Random Goodness


It may be cliche but fuck it. It is a great night to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be. The football team finished this season on a positive note and showed that there are great things to come in the future.

The basketball team absolutely embarrassed tOSU. While it was a total team performance, our freshmen played one hell of a game. Things could get special from here on out. Great game by everyone.

Now some random thoughts…


I just got back to SC from the game but I do not have my computer with me. I couldn’t wait a couple days to see all the positive comments following our game so I drove to a hotel and went into its “business center.”

I get on here and the message boards and my jaw hits the floor. It says something about some of our fan base when fans of our rivals and opponents have better things to say about our team than you do. Pitt fans are happier about our win than some of you.

Of all the positives you could talk about from the game, you say this is the end of WVU as a football school. You still criticize HCBS and Jeff Mullen for how terrible they coach. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the win, it feels almost as good as a blow job.


I have called for Mullen to be fired, until now. After a game of only two bad play calls, he has another year. We threw the ball down the field and ran the ball when we needed. We took what the defense gave us and took a lot of it.


Pat White is the greatest football player in Mountaineer history and, as Charley said, should have his number retired. I also think it would be fucking sweet to build a statute of his run against Louisville last year, with his arm raised and finger telling everyone who was number one.


HCBS you are my head coach and did a damn good job today. Mullen, you stepped up HUGE with your game-plan and play calls. Casteel, you put your guys in positions to make plays and when it came down to time, they performed.

Great job by this team and this coaching staff. HELL YEAH


26 Responses

  1. Don’t worry 5th the haters come out in flocks and can’t admit the coaching staff did well today. At times, it was the players who didn’t make plays and caused us to hold our breath. 1) Lankster dropping a pick. 2) secondary deciding not to cover their ONLY weapon 3) Lazear not smaking Nicks when he made that shit catch 4) Jock catching the ball past the first down marker only to try in make a move that cost him said first down 5) Pat White looking at only one receiver in the end zone and trying to force it to him. Thus getting picked off at the end of the half. 6) Pat again looking for only one receiver on fouth down and not seeing a WIDE OPEN Arnett for the first. Should I go on. Start the bashing now, but I think mistakes are always going to be made and I am happy the players stepped up as well as THE COACHING STAFF. Man we sure got ROLLED!!!

  2. I’ll take getting rolled like that all season long.

  3. Haven’t read what anyone else wrote yet, but I feel more like we won inspite of Stewart/Mulllen than because of them. None the less, what a phenomenal day to be a Mountaineer fan. I would really enjoy a bowl game and basketball game vs. a top 15 school every single day of the year. Winning makes me so happy. I want to make love to school boy.

  4. Well said 5YS. GREAT DAY, Great win and I agree that the coaching staff bought another year. Also what a great speech by White at the end of the game, the kid may have grown up in Alabama, but he’s as blue and gold as you get. Retire his number, name the end zone after him, hell “Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium at Pat White Park?”

  5. This is what its all about !!
    Thank You again Pat WHite and Seniors !!

  6. Notes from the Nose-Bleeds (Sec 549 row 22)
    Note to self: Next bowl don’t buy tickets through the University. Pay the extra jack to get seats down low.

    There was a healthy sprinkling of gold outerware all through the UNC side of the bowl. Much more so than on the Mounties side. Not surprising since there are thousands of WV ex-pats living in the Carolinas (including me and 3 of my 4 brothers). What should have been a UNC home game ended up a reasonable approximation of a neutral site game.

    You just gotta love Casteel’s in-game adjustments. Without Hogan and Glover the secondary got shredded and whipped early. Hakeem Nicks will have a spectacular pro career. But the D stood up in the second half and came up BIG when they had to. BRAVO!

    IMHO the OC’s play-calling was markedly better than the it was last month. I knew PW was connecting well on big throws, but I did not realize how many yards he was putting up until I read the paper this morning. BRAVO! Pat, you are the best player at any position I’ve ever seen in a Mountaineer uniform and I’ve been watching this team for over 40 years. THANK YOU for all the great memories.

    Now the one negative. Kick coverage is still poor. That is something critical that needs to be addressed in the spring.

    The wife and I stopped in Columbia SC to have dinner with some other WV ex-pats. Imagine my surprise and elation when Jake told me what the b-ball score was. Way to go Coach Huggs and all you roundballers!

    It’s a GREAT day to be a Mountaineer!

