Did You Know: Western Michigan

We all know the Mountaineers like the back of our hands (hey, that mole wasn’t there yesterday!). But how much do you really know about our opponents?

Sure, you know we’re playing the Western Michigan Broncos, but did you know that Western Michigan is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan? Did you also know Kalamazoo is a stupid name for a town? See, you’re already more enlightened. In that vein, we thought we’d let you get to know the Western Michigan program just a little more intimately. Just promise to cuddle afterwards.

Here we go…

1) Starting QB Tim Hiller’s last name looks and sounds very similar to “Hitler.” People often wonder if his name was once “Hitler” and he changed it. Well, in fact, Hiller did have to change his name after high school because his former last name was so offensive. His former name? Wannstedt.

2) Dwight B. Waldo was the first president of the school. President Waldo was known for his colorful red and white striped shirt, scarf, and hat, his round glasses, and his uncanny ability to hide in plain sight. Years later, he and his name would be immortalized for all to see: Waldo Stadium, home of the Broncos.

3) Cory Flom has a funny name.

4) This is the mascot for the West Michigan Blues Society. He has nothing to do with Western Michigan, but it’s a funny picture and it’s my site.

5) The Western Michigan fight song was apparently written by either a junior high school cheerleader or a 75 year old woman who had never watched a football game before in her life.

Fight on, fight on for Western!
Take the ball, make the score
Win the game–ah!
Onward for the brown and gold
Push ’em back, push ’em back!
Bring us fame!
Fight on, fight on for Western!
Over one, over all, We will reign!
Fight, Broncos fight!
Fight with all your might!
Western win this game!

Make the score? Win the game? Push ’em back? Nice work granny.

6) As per Wikipedia, “The Moped Army, an avid group of moped riders, was formed in 1997 by three friends attending the university.” Also, WMU has a thriving gay population, consisting of these three students.

7) Kalamazoo is a Potawatami Indian word meaning “will not cover the spread against West Virginia University.” The Potawatami were a strangely prophetic people.

8) Western Michigan boasts an endless list of famous alumni, including Tim Allen, uh, and, hmm, well, did I mention Tim Allen, convicted felon?

9) Western Michigan is generally regarded as being the strongest of the directional Michigan schools, which is probably the equivalent of winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics.

10) This is the best and the brightest at Western Michigan:


CRR Is A Ventriloquist

He is blowing my mind. I hear him talking, but his mouth is definitely not moving.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, CRR stands for Coach Rich Rodriguez. That little acronym saves me the time of typing out Coach Rich Rodriguez, because who wants to spend 10 minutes spelling out every single letter of C-O-A-C-H R-I-C-H R-O-D-R-I-G-U-E-Z.

That paragraph is 30 seconds of your life you won’t get back, but spend the next 5 minutes watching this video. CRR doesn’t really give a whole lot of insight, but he does cover topics such as Pat White and Steve Slaton (apparently, they’re both fast) as well as Noel Devine (apparently, he’s had a tough childhood).

Undefeated Season: Week #1

Each Wednesday/Thursday/whatever day we want, WBGV will post our predictions for that week’s WVU game as well as 5 of our best picks against the spread (or ATS if you’re an addict). Get ready for some straight knowledge. Holla.


Hoo boy. Opening game. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. A long while.

This Western Michigan team is not the pushover opening game like in years past (cough Marshall cough). They have some talent coming back and they’ve played some big time teams over the past couple years. But let’s be real. They will be overwhelmed by the speed that West Virginia possess. Especially on offense. I look for a pretty high scoring affair, but the Mountaineers cruise.

WVU 48
Western Michigan 17

Oregon State -6.5 vs. Utah (Thursday)
Missouri -5 vs. Illinois (in St. Louis)
Georgia Tech +3 @ Notre Dame
Virginia Tech -27.5 vs. ECU
BC -6.5 vs. Wake Forest

Charley West:

Western Michigan is a good football team. They played in a bowl game last year. Sure that bowl game was a blowout loss to Cincinnati in balmy Toronto, Canada in January, but you take what you can get…especially in the MAC.

