Welcome Home Tavon Austin!!


We beat UNC on the field at the Car Care Bowl and now we beat them in recruiting too. This is another 5-Star recruit that HCBS and company has landed. Maybe that folksy twang helps in the living room?

Austin possess 4.4 speed, with extremely quick feet, and a great field of vision. At Dunbar HS, in Baltimore, MD he was known for his cut-back runs. While he may be undersized at 5’8″ 170, he can effectively lower his shoulder and run between the tackles.

This is huge and will make other 4 and 5-star recruits like Morgan Moses and Denard Robinson look our way. Huge verbal, great job staff.


56 Responses

  1. I’m going to beat WVUColumbus to the Debbie Downer post.

    Noel Devine is equally or more talented and we didn’t really use him in an explosive way this year.

    Recruiting is good on paper, but games aren’t played on paper, they are played inside TV sets.

    Tavon’s “home” is in Baltimore, so it’s more like “welcome to WVU….if you stay committed.”

    Otherwise, solid news and hooray for us!

  2. How did I know this would turn into a bash HCBS post. I thought I would be able to tolerate the negativity after the break but good lord I guess not.

    West Virginia is home to anyone who chooses to come here.

    Welcome Home Tavon Austin!

  3. College football starts with recruiting. We may only have this staff one more year so enjoy this!

  4. I have a friend that looks just like Debbie Downer, but it’s a guy, weird looking dude, but hilarious.

    Give credit where credit is due, nice verbal, let’s see how it all pans out. Gotta at least be optimistic that the boy can play. Jeff Mullen will bring out his full potential I am sure. Ugg, I was trying to be positive, but there goes another new year’s resolution down the shit tank.

  5. Bill Stewart? Who mentioned him? I didn’t say anything bad about him at all. He is a tremendous man.

  6. This UCONN team scares the living piss out of me, they have some fast and beastly mother fuckers on this team. Hoops better be ready to get physical tonight, YOU DON”T COME IN TO THE CAT HOUSE AND PUSH US AROUND!!!!!

  7. Hey Columbus, how they taking that Fiesta Bowl loss up there, seeing all those OSU fans crying at the end was quite comical and pleasing. Big Ten had another impressive bowl season.

    Ugg Shady is coming back.

  8. This is good press that more GOOD players that own STATE records are commiting to us. Hopefully more uncommitted recuruites will follow in with Tavon.

    We have 2 good things going for us. A great fanbase and the fact the WVU gets alot of national television time so you can still get exposure for the pros. But here there isnt as many good players as say USC so really your getting more exposure then you would at a traditional power house.

  9. I had an enormous smile on my face when the game concluded last night. It’s been great because many on sportstalk radio shows have stated how good they looked and how well they competed. I promptly called in and acknowledged that standards at OSU have changed when they are pleased w/ “staying close” in big games. The Big Ten will continue to deteriorate. It is in middle/northern America where population trends are shifting AWAY from the area (excluding OSU and PSU which have enough in-state talent). As much as I have BASHED Stewart and Co., the Big East IS BETTER than the Big Ten. Don’t let the media talk you out of it. Simply watch the games. The BEAST is a faster conference. Big Ten was 1-6 in bowl games.

    I predict WVU beats UCANT tonight.

    Hearing that Tavar Austin committed to WVU is like saying the Dow will have a 500 point uptick tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it. 25134 is right on the money! Noel Devine was a 5 star recruit from Ft Myers w/ unbelievable potential that was realized to a degree his frosh. year. This year was such a setback for him that he has little chance of being drafted in the NFL draft after his senior season…..I firmly place the responsibility on the head coach and offensive coordinator who are incompetent.

  10. I still don’t like Stew or Mullen. But this class is going to be the best ever. You can thank Doc, Chris Beaty and our players for these great additions. This late in the season makes me believe that these kids are on board (trying to be positive). No more games to lose until 2009.

    However bad coaching such as Wanstache and fat Charlie have top recruiting classes every year. Look how shitzburg and the domers play on the field.

  11. Add Morgan Moses and on paper this class is ridiculously good.

  12. Add Brodrick Jenkins to the Verbal !

    Tough shut down corner out of Fla to join Carter !

