Who Should They Vote For?

It’s Election Day in these United States and everyone has a huge choice in front of them. Do you vote for an experienced leader, a quirky guy that nobody takes seriously, or an excellent motivator with a checkered past? No matter who you vote for make sure you vote early and vote often.

I will not get into a political discussion here but college football pollsters will likely take into account points that resonate in this presidential election and that is just wrong. Voters should only consider a team’s on-the-field performance but these idiots are human and will let emotion and connections get involved.
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Start Watching The Polls Again

Two convincing wins in a row and we are back in the Top 25, bitches. We sit at 20th in the AP, 22nd in the Harris, and 25th in the BCS because the computers absolutely HATE us. All we have to do is continue to win and we will be back in the Top 15. (Just call me Captain Obvious)

The Snarkiest MNC Live Blog In History

Anyone can live blog the National Championship. Most will try, too. But it takes a true cynic, however, to do it as snarkily (note: may or may not be a word) as I plan on doing it. Trust me, I sincerely promise to sarcastically hate on everything and everyone. Things might get a little uncomfortable, even, but believe me when I say that will not stop me. The snark shall continue.

So, this is your heads up. Be sure to tune in around game time as I crack open my first beer and let all my pent up frustration out on two totally undeserving teams, a terrible officiating crew, and THom Brennaman. See, it’s started already.

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Wooo, Pig Sooey!

Today, we are all Arkansas fans. Or as Les Miles calls it, ar-Kansas. He’s a bright one.

Either way, an Arkansas win basically allows us to control our own destiny. While it wouldn’t be the sexiest national championship game (WVU vs. Missouri/Kansas/Ohio State), I think we’d all take it in a heartbeat. So, again, if you’re fluent in voodoo or other black magic, and I know you are, focus your attention against LSU.

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BCS Rhymes With Mess

Stewart Mandel has a reasonably good look at the current BCS picture, also known as the Great Clusterfuck of 2007.

So long, Oklahoma. Welcome back, West Virginia.In the latest wrinkle to this year’s ever-changing national title race, the 9-1 Mountaineers not only got a much-needed road win at Cincinnati on Saturday night but benefited greatly from the Sooners’ 34-27 loss at Texas Tech. Now, West Virginia, which figures to move up to No. 4 in the new BCS Standings following its 28-23 win at Cincinnati, needs those same Sooners to turn around and win the Big 12 championship.

Obviously, the Oklahoma loss was just about the best we could have hoped for on Saturday. Assuming Sooner QB Sam Bradford is OK and they go on to beat Oklahoma State next weekend, Oklahoma should be favored against either Missouri or Kansas. That game will be played in San Antonio, meaning Oklahoma will have a decided home-field advantage (say, as opposed to the 2006 edition which was held in Kansas City).

That just gets us started. Though there shouldn’t be any surprises, we’ll back back later this evening with a full recap of both the game and the newly released BCS standings.

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Dare I Say It?

You’ll get the full rundown later this morning, but for now, I have just one thing on my mind…

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Thanks Arizona, Arizona +11.5

Yes, that’s right, Arizona has defeated the #2 ranked Oregon Ducks. Arizona, known for it’s high deserts, John McCain, and undefended illegal border crossings, now can claim an even bigger prize: helper of Mountaineer football (and my bank account). After the #1 LSU Tigers and #2 Whoever Survives The Big-12 Jaysoogers, the Mountaineers effectively rank #3 in the BCS.

So, you’re asking yourself, what is the best case scenario? Well, here it is (all points assuming we win out):

  1. LSU loses the SEC Championship Game, most likely Georgia…in the Georgia Dome. Odds: 2-1.
  2. Oklahoma loses on the road to Texas Tech. Anything can happen with Texas Tech. Oklahoma then goes on to win the Big 12 Championship. Odds: 6-1.
  3. LSU loses on the road this weekend to Ole Miss. Odds: 8-1.
  4. Missouri loses on the road this weekend to Kansas State. Classic trap game. If this happens, and Missouri can beat both Kansas and Oklahoma, we go to the National Championship game. Odds: 12-1.

Taken individually, each is unlikely to happen. Considered together, however, there is a decent probability that one of these will happen. Of course, there are other scenarios, but these seem to be the four most likely.

