Fire Ed Pastilong!

As we hinted to last night, this was certainly not a case of Jimbo Fisher simply wanting to stay at Florida State.  He was signed, sealed, and essentially delivered to WVU by those negotiating on our behalf.  It was not until Ed Pastilong and Mike Parsons entered that things went awry.

Here is what happened:

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Just The Latest Embarrassment

UPDATE: We have essentially the entire play-by-play of the Jimbo Fisher “negotiations.”  Expect a full run-down in the morning.  Trust me, Ed Pastilong is not going to come out of this smelling like roses.  More like shit.

There Goes The Neighborhood!


The Rodriguez-WVU saga just got very, very ugly, and it goes much deeper than simply losing a coach.

In an article this morning in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, retired Fidelity COO (and WVU alum/donor) Bob Reynolds publicly shanks Ed Pastilong over the handling of the Rodriguez “situation.” Apparently, what once looked like a power play on Rodriguez’s part may have been the exact opposite.

“I tell you what, I’ve never seen anything mishandled as much as this was,” Bob Reynolds, former chief operating officer of Fidelity Investments, said yesterday. “Here’s a university that made a $200,000 decision — it probably could’ve cost less than that [to keep Mr. Rodriguez] — and it’s going to cost them millions” in booster support, potential bowl money and revenue from football success.

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