    Do it DOC !! Do It !!

  13. I love it!

  14. Yep, this is all doc and beatty…

    bill stewart has nothing to do with it.

  15. I’m going to say that Rich Rodriguez has the most to do with it. These kids see WVU as a top program due to our success. And that is what kids like more than anything. It’s why USC gets good recruits and Indiana doesn’t.

  16. It’s always a good thing to bring in talented players.

    He may be very similar to Noel and Jock, but we need depth at both RB and slot receiver and you always take the type of talent Tavon brings in, even if it’s not in a position of need.

    With that said, I’d really like to see us fill some much needed spots in this class for another corner or two, a linebacker, and a solid OL.

    This staff has been very successful in their recruiting so far. That should be contributed to this staff (yes even HCBS) AND the success we’ve had in previous years (thanks to guys like Pat White, Slaton, Schmitt, and yes even dick and fatty magee).

  17. What am I missing? Do we really need another SMALL running back. Hasnt the last year told us that maybe we need to be looking at a somewhat larger back that can get the 1 yd on 3rd down occasionally? Geez, isnt there a fast RB thats 205 -215 somewhere in the country?!!

  18. We had one of those big backs in the system this year, Terrance Kerns, but he did not pick up the system quick enough. He will, hopefully, pick it up in the spring and be ready for the fall.

    If we learned anything from Fraud it is that speed kills. You can never have too many guys that run fast. Given that, you also need guys like Chris Snook who looks like a guy that could pick up a 3rd and short pretty consistently.

  19. 5th:

    I agree totally. You can never have too many guys who can run fast. But all I heard was how badly we missed the Schmidt. You cannot have everyone on the team run a 4.3 but weigh 170 lbs. Noel is still on the team. Jock is still on the team. Is there really a need for another one?

    There is no guarantee that Kearns will EVER pick up the system and I have heard that academics are questionable. Will Johnson was supposed to be the guy this year. NOT. Although there was a WJ sighting in the bowl game. Maybe he can step up.

  20. Columbus, what your saying is that because Devine had a half-way decent sophomore season, no matter what he does the next two years he won’t be drafted?

    A yes to that question gives me more insight into your line of thinking and lack of knowledge about the way things actually work in football. Devine could rush for 1,300 yards the next two years and still go in first three rounds if he shows off his skills at the NFL Combine.

    Slaton ran for less yards last season and was a third round pick because of his skill set. It didn’t hold him back one bit.

    Pucker, getting a couple quick little fuckers every year is a necessity these days. Snook, will hopefully have an impact next year in our short yardage game but we shall see.

  21. If you think Kerns didn’t play because he couldn’t pick up the system…well then you’re just plain naive.

    I’m not saying I know exactly why, but when a team has such an enormous weakness that is exposed week in and week out, it’s going to take more than a player not picking up the nuances of an offense to keep them from filling such an enormous void.

  22. Why is it so hard for a lot of people to accept that a kid got red-shirted? It used to be the standard. I think we’ve been spoiled with the quasi-run of true freshman playing the last few years.

  23. It doesn’t matter if he couldn’t pick up the system, wasn’t working out hard enough or if he had academic issues, it doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t burn up a full year of eligibility if he is only going to pick up one or two first downs. Those first downs would most likely give us one extra win this season.

    Getting him more acclimated to the system and college life in general is a good strategy for long term success.

    I just realized that I really hate being called naive. I seriously just pounded my desk at that Beamer. wow

  24. I agree speed kills. We missed a big back this year, but I am strongly of the belief that there was 1 person on our team that could have played fullback and piced up a yard or thrown a block. And the “can’t risk injury” excuse doesn’t fly with me.

    Also, we tried using big Jarrett Brown some and had no more success that way. With good blocking third and short and be picked up with small backs. Our problem was bad blocking, bad play calling, and light RB’s. If one of those 3 points had been different we could have been better. Not that it matters, the season is overr.

    Tavon Austin is a tremendous recruit and encourages me that WVU still values speed. Because speed kills and so do I.