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Thank You Mississippi State

Yesterday, Mississippi State furthered it’s #1 goal of improving WVU’s strength of schedule by beating #22 Alabama. Stewart Mandel of SI.com took notice:

With a 17-12 win over Alabama in which its defense absolutely stifled Crimson Tide QB John Parker Wilson, Mississippi State (6-4) has now beaten three ranked SEC foes: Auburn, Kentucky and Alabama. These same Bulldogs, however, got crushed just a few weeks ago by West Virginia. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the SEC, but a tremendous achievement for Sylvester Croom’s team, which, after enduring three years as the conference whipping boy, is likely headed to a bowl game.

Somehow, someway, this fact will inevitably be lost by others in the mainstream media. Either way, the Mississippi State win will continue to help us immensely in the computer polls. In a weekend where Ohio State relinquished its #1 position, anything helps.

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Road To The BCS

Let me just start off by saying that I want nothing more than to play in the BCS National Championship game. However, Woody Paige always says, “You guys have to look at the schedule.” After looking at the schedule it does not look good for WVU. I did not include Kansas in this scenario because they are not that good and will get beat by seasons end.

OSU (10-2)
W Wisconsin – If this were at Camp Randall maybe but not shot at the Horseshoe
L Illinois – The fighting Zooker’s come in and shock OSU as they are looking ahead to next week’s match-up at the Big House.
L @ Michigan – The Wolverine’s earn a spot in the Rose Bowl by winning the Big Ten.

BC (11-2) The New England magic ends with the Eagles. I hope this team gets the Clap.
W @ Maryland
L @ Clemson
W Miami
L (ACC Championship v. Va. Tech)

LSU (12-1) The trek to their bowl game will be a short drive down I-10 to New Orleans.
W @ Bama – This will be a close game and if Les Miles gambles too much down the stretch he could get burnt.
W La Tech
W @ Ole Miss
W Arkansas
W (SEC Championship v. It doesn’t matter)

Arizona St. (10-2)
L @ Oregon – You don’t go into Autzen and leave with a W, unless you’re Cal.
W Arizona

Oregon (11-1) A longer drive to New Orleans but they will meet LSU for the BCS Championship.
W Arizona St.
W @ Arizona
W @ UCLA – This is the Ducks toughest remaining game but they will walk out of LA with a W.
W Oregon St. – The Civil War is a rivalry game so you never know what could happen.

Oklahoma (12-1) Most likely going to the Rose Bowl to face Michigan.
W Baylor
W @ Texas Tech
W Oklahoma St.
W (Big 12 Championship v. Missouri)

WVU (11-1)
W Louisville – This game still worries me. Brohm is a great passer but I think our secondary holds strong.
W @ Cincy
W UConn
W Shit – I can’t wait to chant EAT SHIT PITT over and over again.

If this scenario works out we will end up 4th in the BCS poll and will likely be picked first by the Orange Bowl to play the Chokies.

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Can’t Say I Disagree

The BCS is garbage.

Even when it works, someone has a problem. Usually legitimate. At least in college basketball, the problems happen during the selection process, a full month before the national championship game. With the BCS, problems begin the first day the rankings are released and continue until about the middle of the 3rd quarter of the MNC game.

No one points out one of the biggest deficiencies of the BCS better than this piece by Wendell Barnhouse — who’s name frankly sounds made-up — in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Star-Telegram:

Two of the most popular exhibits in the BCS’ Hall of Shame are the 2001 and 2003 seasons. In both cases (Nebraska in ’01 and Oklahoma in ’03), a team reached the BCS title game without winning its conference championship.

Should West Virginia win out, it will be 11-1 and atop the Big East standings. If South Florida wins its remaining games, the Bulls and the Mountaineers would be the only Big East teams with one loss.

South Florida, based on its head-to-head victory over West Virginia, would be Big East champions. The Bulls, 12th in the coaches’ and Harris polls and 10th in the BCS standings, are long shots to reach the BCS title game.

While it would require more upsets — and based on what’s transpired, that’s not exactly a reach — it’s not out of the question that West Virginia could wind up ranked No. 2 in the final BCS standings.

Yep, that’s right. West Virginia could play in the BCS title game and not be the top team in its conference. At least the Mountaineers could claim to be “co-champions,” which is something Nebraska and Oklahoma couldn’t do.

Obviously, this is the scenario we as Mountaineer fans want to have play out this season. But, in the interest of college football, there needs to be a rule change.

Simply amending the BCS qualification rules to require winning your own conference’s championship (along with any tiebreakers) would help shore up a faulty BCS process. Reason suggests that if you’re not the best team in your conference of 8-12 teams, then how can you compete for the title of best team in America?

Hopefully — soon — you won’t be able to.

