See Joe Dunk!

Could Joe Alexander become the NBA version of Peyton Manning?

See Joe Dunk

Suck It, Voters…Computers Are Our True Love


Think I give two (insert synonym for poop here) about what human voters think about our basketball team?  The answer after this commercial break…

UConn Build-Up

Stephen Curry, err….Davidson Open Thread


I guess they have other players.  I assume we’ll find out tonight.

Note: I lied — I do know that they have at least one other player.  Why do I know that?  He’s out for tonight’s game, that’s why.  Though, frankly, his name sounds made up, so I’m still skeptical.  Either way, even playing 1 vs. 5, Davidson is a 2 point favorite.

Thoughts on the Ugliest of Ugly Wins


We’re a young team, I get that.  There’s going to be some tough patches throughout this season.  But good lord was that ugly.  Still, a win is a win is a win is a road win over a probable SEC tournament team.  In about three months, we’ll be looking lovingly back to this win, overjoyed to have it on our resume.

A few thoughts:

  • I am 100% in favor of Huggins threatening gun violence or medieval torture against players who can’t shoot free throws.  And when I say players, I mean the entire team.  We suck.  I get the weightlifting angle, with the thought that it will improve as the season goes on.  But no team should be this bad, on any level.
  • Gutsy play by Joe Mazzulla.  Obviously, he wasn’t his best, but even the most blackhearted among us (including: me) can respect that effort.

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Pounding At The Tad Pad



I don’t know about the rest of you but I am ready to put this disappointing football season behind me and focus on basketball.  It is tougher to get pumped for basketball games since there is less alcohol involved but lets change that and drink heavily for every game. 

Tonight, at 9 p.m., CBH faces his old mentee Andy Kennedy in a crucial game for our Mountaineers.  After a demoralizing defeat at the hands Blue Ball Nation, the Mountaineers need to make a statement on the road.  With a 32-3 home record under Kennedy, getting a W could be a much tougher task than I originally thought.

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Cam Thoroughman = BAMF

Cam Thoroughman has become a semi-celebrity among Duke haters everywhere for planting Gerald Henderson on his ass. Just watch and enjoy.

[courtesy Awful Announcing]