  25. And on Terrance Kearns, I’m with 5th Year. I’d like to redshirt everyone. I’d rather have him be strong for 4 years than waste a freshman season the way WVU did with Mike Lorello, Pat Lazear, Pernell Williams, Pacman, etc.

  26. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with redshirting kerns just to redshirt him.

    However, I think that the coaches would’ve liked to have had depth at a position that was extremely lacking of it. What I mean is I think they would have preferred he would be able to contribute this year, particularly since he was already a year removed from high school.

    Either way, it’s safe to say that he wasn’t redshirted simply because he couldn’t pick up the system.

  27. I have a question: How, exactly, does another 5-7 170 pound running back fit into this new/old version of the power run game that Bill Stewart spoke of last week.

    In the papers he was talking of going back to a Nehlen style power run game and dismissed the Spread Option as old news that other teams have figured out. So now we have recruited another extremely talented but undersized running back into a system that is getting ready to go retro.

    And as far as I can tell we don’t have a tight end on the roster, have a dearth of full sized running backs, and obviously don’t have a fullback capable of playing the position on game day.

    And we have an OC who runs a Bill Walsh passing game.

    What am I missing here. Stewart may be right, I don’t know, but it looks to me like we not only do not have the tools to play the kind of football he wants to play but that we also aren’t making an effort to attain them.


  28. I have a new theory on HCBS and the way he handles people outside the program. I think he goes out to an interview or press conference with three possible things he could say.

    First, he may want to piss every one off. In this scenario he says things like we are going to back the Nehlen era or that we can lubricate the world.

    Second, he could want to confuse the fuck out of everyone. Here he will talk about how good Will Johnson is and how West Virginia can lubricate the world.

    Finally, he may want to make everyone feel all warm and coozy inside. In this final scenario he will call everyone on the other team the greatest player of all time and his best friend or say how West Virginia can lubricate the world.

  29. Did we need to waste a year on Mark Rodgers this year? Seems like we had plenty of kids that could return kicks.

  30. Travis Hawkins is going to decommit from maryland and Commit to us ———– you heard it here 1st boys

  31. 5YS-Or he may have a 4th “theory”: The “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing and am just going to “wing” this presser” theory.

    I tend to lean towards this latter theory.

    I know it seems difficult to believe to many of you on this blog that a head coach of a major college football program, like WVU, is incompetent and that there “must be some reason” for the inexplicable decisions (ie. not challenging pat white fumble at ECU), actions (ie. taking his headset off 4 times in LITERALLY a 10 second span) and comments (ie. pick a dumbass comment but I’ll go w/ lubricating the world) that come from his mouth. Unfortunately, there sometimes really isn’t a reason despite how far one (specifically 5th Year Senior) reaches for one.

  32. “We shouldn’t burn up a full year of eligibility if he is only going to pick up one or two first downs. Those first downs would most likely give us one extra win this season.”

    If we lost a game this year because we redshirted some no-talent ass-clown…

  33. Kerns is a 20 yr old prep player!

    I do have problem red shirting a guy that is 236 lbs and can easily run 1 yard dives . There is nothing to get in a system when you need to run your big muscle freak for a 1 yard. There is no doubt that would have won us 3 more games. 12-1 and back in the BCS is well worth Kerns not taking a red-shirt.

    Despite the fact that Pat Lazear was a all-state full back. But that is another story to add to our offensive gurus.

  34. Haha. :p

    Well he may have a master plan which he is concealing behind head fakes aimed at the media. Who knows?

    But I look down the recruiting list this year and I see several tight end prospects listed but no scholarships offered. And I see one fullback, Snook, but have read that he is being recruited as a linebacker. We do have one full sized running back committed by the name of Shawne Alston.

    Putting all of that aside for a second, how are we going to run a power offense when we don’t have an OC who has any experience with one? Wake is about as non-power oriented as it gets, as was WVU this season. And this man has shown no indications that he has the requisite temperament and patience required to run a power football competently.

    I don’t have a problem with an ‘off tackle/throw deep offense’ ala the vintage Oakland Raiders. I just don’t see us getting there from where we are at without making some major personnel and recruiting changes.