  7. I went to the bowl game. This is the second game I’ve seen in person under the new coaching staff. I have been very critical all year. There were some times when I definitely scratched my head yesterday. But all in all, I thought we seemed prepared and we were meshing better than we had most of the year. Keep this going next year and we may come out okay!
    Some other happenings/thoughts:
    On the way to the game, I was stopped in traffic on i-77. About every car that passed me was a Mountaineer fan. I had my window rolled down and happened to look over at a Jeep Commander that was decked out in Mountaineer gear but under the passenger window was a magnetic Michigan decal. I checked out who was in the passenger seat wondering why in the world a Mountaineer would be displaying a Michigan decal and I am 96% positive it was Rich Rod. WVU is his alma mater and he did coach most of these kids through their college careers but do you think he actually showed up at the game?
    This is not directed to anyone on these message boards but to some of our fans….
    1. learn something about football and the game before you go to a game and start screaming at the team or the coach. You’re the one that looks ridiculous. 2. While I believe we have a good fan base, some of you people need to learn something….from the great coach Vince Lombardi “act like you’ve been there before.” It’s great to be jubilant and excited about a win, but don’t walk around after a great game and heckle our opponents and look like assholes. Terrible sportsmanship and you embarrass yourself and the Mountaineers.
    Lastly, I watched the greatest Mountaineer player leave the field for the last time yesterday. What a great player and kid. I saw his chin and lip quiver through the binoculars as he thanked the Mountaineer faithful. Thank you Pat. You have always made us proud. He’s deserves a shot in the pros, and I will always be a fan.
    Great job b-ball team too!
    It’s always a great day to be a Mountaineer, but yesterday was absolutely the best!

  8. Jay,

    You are ridiculous. Your are so paranoid that you have become defensive before someone makes a comment.

    I hate the fact that I share the same name as you. Good thing we have avatars so no one can mistake me for you.

    The football game was awesome and Bad Bob laid the smacketh downeth on the chumpeyes.

  9. Well it turned out a lot better than I ever expected. A pretty good game and atmosphere. Glad I made the trip.

    Depending on what kind of football you like the WVU/UNC game was either a wonderful win or bad tidings of things to come. To be blunt our transformation from a running to passing team is complete. Pat made some wonderful throws and I was amazed when I watched a replay of the game that the announcers were surprised. Where have they been for the last couple years? Throwing ain’t the problem, catching may be. :p

    So the good news is that Mullen finally got his passing game in gear. The bad news is that our running game never materialized and this was the rule rather than the exception the entire season. And our fan base seems happy with that even though I am not. I don’t like pass first offenses and we are now one. But if they can develop into a ~good~ passing team as opposed to a ~mediocre~ one that will be a big improvement.

    Our kick return coverage was absolutely abysmal. Again. I don’t know what to say, in this aspect of the game we are about the worst I’ve seen. Need to work on it.

    But we got a very timely fumble when the game was just about to be iced away. Made a couple really nice passes and won a thriller. It was a big win.

    But I stand by my opinion: Stewart is lost and Mullen is trying to make us into Kansas/Missouri Lite. I don’t like it and don’t believe we will win the Big East with this bunch coaching. I don’t see us winning many games next season.

    But win lose or draw I’ll root for them. Have no choice, it’s my team.


  10. HAHA! Got back from the bowl last night just to see that Jay raced to this message board to try to discredit me, wow this guy has some serious obsession issues, should I be flattered or scared? Let it go man, I had an opinion. Like The Fonz used to say, “I was Wrrr, wwrrrr, wrrrrrrong!” We didn’t get rolled, they played good, I was wrong, but so were a lot of others Jay. I know I know we aren’t allowed to be fans, because we thought they were going to lose, it goes against all that is true Mountaineer in this world. Be a sheep Jay, just don’t be a sheep that stalks me please.

    See what Jay isn’t getting is that I bet North Carolina +2.5, that means I actually won twice. You are a CPA aren’t you, figure it out.

    Thanks Nati for the support, but I got this half-wits goat, and he is trying desperately to get his upper hand back, it isn’t working, he isn’t bright enough to have a verbal war with me, he just isn’t.

  11. I’ll be back later to actually speak about my experiences at the game, I wasted too much time with Jay to actually share some funny stories.

  12. The difference in our passing game was that our offensive line actually gave Pat White time to throw the ball. Almost every other game this year, the D line was right in his face within 2 seconds.

  13. Finally back at home after what turned out to be a great weekend trip with family and friends. Echoing the sentiments here: what a day to be a Mountaineer!

    Looking at the stats, I am surprised to see that anyone would try to say that Mullen called a bad game. We ran 74 offensive plays (UNC ran just 55) and outgained the Tar Heels, 455-370. Further, we held a seven-plus minute advantage in time of possession, went 12-of-19 on third down, and had just one penalty in the game. That all sounds like pretty good bowl preparation to me.

