Big Things Poppin’

T.I. loves the Mountaineers
Yeah, that’s T.I. on the left.  You know what it is.

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Let’s Give This “Basketball School” Thing A Try

Football?  What’s football?

Comment away.

War Damn Mountaineers!

Late in the second quarter, just before Pat White threw the touchdown pass to Alric Arnett, the WVU offense changed.  Down 17-3, this team (and the staff) had a choice: score points or pack up the season.  From my seat, you could almost see the exact moment it happened.  A four play, 78 yard touchdown drive in just 1:31.  It was like the Mountaineer offense of old: just plain dangerous.  And with that drive, this team bid adieu to whatever offense was trying to score points in the first six games.  From here on out, the show is back in Morgantown, and I can only think of one thing to say…

Watch.  Out.

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Holy Fucking Shit That Felt Good

One game, makes you sit up and take notice. Two games, gives you a big’ol chubber. The third game, we perform as we did last night and we are back.

While last night’s performance was huge for this team, we need to temper our excitement and remember it was only one game. We looked pretty damn solid but we are still learning and that should scare the shit out of teams in the Big East. The bandwagon is a little more crowded this afternoon so welcome back my friends.

Villanova Highlights: “Put On”

[Thanks, as always, to Dougity Dog]

Stargate 2008

Oh my

The title of this article does not reflect my love for science fiction movies that are eventually made into TV shows. No, no, and no. Rather, it is in reference to our recruiting haul so far this season. While we have not been scoring 5 star guys like Heastie and Boyd, the depth and potential we are collecting is unheard of for WVU at this point. We willland at least 4 more 4 or 5 star guys by signing day.

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Next Time, Take Some Pride In Your Work

In what might just perfectly sum up the West Virginia University experience, I give you this beer pong table.

Basically, if you encapsulated all of my hopes and dreams into a piece of particle board and 2 by 4s, you would end up with this beer pong table.

In other news, this table is almost enough reason to actually party with engineering students. Almost. Nice try nerds.

PS: Props for Flo Rida.

PPS: If you can do the same thing, except with a naked woman instead of the flying WV, call me at 293-2821.

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