Taking Your Temperature

Let’s play doctor for a minute. Not the middle school version, where you convinced a girl it would help her with science when all you really wanted to do was touch your first boob. Rather, I want to take your temperature about the rest of the season following a win.

Many of you have gotten a little hot under the collar discussing the coaching staff’s performance following two road defeats. A win at home will not cure your ills but it should improve your outlook. If it doesn’t, then you really need to head to a strip club and eat the lunch buffet.
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Big Weekend For Big East

Tonight is very important for the Big East. Counter to internet rumors the Big East and Playboy will not be announcing a patnership to test the idea of naked cheerleaders on the sideline. Some bullshit about family friendly environments was the stumbling block between the parties. To me, this would have presented a great opportunity to begin the birds and bees discussion.

Rather, the importance of tonight for the Big East lies in the matchup of Rutgers v. UNC. This is an opportunity for a middle tier Big East team to destroy a middle tier ACC team on national TV. As much talk as there has been about the dominance of the SEC. There has been equal discussion on how bad the ACC and Big East has been so far this season. This is the first match-up of a weekend with some huge OOC games for Big East teams.

In the spirit of kicking my crack habit and Big East togetherness I will do a live blog during tonight’s game. So stop in for commentary on everything from hot cheerleaders to how much people from New Jersey smell. Also, if you’re a betting man take Rutgers at -4.

ACC Raids Big East Again!

Big Mike

The ACC, the red headed step child of BCS conferences, has done it again to the Big East. But this time they raided the commissioner’s office. Yes, you heard right John Swofford has somehow convinced Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese to leave his post and take a position with the ACC.

This shocking news is quickly sweeping across the college sports world and really has people talking. Klempson fan Cletus Johnny was quoted as saying, “We needs some good folks up therrre in the big offices ’cause ACC football stinks worse than a hog on a wet Tuesday afternoon.”

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Providence, Wednesday, 2 PM

Didn’t feel like working on Wednesday afternoon?  Looking for an excuse to leave your job, go to a bar, and get stinking drunk in the middle of the day?  Hate the state of Rhode Island?  Well, do I have an answer for you.

WVU, the #5 seed, plays Providence, the #12 seed, at 2 PM on Wednesday in the first round of the Big East Tournament.  If you’re at the Athletic Club at Embassy Suites around noon, you can sit with me.  But we’re splitting the check — don’t think you can freeload on my dime.

Bubble Watch

Bubble Fun

Alright, March Madness is upon us but where will WVU be seeded in the Big East Tournament (BET) and will it get a birth in the NCAA Tournament? Both question are up in the air, but leave it to me to screw things up in explaining to you how I think the scenario will play out.

First, let’s talk about the BET at the World’s Most Famous Arena.
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