    And I see a head coach who shows no indications that he is aware of this.


  35. From all that I’ve read, Snook is coming here to be a FB, not a LB. I’m not being a smart ass, but where did you read that it was the other way around?

  36. Nasty, how do you know he could run a dive play? Did he do it any during summer practice? Yeah he did and he fumbled the ball all the time.

    If they put him in the game and he fumbles a couple times early in the season and then gets benched to see little to no action at the end you are bitching at this point about how we burned up a year of his eligibility.

    Columbus, do you have a sense of humor? Smile sometime my friend, it takes less muscles than the frown you seem to be wearing around these days. I took a shot at HCBS press tactics and you still bitch about it.

  37. I honestly don’t believe he was redshirted because of a fumbling problem.

    When you only need a yard or less, you can put two arms on the ball and still get the job done.

    He may have had a bit of one, but I think it’s just one of the many things BS & co. used to appease the meda and fans who asked about him.

    I could be wrong, but I really hope he’s not the second coming of Jason Colson.

  38. 5Th,

    “how do you know he could run a dive play? ”

    Well I sure as shit wouldn’t recruit a 4 star tail back to my d1 program that fumbels the football. If he fumbles the football than a red shirt is irreleveant. Hell he doesn’t even need to be on the team. Come on man you can’t be that naive to make that statement.

    Either they (mullen.stewy) are complete morons by red shirting one of our only 3rd and short backs or there is something else going on, like off the field issues or grades. Fumbling is just a cop-out. The kid has played football his entire life.

    A freaking retard can put two arms around the ball and dive forward without fumbling.

    Get a grip on being defensive man it is jading your usual thought provoking comments.

  39. I was completely serious with my comment and I was not being defensive. I was just stating what I thought was obvious. Have you ever seen him run a dive play?

    Yeah he is a monster on paper but some people need time to adjust their game to a higher level of play. Or it could’ve been like a vicious cycle, just like our poor free throw shooting early in the year.

    Just because he is fumble prone one year doesn’t mean he can’t get better the next. Example:

    Tiki Barber lead the league in fumbles in like ’03 or some shit like that. The next year he positioned ball differently in his arm, kept his arm closer to his body and ran with his arms higher. That year he was the league’s leading rusher and didn’t fumble again for another two seasons.

    I remember Owen fumbling on at least two occasions on a dive play. One was against Louisville the other may have been Cincy. Is he a retard?

  40. Broad generalizations are ALWAYS wrong.

  41. Broad generalizations are ALWAYS wrong…

    …unless your generalizing about broads.

  42. I for one would give Coach Stewart the benefit of the doubt with Kearns. I’m pretty sure that the coaches want to win more than we want them to win, so if Kearns didn’t play then he probably wans’t ready. We all remember Jason Gwaltney getting thrown into the fire as a freshman and he was never heard from again. Maybe a reshirt would have helped him…

    Also, a power running game is more about the blocking scheme and style than the type of backs you have. If we want a power running game we need to get the linemen in a three point stance, not standing up, so they can drive people.

  43. Think about this…you’re all talking about some guy I’ve never heard of (Kearns?). Let me guess…….He was some big stud recruit for WVU? If he is at least a 4 star recruit then he MUST be good, right? Who did he play against in high school? Were the opponents any good? This just in…..maybe he sucks.

  44. For someone who claims to follow all of the WV online publications daily, how do you not know who Kerns (there is no A) is? Or was that some kind of attempt at sarcasm? If not, let me catch you up…He was a highly recruited RB (large power back, but with speed variety) out of the Frederick, MD, area when the previous coach was at WV. He committed and had trouble qualifying. He proceeded to bust his ass at a prep school for a year to qualify and did so. He was free to sign with any school at this point, but he worked and wanted to be a Mountaineer. He recommitted to WVU. He’s had some varying difficulties his first year and was redshirted. Who cares exactly as to why, If he fumbles or can’t pick up the offense, he won’t play. If he has academic trouble, he won’t play. Honestly!! A majority of players redshirt, I don’t care how old they are. Point being he is a Mountaineer and is working to get on the field and contribute. No need to drag this kid or any other kid down who works and stays out of trouble. Nobody said he was the “Short Yardage Savior”, though many seem to want him to be. Only time will tell. Maybe he doesn’t blossom until his Junior or Senior year. Maybe he doesn’t at all. Maybe he is an All American in the waiting. Does anyone have the ability to say for sure, NO!!!! He red-shirted this year. Get over it!!!!

