Allow Myself To Introduce….Myself

Usually, when there’s a lack of posts on this website, it’s merely us being lazy. Or hungover. Or both.

But this time, we have a legitimate excuse. Over the past few months, we have been working on starting a new chapter in our blog lives. That work, along with countless hours from the guys over at SBNation, have given us a new and improved blog about Mountaineer sports. A blog so good, we hope, that it deserves a new name:

The Smoking Musket.

The new platform will allow us a lot more options as far as providing the best (and lewdest) content of Mountaineer shenanigans on the internet. More live blogs, better recruiting updates, and a better organization — not to mention more poon — should make you, the readers, happy campers.

While the site won’t be operational for another week, we wanted to go ahead and build momentum into the move so we hit the ground running on Monday. For the rest of this week, we’ll be running the “Best of WBGV,” remembering fondly some of our best posts over the past 18 months. That will give us a chance to fine-tune the new site and blow y’all’s minds next Monday.

Get ready…

…and just because I love you guys…

[The new address will be .  No need to start transitioning your bookmarks yet, as it won’t be active for another week.  And come next Monday, we’ll link over from this site.  So again, no worries.]


18 Responses

  1. Is WvuColumbus allowed to make the trip with us?

  2. I may need a cigarette after that video…and I don’t even smoke

  3. That instructor is the hottest woman I’ve ever seen on this site.

    I’d say ever period….but she wasn’t naked and I like internet porn…so that worked against her

  4. In a bit of recruiting news, word on the dirty streets of Motown is that we can expect one or two big switches in our favor but also may have someone flip on us, on or just before signing day.

    But I don’t “live in my parents basement” so I don’t know everything about recruiting. Then again, my parents don’t have a basement because my house is all on one floor.

    Everyone, even WVUColumbus, is welcome to the new site.

  5. I turned that video on, expecting to turn it off very quickly. I was however forced to watch the entire thing, by my penis.

    Yo 5th year, with these expected switches….do they total a positive for us, or does the loss outweigh the gains?

  6. Who are the players rumored to be switching?

  7. One expected casualty is Daquan Hargrett, but that’s been news for a few weeks now.

    As for potential additions, look for the possibility of super-CB Travis Hawkins leaving the powerhouse that is Maryland.

  8. I’m not too worried about losing Hargrett. Rumor is it might leave more room for a better RB prospect Doc has been working on. On the other hand, I’m rather pumped at the prospect of Hawkins and Carter in the secondary. And about the new-and-improved WBGV.

  9. I was just looking and noticed this site is coming up on 1 million hits. Good job Charlie.

  10. Yeah, 1,000,000 hits is pretty big time…except that 300,000 of those came when “Saban called” and at least 500,000 were from me during a few special hump-days.

  11. Rich, I agree, internet porn has completely clouded my view of hot clothed women.

  12. Barry you are so right. The Saban debacle that you guys boke brought the entire SEC fanbase to this site for 24 hours.

    I like the name for the new site. Will you guys keep this site or not?

  13. I am greatly discouraged that the blog is changing its name. West By God Virginia is a tremendous name that sybolizes the Mountaineer spirit. The Smoking Musket is a corny rip-off of a more popular blog. Stay true to what got you this far. Don’t be Pitt – changing colors, logos, and names every time you want a short term attention grab.

  14. It’s called growth Jack, relax, this will be a good thing. Don’t be so melodramatic, it’s a name ffs.

    Keep up the good work hosts, you aren’t going to please everyone, and I on this site, pleasing everyone wouldn’t have been a realistic goal anyway. Negative bastages in here, let them at least put up the site before you start ripping it.

  15. We needed to get rid of the .net and any grouping of west by god was taken. We also love the new platform SBNation allows us to have. I know you will love it

  16. I think WBGV is a better name too, but sounds like a reasonable reason for change. I am being marginalized. I feel as if I’ve gone from QB coach to TE coach. Next thing you know, I’ll be running the blog myself.

  17. I bet 25314 is one hell of a poster recruiter too

  18. Oh man a different website name? Egads!

    Some very belated thoughts from the UCONN game. Hey, it’s the only game I’ve seen this year.

    I still don’t like Alex Ruoff’s game. Who does he think he is pulling up on a 3-1 fast break to launch a three? Larry Bird? Terrible decision.

    Also, I’m glad to see that despite Bulter having a little bit of a name now in the conference, he still gets called for touch fouls 30 feet from the basket. Some things never change.

    Truck Bryant. I really couldn’t get a feel for him. Although he makes Greg Oden look like a teenage.

    Oh and play Wellington Smith more.

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