Hindsight: Hot Damn What A Fantastic Decision

As far as I am concerned, Coach Stew is already 1-0 on the season (2-0 if you count Villanova, 3-0 if you count Syracuse). Why? Because he chose to not to renew redshirt-freshman Kendall Washington’s scholarship. Sure, back in May, it was a decision that didn’t seem all that consequential to anything, save for maybe our depth at wide receiver. But today, that decision is proving just a tad more valuable.

The man told police the masked robber came to his bedroom as he slept, demanded money and jewelry, then shot him twice.

The victim couldn’t see the gunman’s face, but city police have charged former St. Thomas Aquinas High School football star Kendall M. Washington with aggravated robbery and felonious assault. A grand jury now will take a look at the evidence to see if he should stand trial.

I think I speak for all West Virginia fans when I say, “WHEW!” That was certainly a close one. Either Stew is a fantastic judge of character or he has finally developed a reliable means of time travel. Personally, my bet is on time travel, which should make play-calling much, much easier this year.

Also, thankfully, our Fulmer Cup rep should be saved upon reconsideration.

Bill Stewart Hired, Nuclear Fallout Results

Coach Bill Stewart has a little over a month until signing day, which is his first test as a head coach and recruiter. He then has approximately 8 months until the 2008 season opener, which is like a final exam compared to this first signing day. As much as I hate to say it, I just don’t know how he’s going to fare in those tests.

But, apparently, Stewart Mandel already knows. And the picture isn’t pretty.

Dismiss it as being overly pessimistic, but this is the what the national public is being spoon-fed. Whether we like it or not, this is what people will eventually hear enough that they feel they must accept it as gospel.

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Entire Fanbase Holding Their Breath

Bill Stewart is our new head coach. Now what?

Well, I have absolutely no idea. I’m not sure anyone else does, either.

I want to believe in the guy. I really do. He obviously loves his players, this university, and this state. These are all great qualities. But, it takes more than just that to win long-term at the highest levels of college football. Coach Bill Stewart has a lot of question marks, including recruiting, assembling his staff, schemes, etc.

It is impossible to judge this hire today. There are simply too many things that will be decided in the next few months. If Stewart can translate that aw-shucks charm into genuine recruiting momentum, then we’ll be fine. If he can take last night’s destruction and turn it into a season’s worth of good play, then we’ll be fine. And lastly, if he can assemble the best staff possible, including keeping as many current staff in place, we’ll be fine.

Can he do those things? Time will certainly tell. It’s certainly a tall task, especially from someone with little head-coaching experience.

But by saying all the right things, he’s earned the benefit of the doubt from me. I hope the rest of the fanbase gives him the same.

We’re Still Just A Little Bit In Shock


This has all happened so fast. I hate to sound like an 90-year old grandmother who got lost in a grocery store, but it’s true.

While I think taking a few extra nights to sleep on the decision would have been prudent, it’s tough to wait when the players are so vocal about one coach. For right now, I am going to defer to them…

(Don’t worry, I’ll find my bearings soon.)

Pat White

“He deserves it. A great man. A great coach. All the players respect him and all the players love him. You couldn’t ask for a better man to lead us to victory today.”

Greg Isdaner

‚ÄúThis is our coach.”

Owen Schmitt

“He’s the glue that kept us together. West Virginia would be stupid not to hire him as head coach.”