Both Wins Make Me Very Happy, But…


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  1. While it was a good ( and must ) win for the football coaches and while it was a great way to send off Pat White, I am not yet ready to jump back on the HCBS bandwagon although I am standing in line, living in Columbus ( as I do) it was my way of talkin smack to the overated Buckeye teams and their arrogant fans. Maybe next season after the shmuckeyes lose to Texas in the Fiesta Bowl, the writers and coaches will see them as the frauds they always have been and not be so willing to rank them #1 or even #21. I hope the love affair with OSU is over!!!

  2. I am worried that Ohio St. might beat Texas. Not on the merits of being a superior team, but because teams in Texas’ position have a history of tanking i.e. a team feels it has been slighted and should be somewhere else (like the National Championship) and then loses the game it is actually playing because heads and hearts aren’t wired together.

    As for which win was bigger…I might be tempted to defer to Vegas. We were a 2.5 point fave in football, and a 4.5 point dog in hoops. But in terms of the importance of the win, I don’t think you can underestimate the shot in the arm, and the glimmer of hope for next season, that the bowl win gave supporters of the football team.

  3. Oregon St 3
    Pitt 0

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Where are you know hail2pitt? I know it didn’t make the Big East look that good, but I don’t give a shit, that pathetic display made me happy as JP in shit.

    Bill Stull 7-24, 52 yards, int? BAHAHAHAHAHA! Pathetic tattooed rimrob.

  4. Damn you Bearcats!

  5. We are once again the elite team of the big east as no one else has stepped up.

    Shameful performance by the Bearcats.

  6. Now that Cincy loss didn’t make me happy, I hate you VT with a passion! Pike is a fraud.

    UConn may step up against Buffalo, oops that was sarcasm, my new year’s resolution was to not to use the language of the devil this year, shit I can never keep these resolutions.

  7. Sarcasm is the language of the devil? Wow, I’m in deeper trouble than I thought…

    Seriously pissed at Cincy, why would they suck so badly all of the sudden? I didn’t watch the 2nd half, but all they did was pass in the first half.

  8. Well, unfortunately, too often I am down with the devil’s tongue myself.

    Really disappointed in both Pitt and Cincy. Why couldn’t those two have underperformed like that against us!?!

  9. The West Virginia Curse has laid waste to our miserable opponents.

    East Caroloina loses a fumble for the final score and the game 25-19 to Kentucky in the Memphis Bowl!

    Colorado ends up 5-7!

    Cincinnati gets ripped by Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, 20-7!!

    Pitt has to go to El Paso (the ash can of America) and can not score a single point!!!

    Teams should be aware of The Curse. Do NOT fuck with West Virginia!!!!! Don’t FUCK with West fucking Virginia University!

  10. The West Virginia curse is a farce. There is no curse. Instead there are teams that are average beating WVU on more than 2 occasions per year, and that’s unacceptable. We ALL know that the standards have been raised since 2 things happened:
    1. RRod came to WVU
    2. VPI, U and BC left the conference

  11. Does this site not follow WVU basketball? Just a football site? Let’s talk about our school’s sport w/ aggressive play, relentless defense, etc. Talk about excellence. These guys are looking good.

  12. WVU BBALL should be ranked now and we will start moving on up!!

  13. yes we are currently in 5th place in the Big East.. laughing out LOUD!!!! You dicks.

  14. You gotta love back-to-back Saturdays where Huggy and the Boys administer serious ass-whippings on the opponents’ floor. Surely, we are going to get some love from the voters this week!

  15. I don’t know why all of you care so much about basketball polss this time of year. They mean absolutely zero.

    I will give you all 50 dollars each if we go the next week undefeated and, if so, I’ll let you think about polls.

    Quit worrying about the friggin polls.

  16. We cover everything but we were on vacation for NYE. Monday get ready for the beginning of the dawning of a new era

  17. 5YS-re: “dawning of a new era”

    Please tell me that WVU is hiring a new football coach! I wonder what Butch Davis thinks of Stewart w/ the remark “Boy, Coach I don’t ever want to play you guys again.” For those of you who proclaim, “You don’t like Stewart because of how he talks in that good ol’ country boy manner”, I give you this answer. That is exactly correct. The way he talks drives me up a wall and the only guy who makes me want to use my 12-guage worse is Larry the Cable Guy…..Oh, and I don’t think he’s a good coach either.

  18. referring to Bill Stewart not Larry the Cable Guy.

  19. Woah, woah, woah. Let me get this straight. You don’t like Bill Stewart?

  20. 25314 is talking the devil’s language again

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