See Joe Dunk!

Could Joe Alexander become the NBA version of Peyton Manning?

See Joe Dunk


13 Responses

  1. I voted ! He has this one in the Bag !!

    WV Football ranked #23

    Pitt eat Shit !!

  2. Is anyone sick of Tim Tebow as much as me?

  3. Eat, get in line….it goes on for quite a bit

  4. Yeah and we will probably have to continue to listen to people kissing his ass again next year!!! Aren’t we lucky!!! Sort of reminds me of all the Stephon Curry jibe going on right now as well. Basically, there are only two great college sports athletes out there today according to all major media outlets.

  5. I’m sorry fellas but I really like Tebow.

    People complain and get up in arms when star athletes are getting DUI’s and killing people in strip clubs. Then when an athlete gives back and is a legit good human being you hate him too. The media is actually talking about the good rather than the bad, that is a good thing.

    Will anything make y’all happy? He is a great QB, a great leader, and a great person. I hope he stays for another year because no matter what he can’t beat Pat Whites record for 4 bowl wins. We need to convince babyface Colt McCoy to bounce to the NFL.

  6. I agree with you 5th. I was never a big Tebow fan but when he promised to “work harder than anyone in college football” he really stuck by that. The guy has convinced me he’s the real deal. He’s a great football player as well as person. I can’t take anything away from that.

  7. Let me clarify, I like the dude as a player and person….but I’m sick of the media attention.

  8. It does go overboard sometimes.

  9. WVUIE97 is spot on. I just hate having listen to 30 million different stories on the guy. He is a pretty good QB and lives up to the hype, so I guess we should expect the media to make a big deal out of him..Oh well, I just hope we don’t have to keep hearing them all the way through the offseason!!

  10. I could listen to a thousand stories about Tebow. The guy is flat out a WINNER and some of his experiences at such a young age are quite impressive to this wiley ol’ timer.

  11. It’s not the person I hate or the player, it’s basically the endless coverage, we get it, he’s great. ESPN and others just shove certain athletes down your throat until you puke, thus making me turn on them.

    Columbus don’t ever disagree with me again please, you hurt my feelings.

  12. Tim Tebow is great, but the media…seriously, I thought I heard one broadcaster say the following: “When Tim was eight, he counted to infinity…TWICE!”

  13. Tebow must be everywhere, he’s even taken over a Joe Alexander thread…

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