    And despite the fact that our kickoff coverage remained a problem, I was surprised to see that our average starting field position for the game was only one yard worse than UNC’s (I guess this would be because UNC did return any of our three punts.)

    One thing we all have to agree on: Jeff Casteel is unparalleled when it comes to in-game adjustments. Given the fact that two critical starters were missing in the secondary, I thought our defense did an outstanding job and even though it only got one sack, it could not have been more timely. And let us not forget that the conversation here would be radically different (and a whole lot more negative) had the D not forced Droughn’s fumble immediately following the offensive failure on fourth-and-one. Granted, the offense took advantage of the opportunity, but Casteel’s crew forcing two turnovers in the last ten minutes decided the game.

    I met mostly classy fans all weekend, and, as usual, it seems mostly positive fans make the effort to travel. I was impressed that the UNC band has a tradition of playing the opposing teams’ fight song after a loss — pretty gracious.

    Some ugliness though, I witnessed three different fights at the EpiCenter (WVU fans were 2-1), and I heard several Mountaineers say things less than nice after the win. The low moment for me, though, had to be when I was told by one UNC fan that it figured we like Pat White because “Mountaineers are all “N—–” lovers. To which I responded, “Well, I love Obama, too, so go figure.” Unbelievable…how small some minds are, undoubtedly made smaller by copious amounts of alcohol. And, I should have thought to say this then, but what color is Hakeem Nicks? Like color matters, anywyay.

    Still, it was a great weekend….great food, a shitload of beer, good company, a win on the gridiron that I got to witness with my father, mother, brother and best friend, and then a win on the court that I watched with a few hundred others in the Westin Lobby…

    …a rollicking good time at Howl At The Moon…

    …a phat-ass stogie…

    …a pedicab ride… (a personal first, but hey, why does it cost more than an actual cab?)…

    …all night room service!!! (a drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one)…

    …and I took my picture with the Big Cat at Whisky River on Friday night. (Big Cat for Governor!!!)…

    All around sweet. One more thing: Retire #5.

  14. I saw Big Cat at Whiskey River too!
    Big Cat for Governor!

  15. I just read on a recruiting blog that Tajh Boyd will commit to Michigan…

    …does this mean RichRod plans to start throwing the ball?

  16. Rich Rod threw the ball @ Tulane with Shaun King.

  17. Thanks for sharing JP, I was wondering what your trip to Charlotte was like.

  18. Hey 25314…(Charleston, and proud?) Ha ha…your ever-present sarcasm warms my heart. I don’t know what got into me, just thought I would share (it beat working at the time)…but hey I have business in Illinois next week. Perhaps you would be interested in which bars I visit in Springfield?

    @Lips…yeah, I know RR did throw some back then, and also a little bit with Woody Dantzler at Clemson. But that was before he seemed to shift his spread emphasis to the run…I just think Boyd might be an odd fit, but I would bet RR will take any highly rated recruit to offset some angry Michigan fans.

  19. You’re right JP. RR needs all the recruits he can get to try and right his ship. If Michigans W-L record is .500 or below next year, I really think he’ll be fired after the season. How fitting would that be?

  20. Nasty Nati..your name is safe buddy. As you stated, just b/c it is my avatar does not mean it’s my name. Eat Schmitt…my comments are directed at ALL naysayers not just you, unless you consider yourself the only one, which by reading the comments on this board, is not the case. I’m glad you made a few bucks betting against the Mountaineers. Good job. It’s kind of amazing that there are 18 comments on 5th years blog and no one has critized him for his opinions or even started a FIre Stew and Mullen chant. Go figure.

  21. Here’s hoping Brandon Hogan gets better and is able to take the field again next season. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. I hope everyone can at least agree on that.

  22. Good point, Jay. I should have mentioned…standing ‘O’ to you 5th Year. I guess because I am in such agreement with you, I neglected to say so. Positive vibes toward the future!!!!

    BTW, what is wrong with Hogan? Does anyone know?

  23. JP, please include the number of times you took a shit when you fill us in on your next bowl trip, thanks.

  24. Um, four on this last trip…?

    …Eat, be sure to let me know the next time we are going to get rolled…I’ll attend the game and keep a defecatory diary for your entertainment. (Do you know what Thomas Carlyle said about sarcasm? Wait…of course you don’t. He said it was the language of the devil, you little demon you.)

    Anyway, it’s all cool. I don’t care for your posts, either.

  25. Is Brandon Hogan mental or something? Severe depression?

  26. No one knows for sure. Just wish him the best.

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