No matter what the bowl game, Western Michigan is picked to win the MAC East this year, which is no small (read: very small) feat. They are not your usual patsy, like Buffalo @ Rutgers or Murray State @ Louisville. While probably not giving us the hardest time, they will at least keep our starters in the game for more than 15 minutes. I would expect to see White and Slaton for at least 2 and a half quarters, probably more like 3.

If everything goes to plan, we should have a comfortable lead by the start of the 4th quarter. And you know if that happens, no one will have left their seat, mostly because that means Jock Sanders and Noel Devine will get to take over the show. It should be a lot of drunk…er, fun.

WVU 42
Western Michigan 13

Syracuse +3 vs. Washington (Friday)
UAB +21 @ Michigan State
Georgia Tech +3 @ Notre Dame
Missouri -5 vs. Illinois (in St. Louis)
Colorado -2.5 vs. Colorado State (in Denver)

Stiles’ Season Prediction

One of my favorite childhood memories is prior to the 1988 football season. It was from there a much younger and slimmer Beano Cook, surrounded by a couple WVU cheerleaders, predicted an undefeated season for the Mountaineers.

So what does this have to do with anything?

Well, while Beano won’t predict an undefeated season for West Virginia, I am.

Yes, it’s true I’m a bit of a homer, but I firmly believe the pieces are in place for a magical year.

Here are 10 reasons why I think WVU goes 12-0:
1. Pat White
2. Steve Slaton
(Those are TWO pretty big reasons, but lets continue)
3. Their toughest opponent comes to Mountaineer Field, plus it’s a night game
4. The improved speed on defense
5. Outstanding special teams
6. Rita Rodriguez has finally been given a bigger role in the program
7. The team learned last year they can’t afford to ‘take a game off’ (see South Florida)
8. Rich Rodriguez
9. A talented freshman class that should be producing by mid season
10. Pat White and Steve Slaton

As we learned over the past two years, White and Slaton are two special talents. Last year, they lacked the pieces around them to get over the hump. This year will be different. Between Devine, Hogan, Sanders on offense and Mundy, Thomas, Lankster, etc on defense, this team will be playing in the BCS Championship Game.

So what’s left? One thing.

Does anybody know of a good hotel on Bourbon Street?

This Combines My Two Favorite Things

Sex and heroin.

Actually, drumline and football. Not that Drumline. Nick Cannon never did it for me.

New Entrance Video

Well, it’s finally here: the new team entrance video. Is it better? Yes. Is it great? Probably not. Is it better than the last entrance? Definitely. Am I drunk? Affirmative. Am I done posing and answering my own questions? I guess.

In my opinion, this is an upgrade. There are some things that I would have differently, but then again, my editing methods involve a BetaMax player. Either way, it should be interesting to see how the crowd responds on September 1st. My guess is that eventually, this entrance will be embraced 100%.

Without further adieu, it’s time to rock.

[thanks to loyal reader Lumpy for the tip]

Site Unseen, Football Entrance Best In Nation

The Daily Mail has broken the story on the new football team entrance just today. Unfortunately for us, they also broke the website, as the story is coming up blank.

When it becomes not blank, I’ll be back with an update.

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long. Here is the excerpt from the Daily Mail:

Instead, the band and the team will participate in a three-phase, increasingly rocking entrance.

It’s still a work in progress leading up to this Saturday’s season opener against Western Michigan. And Rutledge said he doesn’t want to ruin some of the surprise. But he provided a rough sketch of what the entrance will be like now.

The band will still form a tunnel to play the first song, which is relatively slow. Rutledge declined to name the song. A voiceover by Coach Rodriguez comes over the loudspeaker system.

The second song, which Rutledge also declined to name, is somewhat speedier. The band will start to rock back and forth. WVU leaders hope the crowd will be inspired to do the same. There’s also a video montage of memorable plays from prior seasons.

During the third song, the tempo goes way up. The song is by speed metal band Metallica, said Rutledge, who wouldn’t specify the name of the song. Speculation on the Mountaineer Message Board is that the song is “For Whom the Bells Toll.”

As the team bursts onto the field, the band will either jump or raise their instruments over their heads during the third song, Rutledge said.

If you ask me, this is a major improvement. 2001 A Space Odyssey was a slower song that just didn’t build any excitement. Add in Let’s Get It Started and the entrance just got worse and worse.

Other than a live sacrifice of a Pitt fan at midfield, this new entrance seems like a vast improvement.