Who Doesn’t Like A Good Midriff?

The Highlights Prove I Wasn’t Dreaming

And one more…

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It’s A Great Night To Be A Mountaineer!


There are too many words to properly express what happened tonight. This is one of the greatest nights in Mountaineer history. It would be silly of us to make any judgments on our coaching situation tonight. Let’s just enjoy the day, night, game, etc. Truly amazing.

Trust me — tomorrow — we’ll have plenty of words. Tonight? We have only this…

Let’s Go……..Mountaineers!

PS: Your thoughts in the comments….

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On Location: Must. Drink. Responsibly.

This will be the second consecutive WVU sporting event we have watched at the utterly implodable Charleston Civic Center. (If you’re wondering, it’s the giant piece of crap in the picture above.) Last Saturday’s Oklahoma game didn’t end too well, so let’s try and stop the losing streak at one.

If you need me, I’ll be at the $12 tailgate buffet and, more specifically, the cash bar. Nothing says fun quite like a cash bar (actually, an open bar does, but hey, they probably knew I was coming). Luckily, they have projection and flat screen televisions, and all the sports bars around Charleston suck, and I like to watch the game with other people, and yelling expletives at the top of your lungs just doesn’t have the same effect if children aren’t around, and did I mention there’s liquor?

So that’s what we’re doing. The nervousness is just setting in. Actually, the coaching search did it’s job in properly distracting me until today. I imagine, though, that it’s going to get pretty crazy between now and gametime, what with my nervous drinking habit and all.

If it gets too crazy, just remember: the safe word is “bubble-screen.

We Know Who Wins The Fiesta Bowl

It’s difficult to write a game preview for a game as marquee as this one, considering everyone from ESPN to your uncle Ricky has previewed the games themselves. And chances are, uncle Ricky’s effort makes twice as much sense as ESPN’s. So we’re going to take a little different tack when looking at this game.

We’re going to do this from a completely arbitrary standpoint. Who cares whether Oklahoma has a DT suspended or a CB hurt. Those things have nothing to do with the outcome of the game. What really matters is that Oklahoma had a then-record run of 2,212 performances on Broadway. That’s tough to overcome.

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Fiesta Bowl Preview (in Haiku)

Our real Fiesta Bowl preview is coming this afternoon (probably just after lunch). Until then, we’re going to serenade you with some haiku, which I’m pretty sure is Japanese for silly poem. Enjoy these, and if you’re feeling spry, add your own in the comments.

OU way too good
Blowout foregone conclusion
Sugar Bowl repeat?

Stewart at the helm
No reason to hold back now
Trick plays a’plenty

Devine, Steve Slaton
Schmitt, Reynaud, Sanders, Pat White
Too fast for OU

Starts at 8 tonight
Kickoff shortly afterward
And drunk by halftime

It’s Fiesta Bowl Gameday!

Ladies and gentleman, it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for — no, not the naming of a new head coach. It’s Fiesta Bowl gameday!

We have been waiting over a month for this day — and paying attention for just about three. This game is the single most overlooked game in Mountaineer history, which is saying a lot. The Pitt game probably ranks a close second.

Either way, we’ll be here all day tomorrow. We have our final game preview coming tomorrow, along with anything else that tickles our fancy. Thank goodness there’s sure not to be coaching news tomorrow — we’re way too ADD to focus on more than one thing.

T-Minus 20 hours…….

No News Is Newsworthy

For the past two weeks or so, we have seen pretty much non-stop speculation, announcements, and false-announcements. Then, since the news of Locksley and Petersen denying being interviewed, things have finally slowed down. Barring a miracle, we are sure to enter 2008 without a head football coach. That’s a far cry from being oh-so-close to having a coach a few different times these past two weeks.

That said, we’ll finally begin to look at the Fiesta Bowl starting tomorrow. That will give us exactly 3 days to look forward to WVU’s 2nd-ever BCS bowl. As you can see, our priorities are a tad out of whack.

Either way, we’ll be here tomorrow…at least before we begin our New Year’s Eve festivities.

MNC vs. Fiesta, WHO YA GOT?

Just to be clear, this is a complete and utter ripoff of a feature by the same name at Kissing Suzy Kolber. Usually, I would feel wary of up and copying a segment idea but, seeing as how I’ve been to hell and back this past weekend, fuck it. So, today, we look at the National Championship vs. the Fiesta Bowl. WHO YA GOT?

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