Suck It, Voters…Computers Are Our True Love


Think I give two (insert synonym for poop here) about what human voters think about our basketball team?  The answer after this commercial break…


10 Responses

  1. Is there TV for the game tomorrow or does Comcast actually blow that much pitt? (Not a typo)

  2. ESPNU

  3. Fucking comcast!!

  4. My dad is pissed with the Comcast.

  5. The 25314 will be in the house to cheer on our tremendous young lads in the Old Gold and Blue!

  6. We’ve got Cox, same problem, no ESPNU. Like premium doesn’t cost enough. Not on, either.

    guess I’ve got to watch that text line below some other game and hope it updates.

  7. Try…..good picture and audio and free… sign up or anything.


  8. Also, we are number two in the “predictor” on the Jeff Sagarin ratings…..usa today website.

  9. Football finished #1 after last years fiesta on Sagarins predictor.

  10. We just got the beast Tavon Austin baby!!! What a freaking class this is turning out to be.

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