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10 Responses

  1. Bobby Bowden
    WVU alum
    MHS Alum

    Get your Bowden on!

    PS. Rick Trickett was his Offensive line coach at Auburn. Bring Rick Trickett back too.

  2. I can’t believe I’m about to do this……..As a WVU grad, (P.E. ’75) Morgantown native (live in Ohio now) and a die hard fan…it’s only a game. One that means everything to WV people. We have only had our schools to bring joy to our lives…Do we have any military bases, super manufactoring plants, 50,000 plus student enrollment universities? We as WV’ians have our pride and heritage & not a lot more. When we win over the larger, more established programs, then we cherish it that much more. After all, we are underdogs in life, not just football.
    When I first entered basic training (1967), I was asked stupid questions such as: is this your first pair of shoes? I have a cousin in Richmond…do you know him?
    A West Virginian is more likely to defend oneself rather than write a letter complaining that “someone” failed to protect us.

    RR is a cowardly “walk on” who didn’t deserve a scholarship and played for a team that would get blown out by the current team.
    His true character has been “outed” by unethical contacts with recruits about his departure. Good bye RR and it’s not necessary to “come home” for the holidays. His actions were paramount to turning his passport in…as a true West Virginian. There are too many quality coaches just waiting for the opportunity (RR was) to walk on the field with the great athletes in the program. RR was an average non recruited player just as he is an average unethical coach. Ever notice that coaches/programs that have nothing to lose play to win? Makes it exciting until they start to play not to lose.

  3. n5554t – I’ve left similar on several blogs and I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve been in SoCal for 25 years. I’m also an ’81 grad and you can imagine what I’ve had to deal with out here! I’d go on but I’d just be repeating your excellent rant.

  4. This is a letter to my brother that attended Marshall University. He asked me if I had read the Mandel article about hiring Stewart as Head Coach. This was my response.

    I have hated Lee Corso for years. I remember driving from Charlotte to Jacksonville in 1989 to see the Gator Bowl and several people had “Lee Corso Sucks” signs on their cars. I read this Mandel article several days ago and you can add him to my list. Actually, my list is already big and growing bigger everyday.

    Also, add ESPN in general to my list. Did you happen to catch the article about Bill Stewart using the N word in a 1996 practice at VMI? ESPN now has a comments section after most of their articles. I read most of the 874 responses to this article before chiming in. Since I briefly attended the Purley Isaac Reed School of Journalism, I know a thing or two about muckraking and Yellow Journalism.

    Brian Jones is now on my list along with anybody that whines about “my team is better than yours and my conference is better than yours”. Thanks for the link to West by God Virginia. I will certainly add a few rants when time allows.

    BTW, I finally saw We Are Marshall a few days ago. I have hated Matthew McGonnaBlowme for a long time, but I thought this movie was one of the worst I have ever seen. I mean no disrespect to Marshall University by saying that though. When I finally allowed myself to sit and watch Michael Moore’s F911 mockumentary, I quickly watched FarenHYPE 911 to discover the 59 falsehoods presented in his film. I would be curious to see the same thing about the McGonnaBlowme movie. At the very beginning of the movie, the screen flashes “This is a true Story”. They forgot to add the words “Based on” in that flash. I’d be curious to see if you can guide me to a link that puts reality into perspective.

    My latest rants deal with the fact that ignorant people exist to this very day and they obviously skipped history and geography class while in school. WTF, I don’t live near Richmond and I rarely have sex with my toothless sister in my trailer anymore. Back in 1988, I taped the WVU vs. Notre Dame Fiesta Bowl. NBC did a fluff piece that I like to call, “OMG, did you know there was a state called West Virginia?” Although I haven’t watched this tape in over 10 years, I remember it well. You would have thought that the brilliant people from NBC just discovered a new world, kind of like Bosnia, Serbia or the Galapagos Islands. Now that I think about it, add Fox Sports to my list. Also, add The Pittsburg Post-Gazette to my list. They seem to be the feeder journalists to anybody at ESPN that is forced to reckon with the fact that WVU is a pretty good football team. Living in Atlanta doesn’t make it any easier to be a West Virginian either. Once you get past the “Free Mike Vick” you whitey, cracker MF, you still have to face the UGA Dawgs that are still in disbelief about the post Katrina Sugar bowl held right here in Atlanta.

    My thoughts on Rich Rodriguez: I am not bitter about him taking the Michigan job. However, he could have handled it in a much different manner. Bo Pellini would be a good example for him. However, I am bitter about the whole buyout situation and the asshole from the Diamondbacks fiasco. I do hope the RR fails at his new job and gets tossed in a few short years. I have always respected Michigan and always rooted for them to beat OSU, and they needed a coach, so I wish them well. However, I have no respect for RR anymore.

    I have to run. The phone is ringing and it is Bill Stewart calling. I think he needs to ask me some advice on how to properly burn a couch. He knows that I was in Sunnyside at the College Inn on that day in 1982 when Jeff Hostetler dismantled the Sooners and the celebration ended with the WV National Guard in riot gear.

    One more thing though, Fudge the Steelers, Fudge the Pirates, Fudge the Penguins and especially Fudge Pitt (except I didn’t say Fudge)!

  5. DY Sucks but lets fill the stadium for Coach Stew

  6. Can I get a diamond for St. Marys on the map?

  7. How about a star for Shepherdstown? Home of Shepherd University… where Jeff Casteel was one of the best D-2 Defensive Coordinators ever!

  8. Great site! I love the mountaineers!!! I’m in football withdrawal already!

  9. except for the naked chics of course! 🙂 have to say I especially loved the butt whippin they gave osu seeing how I’m from ohio and all of my family and friends are huge buckeye fans! heehee

  10. Don’t we have the top rushing quarterback in the U.S.,won 4 bowl games in 4 seasons? All I hear is FLORIDA,OKLAHOMA,GEORGA,USC,seems we dismantentled 2 of those great team,butyou know the story,West Virginia plays a weak schedule there in the Big East !!!!!! Can Herbstreet ,Corso,Musberger get any further up the big 4’s butt,they are sickning .And we need a playoff in div1 football soooooo1 bad.

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