Meineke Car Care Bowl Open Thread

In the immortal words of my former college roommate, “Man, I hope win today.”

Couldn’t say it better myself. Except for this:

LET’S GO………..!


20 Responses

  1. Mountaineers?

  2. Is it just me, or does Jeff Mullen look like he’s trying to save his job by running an RR offense.

    Also, ruh-roh mega-strong WR for the UNC TD.

  3. Mullen must go.

  4. What is Mullen doing? Stupid running plays getting 2 or 3 yards and we need a first down. OMG………this is unreal.

  5. God bless Pat White…the greatest Mountaineer of all time

  6. Great way for PW to finish up.As A Pitt fan, I have the highest regard for PW–he scared the hell out of me for 4 years–I hope he finds the right spot in the pros. Big win for WV, helps out the BE, and puts WV on the right foot for next year–just glad that PW couldn’t pass like that, and Devine couldn’t run like that in the BY Brawl. Props to WV for hammering OSU on the road–BE will be a monster this year.

  7. tks tph60,

    Regardless of the Pitt-WVU rivalry, this is the point in the year where the BE needs to rally for each other. There’s enough retards on the message boards to drive ya crazy. Go take care of biz in El Paso.

    And yes, WV hammered OSU this afternoon. OSU looked pathetic.

  8. Whoo–hoo, how about them eers!!!

    As a major un-fan of HCBS, I have to say that the coaching staff did well today, with only a few head-scratchers throughout the game.

    I’m thrilled for the team and happy for us fans, it’s a great day to be a Mountaineer!

    Icing on the cake: throttling Ohio State, on the road, by 28 in basketball!

  9. I have fun making fun of you WVU fans, but in all seriousness, we, as conference, do need to rally together. The Gay Eleven and All Crap Conference hate us (in football and basketball) and I was glad to see a BE team beat yet another overrated ACC herd of garbage. Hope my Panthers can do as well against the Beavers of Oregon State. Also, I hope Cincy CRUSHES the extremley overrated VT Hokies. Screw you VT, BC, Miami, and every other traitor who abandoned the BE. I can’t wait to hear the Shitanny Lions’ fans exuses after they get waxed by USC. Great day for the BE!

  10. @hail2pitt:

    amen, bro.

  11. Also, WVU had better be ranked in hoops after that performance. Obviously, I am not a huge fan, but shutting down arguably the nation’s best offense (OSU) deserves some recognition.

  12. WVU totally DOMINATED OSU today. It was comfortable leaving the Schott today after that performance. By no means was it the kind of situation where Mountaineer fans were going nuts after the game. It was a situation where after watching that game it would have been an upset if OSU would have beaten us. The Big Ten is extremely poor in football and basketball……The transition was made today of WVU being a football school to WVU being a basketball school. Pat White is THE man and passed the torch over to the b-ball team who will be WVU’s source of athletic excellence for as long as this head coach is there. I f***ing love PHYSICAL BASKETBALL. Welcome to Big East basketball OSU! (No, ND isn’t BEAST style of b-ball)

  13. It’s awesome how all you people who were trashing the coaching staff have nothing to talk about except basketball. I can give you plenty of examples of how the PLAYERS could have cost us the game, but also how they stepped up when they needed to. But then again what could I expect. I think we need to fire coach Casteel (or maybe Lockwood) right now!! (sacasm). Hell our secondary couldn’t cover a turtle today. It must have been his fault. Man we got ROLLED wish I would have bet my bank account on it!!

  14. I hardly mentioned the football team. Don’t get all carried away w/ my comment. I think the b-ball is going to be perennial top 10-15 team and Sweet 16 regulars w/ these young guys, especially Darryl Bryant. I am excited w/ this basketball team. Didn’t watch most of the football game but am very glad PW got his final win……Quit bashing me for hating the head football coach and his OC. YOU’re in the minority not me. Spoke w/ 6 couples over the holiday and LITERALLY 4 of the couples aren’t renewing their season tix. This is something I’m not proud of and wish wouldn’t happen, but I feel like I need to point out to those of you who think that the majority of WVU fans are content w/ the way things are. Quit trying to rain on PW’s day.