  45. I find paragraphs help the reader’s focus and train of thought.

  46. QUOTE: WVUIE97 — “From all that I’ve read, Snook is coming here to be a FB, not a LB. I’m not being a smart ass, but where did you read that it was the other way around?”

    Not saying he is or isn’t being thought of as a potential linebacker but rivals.com, as opposed to scout.com, had him listed as a linebacker and not a fullback. I looked him up and his local papers treated him as such. Not saying it is right just the gist of what I read.

    As far as what kind of back plays to a ‘power run’ game, I guess that depends on the scheme and the personnel. Barry Sanders was a prolific runner and was pretty small and I guess you could argue that he was, or wasn’t, a power runner.

    To my mind a great example of a prototypical power running back recruit is the redshirt freshman from Wisconsin, John Clay. All American, 5 start recruit, honest 4.5 speed, 6′ 2″ and 235 pounds, and a very nasty attitude. He tries to hurt people when he hits the line of scrimmage. UW’s QB antics and turnover propensity aside, this is the kind of back I think of when a coach says ‘power running back’. In WVU’s history you don’t have to go back very far to see players of this type on the roster. We’ve had some dandy power running backs during Rod’s tenure.

    For what it is worth, which is to say very little, I agree 100% with WVUSouth in that blocking scheme and line quality is paramount in any attempt to establish a power running game. I watch some of the old CFB games from 20 years ago and the blocking is so much crisper than nowadays because they weren’t allowed to use their hands like they can now. The linemen were leaner and much faster…. alas those days will not return without a rules change.


  47. 25314: I have to agree, I was a bit fired up and didn’t notice until after it posted, sorry.

    Penguin: Fair enough, I wasn’t trying to challenge you, was just curious.

  48. We used a wide receiver and quick light linemen for our power running attack this year, and almost religiously ran the ball between the guards on 3rd and shorts.

    I don’t know why that didn’t work…

  49. Sources in Pittsburgh say that Shady McCoy is going to declare for the draft. Also Matt Simms is requesting a transfer out of Louisville.

  50. WVU97-easy there guy….was just sarcasm w/ point highlighting that just because it is a big name on a recruiting website doesn’t mean it’s a big name and future star to those who don’t live in mom’s basement.

  51. WVUC: I just got a little fired up at the “maybe he sucks” line. I just know I’ve never heard/read about anyone who’s worked as hard as he has to get to team. I’m sure there have been others who worked as hard or maybe harder. But the determination this kid has shown to this point means a lot to me as a fan and alumnus.

  52. WVUIE97,

    Where in the world did you read anything on Kerns? Im not being an ass here in that question. I haven’t seen a word on that kid since the beginning of the season. It’s like somebody is keeping him hidden from the media. He was a ghost on rivals and scout.

  53. The redshirts are not allowed to speak with the media. Therefore the only information would be coming from the coaches, particularly Bill Stewart. And as already disscussed, Bill Stewart sings a different tune everyday. Remember for every Terence Kearns there is an Owen Schmitt or at least Ricky Kovatch.

  54. Speaking of gag orders, remember when Gale Catlett wouldn’t let the 2001-2002 freshman talk with the media? That really showed Jonathan Hargett and Drew Schifino who was boss.

  55. Catlett did not want Hargett telling everyone about the money he was being paid. Makes sense to me.

    I still remember the interview with Hargett outside the Coliseum after Jock-itch was hired. His pants were around his ankles and he couldn’t speak in complete words. Then he disappeared, FOREVER.

  56. There have been bits and pieces of info (admittedly never a complete picture painted) in the papers. Nobody here read the interview with Beatty saying he was too stiff?

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