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Soooo Much for THAT

Just when I started to get my hopes that maybe WVU could sneak into the National Championship game, this comes out (from cfn.scout.com):

2. West Virginia – BCS Championship Currently ninth in the BCS rankings, the Mountaineers will start creeping up with impressive win after impressive win. They’ll beat Mississippi State, Rutgers, Louisville, Cincinnati, Connecticut and Pitt to finish 11-1, and get just enough love from the computers to go along with the respect from the human polls. I’m not saying it’s right that West Virginia will get in over South Florida, I’m just predicting here. The Mountaineers will get the number two spot, USF will be three, and the college football world will be buzzing.

Now, you can pretty much forget about it.

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Through Sobriety Comes Redemption

This is good news, seeing as how CFN’s drug problem had run rampant in the past few weeks. Luckily, they put down the pipe, stopped hanging out with Jon Wilner, and got themselves clean.

How do I know this? Because they wrote the following:

West Virginia (5-1, 1-1) – No matter what happens around them, the Mountaineers understand that six wins down the stretch will land them no worse than an at-large BCS bowl berth. After a much-needed week of rest, the journey resumes this Saturday with a visit from Mississippi State.

Rational thought from CFN — whoodathunkit? Unfortunately, they still have us ranked 12th, but one step at a time, OK?

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College Football Makes No Sense

The BCS Rankings are out. And, now officially, college football makes no sense.

1. Ohio State.

Beaten everybody, played nobody. The win at Washington is only an average win. Same with Purdue. Outside of those two, they’ve dispatched of Youngstown State, Akron, Northwestern, and Minnesota. Really gets your engine revving, doesn’t it? We’ll learn a lot more as the schedule gets significantly harder, with Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the season-closing trip to Ann Arbor is the fly in State’s ointment. Prediction: 11-1 … Rose Bowl.

2. South Florida.

Best resume in all of college football. Very good win over Auburn and great win over the Mountaineers. What looked like a huge trip to Piscataway next weekend has been made a bit easier by way of Rutgers suckiness. USF gets a nice boost by getting both Cincinnati and Louisville in Tampa. Prediction: 12-0 … BCS National Championship Game.

3. Boston College.

This by far the weakest of BCS Top 5 teams. With their schedule, they are a risk to lose every single week for the rest of the season. Their last 5 games include a trip to Blacksburg, home to Florida State, trips to College Park and Clemson and then home to the Hurricanes. Matt Ryan is a good player, but they’re just not this good. Prediction: 10-2.

4. LSU.

LSU looks invincible against Virginia Tech. LSU looks beatable against Florida but escapes. LSU is beatable at Kentucky. If they can get by Auburn next weekend, however, they cruise (Alabama, La. Tech, Ole Miss, and Arkansas) into the SEC Championship Game. Prediction: 12-1 … BCS National Championship Game.

5. Oklahoma.

LSU has the much tougher schedule, LSU deserves to be ahead of Oklahoma. The biggest test left is most likely trip to Lubbock, Texas. In the end, however, they should run the table and be ready to capitalize on an LSU mistake. Prediction: 12-1 … Fiesta Bowl.

9. West Virginia.

Can’t complain too much with this ranking. Teams like South Carolina, Kentucky, and Arizona State are a good bet to falter and allow us to continue to move up. The mission is simple: win out and go to the Sugar Bowl. I wouldn’t mind New Orleans in January. Prediction: 11-1 … Sugar Bowl.

Full Predictions:

BCS Title Game: LSU vs. South Florida
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Missouri
Sugar Bowl: West Virginia vs. South Carolina
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. USC
Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oregon

Who the hells knows, though.

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WVU 9th In ESPN BCS Projections

Brad Edwards of ESPN.com has published the Worldwide Leader’s BCS Projections ahead of the official release next Sunday. Where is West Virginia?


This is very good news. It tells us a few things. The computers don’t hate us. Our strength of schedule is relatively good and should only get better with the match-up with Cincinnati (and I guess Rutgers and UConn). Mississippi State has the chance to be a good game as well. Also, we are high enough that winning out 99.9% guarantees us a BCS berth, no matter if we win the Big EAST or not. This is also good news.

Where are some other teams? LSU is the obvious #1, Cal #2, USF #5, Missouri #6, Oklahoma #12, and USC way down at #13. Being ahead of media darlings Oklahoma and USC should give WVU fans a little excitement. As crazy as this season has gone, the national championship is not completely out of the realm of possibility.

From my perspective, win out and the rest of it will take care of itself.

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