The Airing Of Grievances

Cincinnati West Virginia Football

Just when we thought the offensive coaching had turned the corner, Mullen calls a game where even I, being half-drunk, could recognize any play coming. There was simply nothing original about the game plan, unless the plan was supposed to look completely inept.  Then again, it’s not that original when you’ve been doing it all season.

The stats tell most of the story: four of twenty on third down and 98 total rushing yards.  98.  That is the first time in seven years — SEVEN YEARS — that we failed to reach the 100 yard mark. Mullen deserves a pat on the back for that. Good job, buddy.

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The Dealio with Casteelio

Jeff Casteel is like a commercial jingle. At first his ridiculous 3-3-5 defenses were a little irritating, like in 2006 when it was being gashed like Owen Wilson’s wrists. Then you see it a few years, you hum it in the shower.  By the 7th year, it’s “By Mennen!”.

I’ll be honest, the first 5 years WVU ran Casteel’s D (2002-2006) I found him extremely irritating. But after seeing the last two years, he’s sorta got stuck in my head, “Jeff Ca-steel”!

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The (Great?) Mountaineer Staff Experiment

The Mountaineers are embarking on a great experiment in the coming years. When Bill Stewart was first hired, I’m sure that wasn’t the idea, but experiment we shall. What is that experiment?

Take a huge power vacuum, insert a relatively unexperienced but very well liked guy, surround him with the absolute best assistants in the country, stir, and see what happens.

I am unaware of a situation quite like this one in recent college football history.

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WVU’s New Offensive Coordinator Is…..

Jeff Mullen

Jeff Mullen, QB coach at Wake Forest, will be named WVU’s Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach, barring any Taffe like break-down, at a Bill Stewart lead teleconference Friday or Saturday of this week. This comes directly from the mouth of Tony Caridi who spoke at a lunch today for the Kanawha County Bar Association.
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Here We Go Again…

Well, the saga continues.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which really is the Rodriguez Post-Gazette, says that Calvin Magee was not allowed to stay at WVU, despite his wishes, because he was black.

Of course, this story has national legs now, and is awful for WVU’s image.

If true, this is horrible, but let’s remember two things.

  1. The story was fed to Chuck Finder by Rodriguez’s agent, Mike Brown.
  2. Magee flew to Michigan with Rodriguez the day RR was hired, displaying loyalty to RR and not WVU.

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David Johnson: New Offensive Line Coach

University of Georgia Assistant Head Coach and Tight Ends coach, David Johnson, was interviewed in Morgantown over the weekend and has accepted the job of Offensive Line coach on Billy the Kid’s staff.

Johnson is an original member of Mark Richt’s 2001 staff, and has coached the likes of Randy McMichael, Ben Watson, and Leonard Pope. Before that, he was recruiting coordinator at Marshall, and coached at IUP. Johnson played offensive line for WVU from 1979-1983.

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Shake Dat Laffy Taaffe, Dat Laffy Taaffe

Well, it’s official: HCBS has taken his first big-boy steps at West Virginia. And what steps they were.

Scoring Doc Holliday, Steve Dunlap, and David Lockwood — anything but Nehlen retreads — was a major coup for this fledgling coach. They add instant credibility both in recruiting and scheming. As we all know, Holliday is the jewel of this class and gives WVU arguably the best recruiter of Florida. Stewart’s 2009 class, simply because of Holliday’s presence, should be much improved. Hell, we might see a resurgence this year.

But the real question mark, at least in the eyes of the fans, is Charlie Taaffe, the new offensive coordinator. He immediately assumes the title of “Most Misspelled Name” at WVU, a title formerly held by John Beilein and Owen Schmitt.

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