War Damn Mountaineers!

Late in the second quarter, just before Pat White threw the touchdown pass to Alric Arnett, the WVU offense changed.  Down 17-3, this team (and the staff) had a choice: score points or pack up the season.  From my seat, you could almost see the exact moment it happened.  A four play, 78 yard touchdown drive in just 1:31.  It was like the Mountaineer offense of old: just plain dangerous.  And with that drive, this team bid adieu to whatever offense was trying to score points in the first six games.  From here on out, the show is back in Morgantown, and I can only think of one thing to say…

Watch.  Out.

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Auburn: They Are Not Worth Your Hate, Only Your Pity (and Even Then Not Really)

Dear Readers of West By God Virginia,

I am writing to you today at the behest of Mr. Charley West, whom you may know as the author of the blog you are currently reading. Mr. West contacted me earlier in the week in an attempt to procure some “shit talk,” as he so eloquently put it, from a fan of the biggest rival of your upcoming opponent, the Auburn War Eagles Plainsmen Tigers or, as we affectionately refer to them, “Little Sister.” Specifically he requested a brief post explaining why Alabama fans hate Auburn and why you, as fans of the Mountaineers, should as well.

As I explained to Mr. West, this is actually a tall order, considering Alabama fans are, by and large, routinely unable to muster the necessary concern towards our wayward neighbors to actually feel anything about them beyond apathy, annoyance and, in the cases of the truly kindhearted, pity. I won’t lie and say that losing six in a row hasn’t raised the choler of many of us, myself included, but at the end of the day they are, in fact, still Auburn, destined to live in the shadow of the Crimson Tide no matter what their successes or our failures.

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Oh Yeah, We Play Auburn Thursday

Countdown to 2008 — Just A Friendly Reminder