Thank You, Darris Nichols!


For the past 4 years, Nichols has been one of the steadiest point guards in Mountaineer history.  Always stingy with the ball (as exampled by his 28 minute, 0 turnover performance last night), Nichols has also become a reliable scorer for the Mountaineers.  In my mind, he will be forever remembered for two plays: his block against Wake Forest and the last-gasp, game-winning shot against Mississippi State in last year’s NIT.

So, regardless of what happens over the next few weeks, WBGV salutes Darris Nichols.  Thanks for the memories, you’ll be missed.

We Play A Mean Game Of Roundball

Stiles, our resident basketball expert, will check in periodically with his thoughts on the season. Luckily for you, this is one of those times. 

I can’t take it anymore. Somebody wake me up when the new coach is hired. I’m too preoccupied with this upcoming test for the basketball team against Oklahoma.

With Charley and 5th Year playing the role of Woodward and Bernstein, let’s take a look at the upcoming showdown…

Since the narrow loss to Tennessee, the Mountaineer basketball team has been a juggernaut. This has included blowing out teams left and right, featuring decent Auburn and Duquesne teams. With these blowouts, three positive trends have emerged during the stretch. They are (in no particular order):

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Midnight Madness

Last night, I attended Midnight Madness. To sum it up in one word, I would say it was kinda dull. OK, that’s two, but you get the idea.

Some highlights:

  • Huggins getting the microphone and saying, “next year, bring ten of your friends with you. I don’t like playing in front of an empty house. Also, he said, “This team is going to play above the rim and on the floor.” That got me kinda excited.
  • Joe Alexander going back to half court to get his run and then dunking from the foul line with his foot a bit on the foul line. Also, he did one of those Vince Carter “elbow in the rim” dunk with so much ease, it really wasn’t *that* impressive.
  • Will Thomas. I heard the guy can play. He sure can. I’m really excited for this guy.
  • Darris Nicholas. Looked like he bulked up a couple pounds. Plus, the shot looked better. I look for a monster year from him. Dark horse for Big East Player of the Year.
  • Also, Wellington Smith showed me some improvement to his game.

Now, both the men and women start practice today. In fact, they’ve each probably have already run a ton of laps. Meanwhile, I’ve laid in bed all this morning.

But, don’t worry about me. It’s time to put the basketball teams on your radar.

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