BUT i would never bash the kids the way some fans have. They play their hearts out. They don’t play to lose. It sends the wrong message to possible recruits when we as fans act like a bunch of asses.

  33. Ok, everyone, lock it up. You’re not a better fan cause you support the team when they’re down. You’re not a better fan when you point out critical mistakes within the program. Some people are happy about this year, some aren’t, some are in between. Can you please shut up about it all and talk football or basketball.

    I don’t care who mispells a word or who likes or dislikes Bill Stewart, or where you are from. Stop taking offense to someone else’s opinion. Stop being “embarrassed” by someone else’s opinion. 5th Year senior and I disagree on things but you don’t see us critizing each other’s opinions and persons.

    And for the record, Pat MacAfee does have a reputation in Morgantown of getting kicked of bars. Whether true or not, I don’t know, but that is the reputation.

  34. That f-ing hippie can’t get enough media attention. He is a D-1 kicker that choked in the final game that would have put us in a national championship. And he can’t get over it himself.

    I don’t agree with the threats and aggression from some of the crazy’s. But what has Mcafee done other than make extra points after PW and Slaton lit up the scoreboard.

    I take offense to a motha f-ing kicker calling out a fan base that pays for his scholarship. Kickers need to shut their mouths and speak when spoken too. Especially choke artist kickers. There not even football players. Fuck Macafee! He has now moved to #1 on my shit list just above Mullen. Stew in a distant 3rd place.

  35. Amen Nasty Nati……a kicker? a kicker……a f***ing kicker…..huh.

    If he was a clutch kicker, maybe one sentence from the media, but not this choker. Who cares if he made the kick against Cincy???

    TRUTH: There is little to no pressure w/ kicks that aren’t supposed to be made (ie. 50+ yard kick in shitty weather).

    There is more pressure in kicks during OT from the left hash and in the biggest game of the university’s history.

    A kicker?

  36. He gets tight under close conditions, period.

  37. And Pat White has never thrown an incomplete pass or failed to pick up a first down in a third and short situation.

    Nobody does everything perfectly. NOBODY Good golly miss molly

    To say there is little to no pressure when making a kick that could tie a game is pretty silly. That is like saying there is no pressure at bat in the 9th inning down one, two outs, and nobody on. There is always pressure when you are out there by yourself trying to do something (i.e. sinking free throws with no time left, sinking a 15 ft. putt on the 18th green) Come on

  38. Got Spite??

  39. No, but I have an avatar now 🙂

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