Is It Ironic, Or Am I As Dumb As Alanis Morisette?


Is it ironic that Boston College will fire Jackoffzinski if he takes an interview with the Jets, which shows “disloyalty,” when only a few years back BC left the Big East for ASS Conference?

Loaylty? Are you fucking kidding me? The Big East kept you relevant when your programs sucked. I hope you fire him and don’t win a game next year but the ASS sucks so they could luck into winning 10 games.

Whether it is ironic or not, Gene DeFilippo (pictured above) is an asshole and should be kicked in the taint everyday. Oh yeah, I hope Jared Dudley is bald and homeless somewhere. I hate that guy.

I could not find the Ed Hill catch so enjoy Angel Estrada destroying a BC receiver.


6 Responses

  1. They won’t fire him. I say he calls their bluff and goes to the interview. Boston College would look awful if they did something like that in such bad taste. It would embarrass anyone associated with Boston College… I hope it happens.

  2. Jared Dudley is a no talented ass clown. I hope he is blowing guys for crack on a dirty street corner.

  3. Dudley is still sucking ass in Charlotte as a Bobcat. The worst part is he’s not only still a doucheface dickforbrains but now he’s a rich doucheface dickforbrains.

    I hope BC screws itself with this retardation.

    Although, part of me really likes the fact that they’re holding their coach to his contract.

    Coaches who are under contract shouldn’t be able to whore themselves out for leverage without consequence.

    But I hate BC so I hope it turns out awful for them.

  4. Not going to lie…the line about kicking DeFlippo in the taint everyday made me spit out my water laughing.

    I would do it if I could.

  5. I agree, taint jokes always get a laugh out of me, kinda like my 4 year old laughing every time I make a fart noise, same mentality.

  6. Dudley is one of few athletes I would punch in the face if I saw him on the street. What a bitch. He was at BC for 6 years at least. King of the illegal screen.

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