Insert UConn Pun Here

No, UConn not.  Yes, UConn.  UConn do it.  We get it headline writers, UConn sounds very similar to “you can.”  Very clever. 

Anyway you put it though, your 22nd ranked West Virginia Mountaineers play host to cancer-prone Jim Calhoun and his Connecticut Huskies tonight.  May we beat them like rented mule.  Or a woman who talks.

“Tonight we play UConn.  Tonight, we beat UConn.” – Bud Kilmer


9 Responses

  1. Life is a game of inches…

  2. This game is on about halfway down the page!!!

    Thank you for whoever gave me this site!!

  3. Also on

    Uconn get arrested and still play basketball!


  4. Apparently, Uconn just dribble around long enough and these dumb huskies will foul you.

  5. After a successful strategy all game of spreading them out, our guys suddenly decide to work underneath the basket with all those giants towering over them. Uconn be serious!

  6. Isn’t today Wednesday? What gives?

  7. I knew McCoy was going to the NFL! Who the hell would be loyal to that team of blow hards or those fucking fans! Bye bye Pitt’s offense!

  8. Shady McCockstain, goodbye asshole.

  9. Uconn take that cancer comment down anytime — seriously not cool.

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