I’ve heard through the grape vine that last night during HCBS Call-In Show that there was a mention of MY idea to change the First Down cheer. I would like to congratulate myself for being a true revolutionary. I feel as if I was molded in the image of the greatest revolutionary in American history, Hugh Hefner.

I give you boobs, ass, and great articles, just like Hef. So help me and the other revolutionaries out there to change the first down cheer. It is simple and I don’t even care if you are too drunk to point in the right direction, just do this…


If people around you are not receptive to this change, physically force them to do this cheer by placing your hand on their throat until they listen.  See, there is a simple violent solution to every problem

Best Of WBGV: Fraud Offers WVU $1.5 Million And A Box Of Envelopes


According to ESPN, Rodriguez has offered to pay WVU $1.5 million for breaching a contract that calls for $4 million in liquidated damages. I think I’m a high enough ranking official within WVU’s Athletic Department to say, “HAHAHAHA How ’bout you just pay $4 million bitch.”

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Best of WBGV: Hump: I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More Of It


I love boobs. I love butts. Here are some pictures featuring both and some up the skirt action.
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Is It Ironic, Or Am I As Dumb As Alanis Morisette?


Is it ironic that Boston College will fire Jackoffzinski if he takes an interview with the Jets, which shows “disloyalty,” when only a few years back BC left the Big East for ASS Conference?

Loaylty? Are you fucking kidding me? The Big East kept you relevant when your programs sucked. I hope you fire him and don’t win a game next year but the ASS sucks so they could luck into winning 10 games.

Whether it is ironic or not, Gene DeFilippo (pictured above) is an asshole and should be kicked in the taint everyday. Oh yeah, I hope Jared Dudley is bald and homeless somewhere. I hate that guy.

I could not find the Ed Hill catch so enjoy Angel Estrada destroying a BC receiver.

Random Goodness


It may be cliche but fuck it. It is a great night to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be. The football team finished this season on a positive note and showed that there are great things to come in the future.

The basketball team absolutely embarrassed tOSU. While it was a total team performance, our freshmen played one hell of a game. Things could get special from here on out. Great game by everyone.

Now some random thoughts…
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Meteorologist McAfee Sees Fair Weather At WVU


“I think West Virginia fans are so fair-weather every once in a while it’s ridiculous. I know that from personal experience,” McAfee said last week. “We have some great fans. I just wish all of them were like that.

Before you begin to personally attack McAfee for stating the truth, you should remember all the barbs you have thrown in past few months. The comments have not be pleasant and were sometimes down right personally mean spirited. If you are going to be a critic, you should be prepared to take it too.

To those that think the booing and criticism goes unnoticed and does not negatively effect the team, look closely at what McAfee says and reconsider your opinion. We, as fans, are able to help or hurt our football team by our support or lack thereof.

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I’m Not A Hater. I’m Just Keeping It Real!

I just want to warn all those that are hating on keeping it real about HCBS what could happen.