Random Goodness


It may be cliche but fuck it. It is a great night to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be. The football team finished this season on a positive note and showed that there are great things to come in the future.

The basketball team absolutely embarrassed tOSU. While it was a total team performance, our freshmen played one hell of a game. Things could get special from here on out. Great game by everyone.

Now some random thoughts…
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SWEET 16!!

It was dicey, but this group of guys showed that I’m an idiot — and that they are all heart.

MVP Joe Mazzulla: 13 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, and 100% effort all damn day

The History of Duke In Pictures

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Dancing Shoes

The brackets are out, here, and we are in as the seven seed against a high quality Arizona squad. It may be the “West” Bracket but the west coast is coming to DC and I’m PUMPED.

But don’t worry, I’m not gonna do what you all think I’m gonna do, which is, you know, FLIP OUT! But who’s coming, if anybody else wants to come with me, this moment will be the ground floor of something real and fun and inspiring and true in this godforsaken business and we will do it together! Who’s coming with me besides…”Charley” here?

Our tournament preview will come once we’ve sobered up but let’s just say that Charley nor the 25314 have a chance against my bracket picking skills. Stay tuned and find your dancing shoes.

My Christmas Present To You

Everytime I see this picture, a smile appears on my face. And what better — on Christmas, no less —¬†than a smile on a Mountaineer fan’s face. Lord knows they’ve been few and far between these past few weeks.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Merry Christmas!

My Top 25 and Future Predicitions!

Another great weekend of college football and a WVU victory are behind us. With USC going down to 40 point dog Stanford and three other top 10 teams losing, there will be another huge shake-up at the top of the polls. What I think does not matter but here is my top 25:

  1. LSU — Will go undefeated and win the BCS National Championship.
  2. Ohio State — They will get beat by Michigan.
  3. California — USC will DESTROY them.
  4. SOUTH FLORIDA — They will lose to Cincinnati.
  5. Boston College –I hope they lose the rest of their games, damn traitors.
  6. Oklahoma — The Big 12 Championship is their toughest remaining game.
  7. South Carolina — Will lose at lest two more games.
  8. West Virginia — No more screwing up.
  9. USC — Will they go down again this year to UCLA?
  10. Oregon — Could beat USC but will lose at Washington.
  11. Virginia Tech — Everyone on this team will be arrested by the end of the season.
  12. Hawaii — They are the Rainbows (insert joke here).
  13. Missouri — Are they for real? We will see next week when they travel to Norman.
  14. Arizona State — Will fall apart in the second half as they always do and finish 8 – 4.
  15. Kentucky — They suck
  16. Wisconsin — Will suffer crushing defeats at Ohio State and against Michigan.
  17. Cincinnati — WVU will dominate these phonies.
  18. Kansas — Who cares?
  19. Illinois — No chance
  20. Texas — Overrated
  21. Florida — Frauds
  22. Georgia — A really good team that had a really bad day.
  23. UConn — Can they beat the Wahoos in Charlottesville?
  24. Virginia — UConn will beat them at home.
  25. State Penn — What’s a Nittany?

There you have it, my Top 25. It took a lot longer than I thought and if you don’t agree, shut your damn mouth!