  15. Columbus you are a joke Man !! People are scared of change in life !! Thats why alot of people stay where they are in life and never make a move. We did and we are going to be way better than we were with D.R. I think the D.R. checks your sack weekly and makes you cough!! Im proud to be a mountaineer but of course im never satisfied but we should all be proud of this start and enjoy. Its not all about the talent we had it is about growing and we def. have . its a blog and thats what i got to say !!

  16. Great game, but if you want mistakes that the coaching staff made, here are a few… 1) QB sneak on 3rd and 2? We haven’t gained any yardage all year with that play and we certainly weren’t going to pick up 2 full yards. If they were going to go for it on 4th down anyway, why call a QB sneak? 2) With 9 minutes left down by 6, you punt the ball from your own territory. UNC was just about in FG range where they took over and that would have sealed the game. 3) Why call a timeout before going for it on 4th down in the situation? If you don’t pick up the first (which we didn’t), that timeout becomes extremely valuable down the stretch. And if you insist on using the timeout because of indecision, at least get on the line of scrimmage first and try to draw UNC offsides before calling the timeout. 4) When we have the ball on our own 1 yard line, why is Pat under center with Devine as a single setback. Devine’s running style make it extremely dangerous to have him in the game at all. But to Pat under center so that he has to turn and take a couple steps backward before handing the ball to Noel 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage is silly. It takes so long to develop that by the time Noel gets the ball, the corner blitzer has already arrived in the backfield. There are a number of safe options there, on a play when all we want is a couple yards of room. ThAT was the time for a QB sneak. Of have Ricky Kovatch in the. Better yet, hand the ball off to him. Or have Pat in the shotgun for a QB keeper which develops much faster.
    5) Challenge that Noel got across the end zone and there was no safety.
    6) Jock Sanders caught a first down pass, then ran backwards and lost the first down yardage – forcing a punt. Though unfortunate, this will happen sometimes. When it happens, you expect the coaches on the sidelines to remind the receivers to know where the sticks are and drive forward in like situations. That didn’t happen, because on the next possession Arnett caught the same pass on 3rd down and did the same thing as Jock. Fortuitiously, he made it back across the first down line.

    I’m tired of typing, but as you see there were a number of puzzling strategic decisions in the 1 point win.

  17. Trust me when I, along w/ most other Mountaineer fans, have grown accustomed to “puzzling strategic decisions” by this coaching staff. 25134 is correct. The Mounties won IN SPITE of the coaching staff, and it will be rare to imaginary instances when they win BECAUSE of solid coaching decisions.

    PW is the greatest Mountaineer to ever play football. The defense should be much better next year and the offense much worse w/ loss of PW.

    WVU b-ball team will make the tourney and finsh around 4th in the BEAST.

    I am sorry I make these predictions from objective standpoint because I know so many of posters on here HAMMER those that ridicule the Mountaineers, and I would venture that some of you didn’t even go to school in Mo-Town.

  18. I don’t hammer posters like WVUC. I just question why you must continually bang the death toll with your predictions of demise. It’s one thing to state your opinion, but to say the exact same things over and over and over….it’s gotten to be an old show and frankly appears to be begging for attention (and people like me bite, so I’m just as guilty I guess). Maybe your predictions come true next year, maybe they don’t. Your position is well established….say something different for cryin out loud. It’s gotten boring. And I did graduate from WVU, btw.

  19. It seems we have a strong contingent of people who strongly believe that we “Won in spite of HCBS and staff” or “lost because of HCBS and staff” and not much in between. Fact is, EVERY GAME is decided by combination of preparation & execution & even some luck (the list could go on, but I digress) on the part of BOTH the players and staff. And some people talk about blinders….

  20. WVUC, I feel sorry for your friends that are giving up on this new coaching staff and team. Y’all are welcome back aboard next season when we turn around our mistakes and build off this win. I wouldn’t give up my spot for season tickets because of one decent season.

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